Don’t Feng my Shui

Posted by houndrat on Tuesday Feb 12, 2008 Under family life

Below is a typical photo from our house—since both my husband and I are utterly lacking in organizational skills, everything tends to be clumped in piles.? I am a sort of strange hybrid creature—I’m not especially clean, but I’m tidy in the sense that I don’t like to see objects strewn all over the floor as if somebody had just bombed our house.? So, everything ends up in a pile, just like the ones pictured below.? Or, being an extrovert,? maybe it’s just that I’m naturally inclined to put things in groups.? I guess the reasons don’t matter much, since the end result is the same—-big clusters of junk throughout our home.

Exhibit A:? pile of mail (note the nice box we bought to stick everything in—I guess we just assumed if we bought it, the organization would magically come.? Sort of like Field of Dreams, only? featuring a tiny-kitchened tract home instead of a field.? And no baseball.? Or Kevin Costner, for that matter.?

But apparently, that’s not how it works.? So, if we can’t? procure a self-sorting and self-filing mail container, at the very least we need a super-sized one.)

Exhibit B:? Another junk cluster, just next to the mail.? Basically, a bunch of homeless stuff of unknown origin.

Exhibit C:? Stack of books in the bathroom.? (see the hot pink one, near the top? of this literary pyramid?? It’s one of those adult ADHD books my hubby bought but never read—shocking.)

And in case you missed it, a close-up of the book in the middle.?

? Karen, I want my money back.

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