LARKSTORM (LARKSTORM #1) by Dawn Rae Miller

Here’s the official LARKSTORM summary:

In the years following the destructive Long Winter, when half the world’s population perished, the State remains locked in battle against the Sensitives: humans born with extra abilities. 

As one of the last descendants of the State’s Founders, seventeen-year-old Lark Greene knows her place: study hard and be a model citizen so she can follow in her family’s footsteps. Her life’s been set since birth, and she’s looking forward to graduating and settling down with Beck, the boy she’s loved longer than she can remember.

However, after Beck is accused of being Sensitive and organizing an attack against Lark, he disappears. Heartbroken and convinced the State made a mistake, Lark sets out to find him and clear his name.

But what she discovers is more dangerous and frightening than Sensitives: She must kill the boy she loves, unless he kills her first.


What’s your ideal YA novel?  Fantasy? Dystopian? Romance?  Perhaps all three rolled up into one delicious yet devastating package?  Then this is your lucky week!

LARKSTORM just came out in paperback, and I’m so excited to share this book with you that I’m giving a copy away!  I’ve loved this story for SO. LONG.—even in its early, pre-pubbed form, Dawn’s striking prose grabbed me and didn’t let go until the last heart-stopping moment.

Dawn created such a fascinating world and setting for Lark and Beck, and the relationship between the two of them felt so real. I love that Lark is a powerful character, and how the reader gets to experience the emotional roller-coaster right along with her.  I don’t want to give too much away, but fans of star-crossed love stories NEED this book.  N-E-E-D.


The Contest: 

Win a paperback copy of LARKSTORM by Dawn Rae Miller AND a $15 gift card to Amazon.

To enter, just leave a comment with your name, email address, and your favorite tragic love story of all time. (+1)

You can get additional entries by:

Tweeting this contest (+1)

Blogging or Facebooking this contest (+1)

BONUS:  Back when Dawn was first brainstorming titles for this book, a few of her friends came up with some really helpful (*cough*) attempts. IF you can come reasonably close to one of my spectacular title fails, I’ll give you your own free copy of LARKSTORM.

The Fine Print:

Contest ends on Tuesday, January 17th, 2012 at 6:07 pm Pacific Time.  (Okay, so I probably won’t be checking down to the minute, but still…it sounded more interesting than a round number)


(And if you don’t, you can buy your own copy of LARKSTORM here.)

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15 Responses to “Bookanista Review and GIVEAWAY: Larkstorm by Dawn Rae Miller”

  1. Bee Says:

    Thank you SO much for the contest. I want to read LARKSTORM so bad! That cover art is awesome and the blurb even more.

    My favourite tragic love story of all time? That of Jack and Rose from Titanic. I was 7 when I first watched it (yes, 7!) and even now at 21, it still makes me weep buckets.

    - Bee

  2. Primrose Says:

    My favourite tragic love tale probably are Romeo and Juliet and a Japanese movie called Love Letter. Every time I watch it I will just cry bucket load of tears. LOL.

    How about Everlasting for the title?It just sounds so dreamy. :)

  3. A.J. Says:

    My favorite would be Noughts & Crosses by Malorie Blackman or Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma.

    My title guess would be…Sensitive State. haha


    Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  4. Teri C Says:

    Cleopatra and Marc Antony would be my fav tragic couples.

    Teri C
    terilhack at yahoo dot com

  5. Kaya H Says:

    OH Wuthering Heights’s Catherine and Healthcliff!
    I have been looking forward to this book! Thank you for the giveaway.

    Kaya H
    kasuranna at yahoo dot com

  6. Jennifer Says:

    Super awesome contest. I’m tweeting!

    Fav tragic love story: The one where the girl gave her hair and the man sold his watch for present for each other. Know it’s not exactly tragic where one dies but tragic in it’s own way. Can’t remember the name.

    Name for LARKSTORM: The Sensitives

    woodfamilyof5 @ yahoo dot com

  7. Karla Calalang Says:

    WOOT! Thanks so much for the giveaway!

    Romeo and Juliet will always be my favorite. That’s why I quoted it in my first serious YA romance idea (What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet). And there are lots of R&J ties in another one. :D

    email: myawakeningheart at yahoo dot com

  8. Vivien Says:

    Thanks for the great giveaway! My favorite tragedy will always be Romeo and Juliet.

    My guess is: Sensitivity ( i know, not very original)


    deadtossedwaves at gmail dot cm

  9. Emily Says:

    My favourites are Jack and Rose from Titanic, and Peter Pan and Wendy (I will maintain that’s a tragic love story until I die!)

    bam_bam289 at hotmail dot com

  10. Lori M. Lee Says:

    Favorite tragic love story? I’m going for the obscure–a Japanese novel about the son of a yakuza boss and his bodyguard and their failed attempt to run away and escape the yakuza. Utterly broke my heart.

    email: lorimlee82 at gmail dot com

  11. Krispy Says:

    Thanks for this contest! I love the cover for this book!

    My favorite tragic love story is the one between Amalthea and Prince Lir from The Last Unicorn. But it had to end that way for the story to work, and it’s why I love it so.

    My guess for title: Sensitivity Kills


    Krispy – nudging.along[at]

  12. Chloe Says:

    This book sounds amazing!
    This is going to sound really stupid but I’m going to say it anyway :P
    Pirates of the Caribbean- Elizabeth and Will!
    How they’d only just reconciled, and got married, and then Will got tied to the Flying Duchman and was only allowed to go back on land every 10 YEARS!!
    Omg, makes me cry everytime, or maybe I’m just emotional wreck :P

  13. Shae Says:

    Oooh, how intriguing!

    My favorite tragic love story would have to be that of Una and Walter in “Rilla of Ingleside.” Makes me cry every time.


    smcdanielc [at] gmail [dot] com

  14. reading mind Says:

    I hope it’s international! the book sounds just great.

    As for tragic love stories…well, I went to Verona couple of months ago and Romeo and Juliet is the perfect tragedy!

  15. Priya Says:

    I love the cover! and the plot sounds interesting!
    My fave tragic love story would be of jack and rose from titanic

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