eat, pray, and love, love, love that sugar!

Posted by houndrat on Thursday Jan 31, 2008 Under family life

I? attended my first book club meeting last night.? Okay, so I didn’t exactly finish the book.? Out of ? “eat, pray, love”, I was really only prepared to discuss “eat”.? ? ? Given my voracious appetite lately, this seems appropriate.? However, I probably would’ve related more if the author had spent the entire first six months in an Italian bakery rather than eating pasta.? You see, I am a sugar-aholic.? And while I’ve always been yummy-obsessed, these past few months I’ve been out of control.? If you were to tell me that half of my daily calories came from desserts, I would laugh.? Because I know that? I’m pushing? 75%.? At least.

I? used to fight with myself over my sugar addiction.? I mean, who wants to label themselves as an? addict these days, even if? your poison of choice is something as innocuous as bottled water?? ? For example, we all know that humans need to breathe.? ? Air is a good thing, right?? But? I guarantee you, if someone announced in a crowded place, “I’m addicted to oxygen”,? you could hear the gasp and the “tsk-tsk”ing a mile away.? ? ? So, yes, I was in denial.

Case in point—when my husband and I were first dating, I used to send him on 9:55 pm ice-cream runs to Brahm’s, for my ultimate favorite—chunky chocolate cappuccino milk shakes, extra thick.? Why 9:55 pm?? Because even though he repeatedly asked me prior to that time if I wanted a shake, I would always answer “no”.? You see, I had will-power, but only for so long.? So, every night, at the last possible moment (closing time was 10:00), I would have a complete nervous breakdown and beg for my creamy dairy nirvana in a cup.? (And my husband, being the great guy that he is, would always humor me).

Lately, though, things have gotten out of hand.? I’ve always needed my daily yummy injection, but since my daughter was born over three months ago, my sugar intake has attained epic proportions.? I am a bottomless yummy pit.? Think I’m joking?? Well, the other night, I had upwards of 12 Riesen candies, 10 Hershey’s kisses, a large chocolate shake, and a piece of peach cobbler.? And before you ask—no, I’m not over-weight.? I’m just a sugar fiend.

But at least I’ve come to grips with my addiciton status.? I–need–sugar.? Without it?? Well, let’s just say that Jeff Conoway on Celebrity Rehab’s got nothing on me.? Why do you think my husband still performs those nightly yummy runs, albeit at a more decent hour these days??

No wonder my little girl is so happy—I must be spiking her serotonin levels through the roof via all that chocolatey goodness.

Now that I’ve completely digressed from the intended topic of this post, I think it’s time to run out and get a cookie.? All this talk of sugar is making my insulin levels plummet like a sky-diver with a broken ‘chute.? ? And an elephant strapped on his back.

Hmmm….perhaps my next book club selection? should be “The Atkins Diet”.

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