Okay, so I was named in this Thanksgiving meme by Amy Bai over at PurplePatch, about the 10 Things I Am Thankful For. Yeah, yeah, I realize I’m a wee bit late, but just go with it, okay? We’ll pretend it’s still timely. Anyway, every even numbered item has to be related to writing, and the rest can be about other stuff. Like mounted heads.

And we’re off!

1. I’m thankful this is my blog and nobody can give me smack for not doing this meme on time. My blog, my timeline. Yay!

2. I’m thankful for the awesome 10 inch laptop hubs bought me for X-Mas last year. It’s super light, which is a must, since I cart around about a billion pounds of paper in the same bag, and oh-so-cute. Although, its cuteness factor actually gets in the way of writing sometimes—people often interrupt me mid-thought to ask me ridiculous questions. Like, “Does that really work?” (um, no—this is just my new mime routine) or “Wow—can you SEE that screen?” (of course not—computers with actual visuals are passé). Maybe I need to knit a disguise for it—like, a little computer sweater. That way, they’ll think I’m nuts and leave me alone.

3. I’m thankful my house hasn’t burned down, flooded, or otherwise imploded while hubs has been on kid duty lately. If you’re familiar with my family life, you’ll understand.

4. I’m thankful for my amazing writing peeps on AW—both my Purgies and my OPWFTers. There’s no way I could undergo this crazy writing process without you—at least, not and preserve my sanity. No, the latter part of my statement is not up for debate. Oh, and I’m especially thankful for freaky Krampus Kringle making an appearance in the forums last night—because it means somebody’s sense of humor is more warped than mine.

5. I’m thankful for my wonderful family—the kidlets, the hubs, and yes, even the doggage–although there are times I think the small demented Rottie might look good mounted over my fireplace. In fact, there are times when I think hubs and the kids might look good there, too. But that’s only like 5% of the time—okay, 6%. Which means I don’t think about how peaceful the house would be if they were stuffed and mounted like, 94% of the time—and I consider that a major victory. And no–my sanity, still not up for discussion.

6. I’m thankful for Boudin, the place where I go to write and terrorize the staff. Their caffeinated iced-tea has saved me from permanently imprinting my keyboard on my forehead on many occasions. I’m especially thankful for the baker there, who gives me free chocolate chip cookies.

7. I’m thankful for chocolate, without which the baker could not give me free cookies. We wouldn’t want to put a damper on her altruism. Or my expanding tushy.

8. I’m thankful for my laser printer, cranky and decrepit as it is. Even if the blasted thing does decide to take unscheduled breaks halfway through printing my manuscript—only to start over from the beginning.

9. I’m thankful for my AWESOME husband, who is more supportive of my writing than I could ever hope for. Also, I’m convinced there’s no other father alive who spends this much time with his kids and enjoys it so much. No, you may not have him—go find your own.

10. I’m thankful for all of the wonderful YA writers, agents, editors—everyone in the industry who makes those YA books come to life. Without you, there’d be no wonderful stories to read—and no dreams of publishing my own one day.

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I finally did my meme

Posted by houndrat on Sunday Nov 2, 2008 Under memes, mommies, random stuff

Wow, talk about procrastination.? I was tagged by Mary at Mimi All Me to do a meme back on the 8th of October, where apparently I share 6 things about myself that nobody knows.?

But I’m thinking—if I haven’t shared these things up to this point, then most likely? it’s stuff that’s better kept secret.? I mean, does anyone really want to know that I sometimes peel off my toenails and then forget to throw them away?? (And on that note–anyone know if Ridgebacks eat keratin?? Yum.)

So, what I thought I’d do is put about ten things out there–five actually true things, and five utterly fictitious pieces of crap.? And it will be up to you to decide which one is which.? So here we go.

1.? I’ve been known to? use Depends-style undergarments at night, because there are times when you are just too lazy to leave your bed.

2.? When I go to bars, I typically like to balance at least one beer bottle on my head.? Just because I can.

3.? I often run around our house naked, even though we have large picture windows in the front.

4.? I once got sent to the Principal’s office in grade school for hopping on the students desks and croaking “ribbit” when the teacher stepped out of the room.

5.? I scored a perfect 800 on the math portion of the GRE.

6.? Tom Petty is my distant cousin.

