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Posted by houndrat on Sunday Apr 5, 2009 Under Ridgebacks, writing

No, this is not a figment of your imagination.? I’m actually writing a blog post.? Finally, I’ve finished editing, tweaking, and pretty much hashing to bits my manuscript, and I’ve entered the truly terrifying portion of the entire process–querying agents.? Eek.? There’s loads more research involved than I ever anticipated.? Like, some agents? love chicklit, while others think it’s the root of all evil.? Some dig paranormal, while others prefer the term “urban fantasy”? (yeah, I’m not really sure what that means, either) or supernatural.? So basically, I have to tailor? my query letter to each individual agent.? Luckily, I found this amazing author through Kristen Nelson’s blog posts on query letters who actually responded to my shameless begging via email and assessed mine.? She even responded the next day, if you can believe it, and was unbelievably supportive.? Her name is Sherry Thomas, and her book Delicious is supposed to be great—hopefully she won’t mind me posting a link to it here.

So, anyway, while I wait for my rejection letters to pile up, I’ll probably have more time for the little things.? You know, stuff like feeding the children, letting the dogs out, saying “hi” to my husband? on at least a weekly basis.? ? And, oh yeah, writing in my blog.

? Speaking of doggage, Fergie and her crazy brother Leo are off pretending to be show dogs in Texas right now, but never fear.? Since our home obviously isn’t complete without more dogs than we can possibly manage, we have two geezer Ridgeback fosters right now, Cooper and Sara.? ? They’re 12 and 14 and apparently, just got to be too much for their owner to handle.? Um, yeah–I can see how all of that sunning and sleeping might? pose a challenge.? ? Grrrrrr………

Anyway, hopefully I’ll post photos of them here soon, and I’ll post a link to Ridgeback Rescue once their photos are up there.

More soon……

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