This week’s YA Highway Road Trip Wednesday:

How do you reward yourself when you meet your writing goals? Answer for big goals (i.e. I will buy a Lear jet when I get published) and/or small goals (I eat an entire pint of Ben and Jerry’s in one sitting when I finish each chapter).

For me, the best rewards after a big writing spree are the ones that allow me to shut down my brain and recharge. Often, I’ll head for the movie theater and lose myself in someone else’s fictional world for awhile.

Or, when I hit a bigger writing goal, like finish a draft or a revision, I might spend the next day vegging in front of the TV.  Often, this will involve cramming as many episodes of a particular series into 24 hours as possible. Or curling up with books all day long.

Don't ask how many times I've watched this.

Being Human

If I’ve been particularly hermity, like before a deadline, I’ll spend the weekend with my family. Or go out to dinner with friends. Or go for a run to lose one of the five pounds I probably just gained from prolonged sitting and chocolate eating.

Nothing fancy, and nothing pre-planned. Basically, just whatever sounds good at the time.




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