It’s that season again, and guess what? I have prom on the brain.

I love looking at prom dresses. I can’t help it; it’s a sickness. A time-gobbling, taffeta-ogling sickness.

In fact, some of you might remember one of my prom-related tweets from last week:

(In case you’re wondering:  tweeps voted almost unanimously for the cute-yet-short prom dress. Awesome undies, for the win!)

Then I asked this question:

Which made me wonder…if I could do senior prom all over again, would I change my dress?

Maybe.  See, for my senior prom, I went all out, and chose something very ball-gown-esque.  And while I really liked it, I kind of wish I’d chosen something a little more daring. Not slits and cutouts and oh-my-god, will-or-won’t-her-boobs-stay-covered? daring, but, you know, more…visually interesting. I mean, you can only get away with those crazy dresses for so long.

Below is a photo from my senior prom, in what I dubbed my “Grecian Virgin look.” Yes, that is baby’s breath in my hair, and those are elbow length white satin gloves. Don’t judge:

My hair. MY HAIR!

And here’s a better view of THE GLOVES:

And still...MY HAIR!!

If I had a dress do-over?  I’d like to think I’d chose something like one of these:

Betsey Johnson = AWESOMESAUCE

More Betsey!


Or, if I just HAD to have that floor length gown, this (and look, you could even sneak an EXTRA prom date in under your skirt!):

Also, this dress really has nothing to do with anything, but OMG, isn’t it gorgeous?

So, what about you? Did you love your prom dress, or would you chose a dress do-over?  Or, if you’re just getting ready for prom now—how do you feel about your dress?


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