Two for Tuesday, er, Wednesday: Double Rainbows

Posted by houndrat on Wednesday Aug 18, 2010 Under random stuff, Uncategorized, writing

Okay, so when I put up my post about SCBWI yesterday, I somehow forgot the most crucial thing.  It was there, in LA, among all those writerly types, that I first learned about Double. Rainbow. (All. The. Way. Across. The. Sky.)

I know, right?  This is life-altering stuff.  I also couldn’t find the two key photos of me and one of my roomies yesterday, but it worked out perfectly. In true *Two for Tuesday style, here are Stephanie Kuehn’s and my two attempts to make a Double Rainbow of our very own:

Wait, are we trying to fly away?



Hey, I never said they were GOOD attempts. 

And how would any Double Rainbow Two for Tuesday be complete without both the

A) Double Rainbow Guy:

B) **The Double Rainbow Song:

*Yes, I wrote this whole post before realizing it was, in fact, Wednesday. So it’s technically a Two for Wednesday instead. Sue me.

**Houndrat is not responsible for any ear worms that may result. 

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Two for Tuesday (blame it on Kate)

Posted by houndrat on Tuesday Mar 23, 2010 Under random stuff, writing

Kate Hart started this meme last week called Two for Tuesday. Basically you post two of anything, and just have to relate them together somehow.Lucky for you, I’ve been on an 80′s kick lately <insert evil cackle>. So, the first thing I’m posting is this:

Admit it–you’re totally dancing right now. And seriously–I wonder if that Lord of the Rings director got some of his ideas here. Um…

Anyway, although all of the singer’s dance moves are pretty impressive (cough), my favorite is that karate chop move in the middle. Which made me think of this:

Yes, that’s really Elisabeth Shue.

If it were a Three for Tuesday, I’d post the trailer for the brand new Karate Kid movie, coming out this summer with Jackie Chan as Mr. Miyagi.

What do you mean, am I going to see it? Do you even have to ask?

Hey, and you got off easy. I was tempted to find a video of dancing condoms as my second item.


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