So, last week was the final week (sniff sniff) of the Divergent Faction Challenge (inspired by Veronica Roth’s book, Divergent), and we ended with:


From the Divergent fansite:

*****DAUNTLESS: fearless, undaunted.

Undaunted: courageously resolute, especially in the face of danger or difficulty; not discouraged.

It’s those two definitions (fearless, and undaunted) that I found so fascinating. Being fearless and being undaunted are two different things. And the characters in DIVERGENT struggle with that distinction. ******

Oddly enough, danger did not really rear its ugly head in my small northern suburb of San Diego last week. I’d like to think I would have held off an armed robber with my bare hands if the need had arisen, but the most dangerous event for me consisted of dropping my son off at school. Hey, don’t laugh—that parking lot is insanity on a stick.

Instead, I chose to embrace my dauntlessness by doing something I’d always wanted to do and never quite had the guts for:  dyeing my hair a crazy color.  I know, for some of you, this is a big SO WHAT?  But for me, it took courage. And it wasn’t just about the dyeing, but about dealing with the looks I knew I’d get post-streakage.

(there’s a peek-a-boo streak on the other side that you can’t see from this angle)

I’m kind of loving the pink, though. Strangely, I even feel a little empowered. Who knows? Today it’s pink streaks, tomorrow, maybe I’ll start  jumping off trains.

In all seriousness, I think we could use a little more dauntlessness in our lives.

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5 Responses to “Tickle Me Dauntless”

  1. Lyn Says:

    I think it looks great! And it’s a great challenge even if it’s small. We all have this perception of ourselves, and how the world views us, it’s nice to get out of the comfy zone. Thanks so much for setting up these challenges. I thoroughly enjoyed them.

  2. Ellen Says:

    Looks awesome! :) and great way to celebrate Dauntless-ness too ;) it takes guts to make a change that visible!
    Ellen recently posted..Adjectives-Adverbs

  3. angie Says:

    Deb, you are too cool for school (or school for cool according to Pink). :)

  4. Sarah Nicolas Says:

    OH! I love the hair!

    This was an awesome blog project and I’m so happy I signed up for it! <3
    Sarah Nicolas recently posted..DAUNTLESS!

  5. Lora Says:

    Love the hair streakage! Very edgy and dauntless =)
    Lora recently posted..The Elevator Pitch- Hook Em Quickly!

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