Go on.? ? Flex your democratic muscle.

No, not that one.? The other one.

What I’m trying to say is, vote already.

And here’s a little? rhyme I made up, just for the occasion. Although, I warn you–poetry, so not my forte.? I’m calling it, “Get your booty on out there and vote.”? Which really should tell you a little something about the quality.? Or lack thereof.

At any rate—A-hem.? Here goes nothing:

McCain may? act as old as Mephistopheles

Palin don’t teach her kids the birds and the bees

Obama’s favorite name may be Abdul Azeez

Biden might have dabbled with the botchulin disease

But none of it matters compared to those turgid mortgage fees

So? get your? booty on? out there and vote.

Alaska and Russia may be a stone’s throw away

Hillary might be downing Haagen Dazs come election day

Obama’s story? tends to? switch every which way

Biden? unwittingly told? Graham to jump into the fray

That friggin hockey rink?? Yeah, it’s here to stay

McCain? has more Iraquis he’d like? to slay

But so what if they all suck at the end of the day?

(Besides, cheesy politicians?? It’s the American way

Although I’d vote for the Ferganator if I had my say)

Just get your booty on out there and vote.

Don’t say you weren’t warned.?

And besides, why are you wasting time reading this stupid blog anyway?? Get down with your bad democratic self.? VOTE!

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