Online Business Administration Degrees

Posted by houndrat on Tuesday Feb 12, 2008 Under whining

Okay, quick disclaimer: This is a guest post from the webmaster – not the houndrat…

If you’re looking for an online business administration degree, then I have found the place for you. One of the frustrating points about any online search is where to start. Inevitably, most people turn to a search engine which sends them several thousand possible links ranked as best as they can using a computer algorithm. I wanted a single place to search for a place to enhance my education credentials with an M.B.A. Finally, after stumbling around the web, I came upon this online mba degree site.

I’m not sure how the web will evolve, but there needs to be a better way to find sites such as these when you want to find them. I just wanted an online mba. That’s it. But getting started and finding a central repository of information was exceedingly difficult. I’ve been perusing the information, but I still question the value of an “online” degree versus a bricks and mortar college experience (3 degrees already). If anyone has any good information, please post it in the comments below!


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Daily Whine Report

Posted by houndrat on Tuesday Jan 15, 2008 Under kids, whining

Argh—they’re tag teaming me today!? Must invest in earplugs.

And ever notice how whining is a vicious cycle?? They whine to me, then I whine to you,? and so on.? ? ? Just call me the joy-spreader.? Um, which surely has a few connotations that I never remotely intended.? Yikes.

I think now’s a good time to go stuff? myself in? Finley’s crib and do a little Squawking of my own.

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