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Posted by houndrat on Tuesday Jan 29, 2008 Under husbands, procrastination

So, when my husband and I argue about who’s messier, he always plays the “you never clean out the garage” card.? I will admit, I don’t do much cleaning in the garage.? In fact, I? rarely? venture into? the garage at all—it’s creepy.?

See, we live next to an uninhabited hilly area.? ? Residing in uninhabited hilly areas are oodles? of rats.? Rats, like the rest of us, ? would rather trade up from their dirty little rat homes and find nicer (yet still dirty) indoor? digs in which to warm their homely little disease-ridden rat bodies during the cold weather.? Oh, and apparently it’s an added bonus if that indoor location has lots of old clothes, cardboard boxes, rotting pinatas and various junk strewn throughout.? Did I mention we have a three-car garage in which to store all this crap?

Anyway, back on topic.? See, when my husband tidies up the garage, he does a pretty good job.? I’ll be the first to admit it.? But—and this is a big one, of J-Lo proportions—should you really get cleaning points when, in tackling one mess, you sort of maneuver half of that mess into a new, more conspicuous spot, and leave it there for weeks on end?? This is the essence of my husband’s cleaning tactics, and one of? the reasons we argue so much about it.? ? I? guess I just really don’t believe that relocating the? disaster site does a ton of good in the long run.? He does.

You be the judge.? Pictured below is? our driveway following one of? hubby’s abbreviated? garage organizing stints.? Of special interest is the fact that he cleaned the garage over a week ago, and the stuff is still moldering away, undoubtedly ticking off any remaining neighbors that were still talking to us up to this point.

The best part of taking these photos, though, is what I noticed in the corner by the garage door.? See those chairs?? Our friends borrowed them for their son’s birthday party—on December 19th.? They returned them—on December 20th.? Basically, those chairs have been sitting there, completely unnoticed by hubby or myself, for over a month now.?

? We make quite a pair, don’t we?

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