Here’s to Jess and Torsten. And yummies.

Posted by houndrat on Sunday Sep 21, 2008 Under random stuff

In some random twist of blogosphere fate, I am now going to write a little blurb wishing a couple I have never before met a wonderful engagement.? But I figure it’s good karma, so what the heck?? Besides, I already sent in a recipe for the happy couple’s recipe box.? I figure that wishing them? joy for years to come is probably the lesser of the two randoms? than mailing a recipe to strangers involving? kale, of all things.? Jess, Torsten–I seriously hope you like your greens.

In keeping with the theme, it would be nice if I had some post-wedding advice to dispense.? I suppose I could say, “Don’t let your? beloved get so inebriated following your wedding ceremony? lest he blast punk rock music and dance on the tables of your $3500 a night suite with your best friend’s hubby, followed by passing out on the floor.”? But surely that’s common sense.? Or perhaps, “If you let your husband pick out the honeymoon unattended, don’t be surprised if you end up in a tentalo (read:? hut with outdoor plumbing) on? Molokai, instead of the five-star resort on Kaui you were expecting.”?

And since Torsten is apparently still working on his vows, might I make a suggestion?? Adding in a small line about, “I promise to pick up my undies, throw my trash in a proper receptacle, and go on late-night yummy runs for my wife without complaint, for so long as we both shall live,” will save you many future woes.

Seriously, though— Here’s to Jess and Torsten.? Best wishes for a future filled with joy and love.? And yummies.


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Pay It Forward Contest Winner!

Posted by houndrat on Wednesday Jul 9, 2008 Under contest, random stuff

Okay, so I realize I’m a little tardy on posting the winner of my Pay it Forward contest, but cut me some slack here—I’ve been super busy hunting up random junk in my house to send her.? Oh, what a lucky lady she is…..

And the winner is….Playful Professional!

As fate would have it, she happens to be the only one who mentioned homemade cookies in her comments.? Sigh.? I can’t make any promises, but I’ll give it my best shot.? Of course, there’s a good chance that I’ll ingest? all the cookies before any make it into the box.? But it’s the thought that counts.

So, I think I’ve got the “random” part of the prize covered, since I’ve? unearthed a plethora of treasures (and I use that term very loosely) while cleaning out the hall closet.? And “bizarre” and “useless” have been addressed as well.? I actually thought about sending Peanut to? fill those criteria at first, but then starting worrying about silly things.? You know, stuff like liability insurance. And decapitated postal workers.? I’m still working on the “cool”, and if it’s all the same to my winner, I think I’ll skip the “disgusting” altogether.? Although I’m pretty sure I could find something in my garage that fits the bill.? Like maybe a stray rat or two.

At any rate, I’m going to get to work throwing this prize package together, so I can get it out in the mail before Christmas.? I’ll take some photos too, and once it arrives I can post them.

Poor Playful Professional—I bet by this point she’s wishing she’d won somebody else’s contest.? With prizes guaranteed to be 100% rodent (and lunatic Rottweiler)-free.

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So, I was just surfing the blogosphere (okay, call it procrastinating, if you must), and came across Swistle’s site.? Apparently, she’s running a “Pay It Foward” contest.? No, you don’t have to run out and buy? anyone a? new Mercedes, and hopefully, no small children are going to die in our version.? Alas, there’s no Kevin Spacey involvement, either.? Although he should feel free to comment on my blog as well.?

Basically, what this contest entails is you commenting on a list of participating blog sites, including mine, found on the Swistle site.? Comment as often as you like up through July 4th.? At that time, a random winner will be picked from each site to win a PRIZE!?

And I’ll even do you one better—I promise, PROMISE, not to get your prize from the Target dollar bins.? Or is that actually disappointing?? I cannot, however, promise that? the prize? will be something entirely un-bizarre, because you never know which neurons will be firing in my brain at any given moment.? For some reason, though, I think the neurons associated with random, peculiar? behavior fire a lot more.? At least in my head.

So, there you have it!? Keep commenting, and maybe you, too,? can win something cool.? Or something totally useless.? Or disgusting.? But, hey, ? you’ll never know, unless you comment!

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