Why will I Zooma Zoom Zoom, but Not Ask My Tootsee to Roll?

Posted by houndrat on Friday Mar 19, 2010 Under music, random stuff

Okay, so here’s my profound thought of the day. Get ready–it’s pretty earth-shattering.? Why is it that songs like THIS drive me nuts:

While THIS song is one I love every time I hear it:

Anyone?? Cuz I’m really drawing a blank. I mean, both are dance songs, both totally about bootay shakin’, but the Tootsee Roll one make me roll my eyes, and Rumpshaker makes me, well, shake my rump. Even if the main chorus is “All I wanna do is zooma zoom zoom and boom boom.” Or maybe because of it. I honestly don’t know.

And for my next deep blog post, I’ll ponder the differences between Whatchamacallits and Krunch bars. It’s a serious life I lead, folks.

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