Go on.? ? Flex your democratic muscle.

No, not that one.? The other one.

What I’m trying to say is, vote already.

And here’s a little? rhyme I made up, just for the occasion. Although, I warn you–poetry, so not my forte.? I’m calling it, “Get your booty on out there and vote.”? Which really should tell you a little something about the quality.? Or lack thereof.

At any rate—A-hem.? Here goes nothing:

McCain may? act as old as Mephistopheles

Palin don’t teach her kids the birds and the bees

Obama’s favorite name may be Abdul Azeez

Biden might have dabbled with the botchulin disease

But none of it matters compared to those turgid mortgage fees

So? get your? booty on? out there and vote.

Alaska and Russia may be a stone’s throw away

Hillary might be downing Haagen Dazs come election day

Obama’s story? tends to? switch every which way

Biden? unwittingly told? Graham to jump into the fray

That friggin hockey rink?? Yeah, it’s here to stay

McCain? has more Iraquis he’d like? to slay

But so what if they all suck at the end of the day?

(Besides, cheesy politicians?? It’s the American way

Although I’d vote for the Ferganator if I had my say)

Just get your booty on out there and vote.

Don’t say you weren’t warned.?

And besides, why are you wasting time reading this stupid blog anyway?? Get down with your bad democratic self.? VOTE!

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Super Tuesday

Posted by houndrat on Tuesday Feb 5, 2008 Under Uncategorized, voting

When’s the last time you forgot if you were a registered Republican or Democrat?? Me?? Um, let’s see—-today jumps to mind.? ?

No, I’m not kidding—I have no clue which? party I signed up for.? I suppose it really? doesn’t matter much—they’re all full of bunk, it just varies by degree.

See, when I registered the first time, I was away at college.? I attending a super conservative school in Dallas, and all my friends at the time were die-hard Republicans of the Rush Limbaugh variety.? So I registered Republican.? Then promptly voted Democrat.? At least I think I did.? Hey, there was a lot of beer involved.

When I went to register back home in California, I had every intention of registering Democrat, simply because I can’t stand the junior Bush.? Oh yeah, and I’m a little sick of the government wanting to stick their noses in my private life.? I mean, I’m all for family values, but the beauty of our country is that my family values are different from my neighbor’s family values, which are different from your family values, but they are all valid choices.? What I don’t need is some crusty old conservative government-type? telling me what my family values should be.? Or what is and isn’t? okay to watch on TV, or see at the movie theater, or read.? Let’s face it.? ? Some of these? guys? are the same types of folks that tried to burn books like Catcher in the Rye.? I can’t even imagine what they’d do with Skinny Bitch.? Nuke it??

But in the end, I don’t know if I actually registered Republican by habit, or remembered to change to Democrat.? Good one, huh?

At any rate, I’m really just a moderate.? Give me a left-winged righty, or a right-winged lefty, and I’ll be pretty content.? Given the candidates this year, I think I can make it work, regardless of party.

So, I’ll soon be off to exercise one of my civil liberties.? More aptly, I’ll be exercising my skill at balancing a squirming baby in one arm, and reading through the proposition info and recording my votes with the other one.? (Yes, I realize I should’ve read the prop stuff days, weeks, even months ago, but since I’m a procrastinator extraordinaire, that had about as much of a chance of happening as a money tree suddenly sprouting in our front yard.? I’d even settle for a yummy tree (you know, one that grows chocolate bars), but alas, no luck on that front either.? ? Maybe if we finally put the reindeer to rest in our garage…..

Speaking of which, maybe I should wear a disguise when I go to vote, seeing as it’s literally next door.? It really would’ve been nice had we taken our Christmas decorations down before election day.? Hmmm….I wonder if? procrastinating is considered a valid family value choice these days?

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