7.? Most of my friends probably thought of me as the nerdy, studious type during college.

8.? ? I am considering homeschooling my son? during kindergarten.

9.? I often go for weeks without shaving my armpits.?

10.? I’ve strictly forbidden my husband to bring home the packages of cream-filled sandwich cookies, because I eat them all in one evening.

So, you decide which is true, and which is complete BS.? And maybe, just maybe, I’ll fill you in later on.? Of course, that’s providing I ever remember I did this in the first place.

Which leads me to—who’s supposed to be the ADHD one in this marriage again?? Because if it’s not me, I think it’s contagious.? Which is a scary prospect. I mean, there’s only room in this house for so many sets of dirty undies on our floors……And toenails, of course.

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What NOT to do when attempting the word challenge:

1)? Do not pronounce the word with all the clarity of someone who just downed a pitcher of Everclear martinis.? People will look at you like you’ve been smoking crack in a closet for the past five years.

2)? Do not be foolish enough to choose two words if you are easily confused.? Uttering “callipygian” at the grocery store probably isn’t wise, as I’m fairly certain even the? most well-shaped? watermelons do not have buttocks.

3)? Do not forget your words, and thus mangle them into some kind of non-existent hybrid-word.? For example, “Brobdingnagian” and “callipygian” are difficult enough by themselves.? Creating “Brobipygian” is not only completely unnecessary, but makes you sound like you just immigrated from Mars.? And the cashier at the pet food store will stare at you.

So, in the interest of maintaining? a few remaining shreds of dignity, I’m going to practice? my words a? couple thousand times before breaking them out in public again.

Apropros of nothing, here are some? photos my hubby took over the weekend:

Believe it or not, I was there first.? Apparently, the only good spot can be obtained by squishing in-between me and the side of the couch.

I suppose the other couch was toxic or something, because notice how many hound dogs are on it:

Guess who finally moved?? Worthless Ridgebacks.? Oh, so sorry to have disturbed you, Skye…….

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I have a confession to make.? Being semi-new to the blogosphere, I’m not 100% certain what a “meme” is.? Or, for that matter, how to pronounce it.? Hubby says he thinks it’s pronounced “meem”.? ? But it could be? “Mee Mee”, or “May May”, for all I know.? Hopefully, somebody will enlighten me soon.?

From what I can gather,? a meme? is sort of like? a bloggers’ chain letter, only way cooler.? And less annoying.? Bascially, its an idea that spreads from blog to blog, in hopes of keeping us all entertained.?

So, in the interest of being a team player, I’ve decided to start my own chain.? For all you Miss Manners bloggers out there, I apologize in advance if I am performing some gi-normous meme-related faux pas.? I plead complete ignorance.? And the 5th, if that helps.

My idea is pretty simple.? See,? I love being a stay-at-home-mom.? Really, I do.? But there are? days when I can actually feel my brain shrinking inside my skull, and times when I can literally see the redundant gray matter bits flying out of my ears, no doubt in search of a more? stimulating environment.? I mean, my kids are wonderful and amazing, and of course,? as Rule Number One in the Mom Handbook dictates, I believe them to? be the most? highly intelligent children on the planet.? However, I’ve been rudely awakened to the fact that even the most? clever four year-olds? enjoy conversing with appalling frequency on topics like? human feces, flatulence, and the private parts, or lack thereof, of Thomas the tank engine.

So, in an effort to? inflate my? gray matter? back to its original dimensions, I’ve come up with something I hope will be a little more intellectually-stimulating than, say, blowing? tooting noises on my arm.? Yes, I’ve set the bar that high.

My idea?? Well, it all comes back to memes.? I realized that I’d seen the word “meme” on multiple occasions, but never bothered to ascertain its true definition.? In? my pre-kid era, I used to mark any rogue words I’d happen upon in books, then hunt down their meaning with the? determination of a…well…hunter.? (At this point, I feel obligated to mention I imbibed a? couple too many margaritas last night. ? Which is to say I had one.)? Nowadays?? I simply ignore the offending letters,? hoping, I suppose, ? that? one day? the? definition will be prominently featured in an episode of Blue’s Clue’s.? And it’s hopeless, really, because all I can think about when I watch that particular cartoon is, “Gee,? I wonder how often? Steve (or Joe) washes that? hideous shirt?? Is he trying to teach my son to be slovenly?? ? And, for that matter,? can? the creators really hate fashion that much?”? And then I digress into thoughts of what might happen if Steve hooked up with Stacey and Clinton from “What Not to Wear”, and how it? would make for? a ridiculously short episode, because? there are only so? many ways you can examine one shirt in a 3-way mirror, and by then, even if Blue was screaming “Tumescent!” at the top of his lungs while running naked through the streets, I wouldn’t notice.? Although, come to think of it, Blue’s always naked.? ? Which is a valid choice when considering poor Steve’s wardrobe.

