Daily Whine Report

Posted by houndrat on Tuesday Jan 15, 2008 Under kids, whining

Argh—they’re tag teaming me today!? Must invest in earplugs.

And ever notice how whining is a vicious cycle?? They whine to me, then I whine to you,? and so on.? ? ? Just call me the joy-spreader.? Um, which surely has a few connotations that I never remotely intended.? Yikes.

I think now’s a good time to go stuff? myself in? Finley’s crib and do a little Squawking of my own.

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Whinefest #2–husbands, and whining, and Mars, oh my!

Posted by houndrat on Monday Jan 14, 2008 Under husbands

Usually,? my heart fills with joy when my husband stays home from work.? It’s wonderful.? It’s great.? In fact, usually, I feel like a kid who? just scored with? two? ? toys in? his Happy Meal instead of one—and neither of them broke in less than 30 seconds.

But not today.? Today, I would’ve sent him to work with joy.? Heck—today, I would have sent him to Mars with joy.? Because today marked the commencement? of Whinefest #2, 2008.? And it wasn’t the youngest male in the household whining up a storm.? Nope.? My son is loud, but he ain’t that loud.

Apparently my hubby managed to acquire my son’s cooties.? And the rest of us are paying for it.? Big time.? Because hubby Whinefest means double the volume, double the fun.

And by the sound of things, I don’t think he’s gonna make it in tomorrow, either.?

? Maybe I need to look into? a trip? to Mars.? Do you think it’s quiet there?

But since space travel probably isn’t a very practical solution (and somebody in this family has to be practical, darn-it!), then I guess I’ll be giving my coping skills a good workout.? Let’s keep our fingers crossed for less whining on the horizon.? Stay tuned….

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