Mom’s Day

Posted by houndrat on Monday May 12, 2008 Under babies, family life

If you judge the merit of your days based on the number of yummies? consumed (which I often do),then Mom’s Day was a? resounding success around here.

Let’s see—there was the chocolate shake at Ruby’s for lunch (my favorite chocolate shake in the whole wide world), then a Cold Stone cheesecake and berry ice cream right after dinner (yum!), and finally, the peach cobbler and ice cream for the post-dessert dessert (hey, we had an early dinner and besides, the cobbler was “no sugar added”).

I suppose today I’d better cut back to my typical two yummies, lest I start looking pregnant again (not to mention wonder why my normally mild-mannered 7-month old is bouncing off the walls).

The rest of the day was good, too—I got to snooze a little extra after the first nursing session AND take a short nap!? Ah, the? small joys in life really are the best.

As a special bonus, my daughter was over the grumpies from having either hand, foot and mouth or roseola.? Just one of the plethora of fever with rash viruses we can expect my son to bring home from preschool, I’m sure.? Nothing like a baby with a few high fevers for a good night’s sleep, I always say.

Anyway, the doctor first diagnosed teething, then hand, foot and mouth, and then concurred that maybe it sounded like roseola.? Tell me again why I bothered to haul my daughter into? the office, pay $30 each time, and probably expose her to much worse cooties in the process?

At any rate, here’s a photo of her rash (which she presented me with on Mother’s Day—how sweet!)—note it’s on her trunk and back, not her hands or feet.? You be the judge.

Well, at the very least, I’m guessing I don’t need to worry too much about any weight loss during her virus.? Maybe we can both go for the pregnancy-look together.

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