Let’s kick off Wednesday with a cover reveal—fellow Apocalypsie Leanna Renee Hieber just got her cover. Isn’t is AWESOME???

YAY Leanna–can’t wait until it comes out!

Next–let’s finish the post by tagging along with YA Highway on Road Trip Wednesday! This week’s question is:

If you could have any celebrity read the audio version of your WIP or favorite book, who would it be?

My books: For Demon Guard, I think it would be Kristen Bell. Summer just has this sort of chip on her shoulder, and it often comes out via snark.  I think the voice of Veronica Mars would be perfect.

MILA…wow, that’s a tough one. It’s a totally different book.  In my head, I hear someone a little more precise in her speaking, someone a little less humorous.  And even though Blair Waldorf is nothing at all like my MC, I think Leighton Meester’s voice could really suit the story.

Favorite books: You know, I think I’d listen to Chris Hemsworth narrate just about anything. *sighs*

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18 Responses to “COVER REVEAL and Road Trip Wednesday: Celebrity Voices”

  1. Leanna Renee Hieber Says:

    THANK YOU DEBRA! I’m quite thrilled. You rock and I simply cannot wait for your release, thanks so much for your support! *hugs*

  2. Jennifer Hoffine Says:

    Ooo. Thanks for the live recording example. I, too, would like to have Chris Hemsworth read something to me…he could make a statistics textbook sound good!
    Jennifer Hoffine recently posted..Road Trip Wednesday

  3. katharine owens Says:

    that is a gorgeous cover.
    I like your choices- Kristin Bell is easy to imagine, b/c she narrates her show. She’s a great snarky (but still endearing) voice.
    katharine owens recently posted..Listen up!

  4. Tracey Neithercott Says:

    Kristen Bell is a great narrator. I can imagine her narrating a lot of the books I love. And, well, I’d listen to pretty much any Australian accent taking about anything.
    Tracey Neithercott recently posted..RTW- The Audio Book

  5. Kody Keplinger Says:

    OMG, great cover! Congrats Leanna!

    And AWESOME choices! I adore Leighton Meester. She has a great voice.

  6. Stephanie Kuehn Says:

    Kristen Bell is pretty perfect, yes. But I bet you’d be a great narrator, too, Deb. You have a lot of acting potential….:)

    Beautiful cover!
    Stephanie Kuehn recently posted..More Road Trips- More Voices

  7. Pam Harris Says:

    Great choices! I think Kristen has the perfect voice for a snarky, witty character. :)

  8. Kathleen Says:

    Me: She’s gonna pick Veronica. She’s gonna pick Veronica. I love being right :p

  9. Sarah Enni Says:

    I thought about Leighton, too! She’s got a fantastic voice. Oh, and Kristin Bell already has narrating skills under her belt with Gossip Girl, so she’d be a fantastic choice!
    Sarah Enni recently posted..RTW- Lend Me Your Voice

  10. Alicia Gregoire Says:

    Since I’m a sucker for a good accent, it would be totally awesome to have Chris Hemsworth do audio. In person.
    Alicia Gregoire recently posted..The Voice Behind the Curtain

  11. Jess Byam Says:

    Ohhhh, Hemsworth. *sigh* He sure is nice to listen to. ;) And Kristen Bell is a great choice for a snarky character.
    Jess Byam recently posted..RTW- Its So Good to Hear Your Voice

  12. Lori Tays Eastep Says:

    Chris Hemsworth. YES. And YES to Alicia… in person. ;)
    Lori Tays Eastep recently posted..RTW- Who Should Narrate My Audio Book

  13. Bri Says:

    Unff, Chris Hemsworth does have quite the voice. And I just adore Leighton’s voice, it’s so unique that I think it would make a character very memorable.

  14. chelsey Says:

    I thought about Kristen Bell–I love V*Mars to pieces!

  15. Jenna Says:

    Nice! Love Veronica Mars!

  16. Alison Miller Says:

    Ooooh-nice choices!

  17. Megan Orsini Says:

    Yes! Kristin Bell! Her narration is great on Gossip Girl. I wouldn’t mind listening to her at all.

  18. Jarvis Says:

    Thor’s a beefcake.
    Jarvis recently posted..My real father No- just the guy I was named after

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