So, with no plausible chance at reclaiming my brain via Blue’s Clues, I figured I’d have to try something else to regenerate my neurons.? Thus, my Word Quest begins…?

How it works:

First, I’ll pick a word that baffles? me? or that? I’ve absolutely never heard before in conversation, and? make it? my? slave? For the next few days, I’ll take that word, one that has nothing to do with excrement or wee wees, thank you very much, and use it routinely when out and about.? I can whip it out at the grocery check-out line.? Insert it casually into some playgroup gossip.? Impress that snooty preschool parent (although snooty really doesn’t fly at the world’s cheapest preschool).? Even throw it out there at the BlogHer mixer (or at least I? could have, had “Procrastination” not been my middle name).? ? Basically,? I’ll keep using? my word? until I’ve completely tamed it into submission.? Then, on? my blog,? I’ll give the definition, use it in a sentence, and then post about any random reactions? I got from friends and strangers when uttering it.? And I’m tagging five other bloggers to do the same.? Once? they’ve finished posting, they’ll tag five more, and so on.

I figure even if? I’m lazy and apathetic,? I’ll learn one new word.? And if? I’m feeling especially? motivated?? Heck, I can read the blogs of my tag-ees, and oversaturate my poor brain with even more brand spankin’ new wordage.? And just think–we’re upping the vocabulary ante for bloggers and readers alike.? We can all grow our brains together in one huge collaborative effort, and save? ourselves from the insidious, mind-melting? effects of neglect.? And sleep deprivation.? And never, ever? reading any books with words over one syllable.

So, I’ll? include a list of words below, just in case you’re feeling stymied (see that?? I’m getting in the mood already).? But feel free to find your own.? Ultimately, its your brain at stake, and therefore, your choice.

Here are my tag-ees:

Swistle? ? ? ? ? ? ? Moo? ? ? ? ? ? IdentityMixed? ? ? ? ? ? WannabeHippie? ? ? ? ? ? ? Playful Professional? ? ? ? ? ? Stimey

(Note:? In case you’re wondering, yes, I can count to six.? Even with one margarita in me.? I listed one extra above because Playful Professional may? be on a blog hiatus for awhile)?

And, by the way—if you’ve been tagged, it basically means one of two things:? 1) from what I’ve gathered from your blog posts,? it seems? like you might enjoy? some mental exercise, or, 2) from what I’ve gathered from your blog posts, it seems like even if you think this is the mother of all stupid ideas, you might take pity on me.? ? Oh, and there’s the third cateogry as well, in which I shamelessly remind you how I fostered and cared for your poor homeless rescue dog before she went to live with you forever, so now, you should feel sufficiently indebted to me to do this bloggy thing.? (And in case that wasn’t pointed enough, yes, IdentityMixed, I am guilting persuading? you into participating!)

Here’s a list of a few words? I found in? my search:?

abrogate, obdurate, lachrymose, crepuscular, blunderbuss, soporific, rapacious, boreal, pelagic, clathrate, rapprochement, hegemony, gyre, apostate, manse, misoneism, tohubohu, nocebo, acritochromacy,

? And here’s a great Word-A-Day resource to look up your own.

One word I considered from the above website was “coprolite”, which is basically a fossilized terd.? Then, I remembered my vow to shun all things poopy and their derivatives, so I continued my search.

And finally settled on two words.? Yes, I know I was supposed to pick just one, but being the indecisive person that I am, that really wasn’t in the cards.? And just as a tantalizer, I’ll give you the words, Brobdingnagian and callipygian.? And the fact that they have to do with size and bottoms.?

And now, only time will tell if I’ll be able to use them in public without snorting iced tea out my nose.? I suppose so long as it isn’t brain cells, I’ll be making an immense improvement……..





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