Do you know how long I’ve been waiting to say that about this book?  NOW EVERYONE CAN SHARE IN THE BRILLIANCE THAT IS VERONICA ROTH’S BRAIN! (Only, you know, in a non-creepy, non-brain eating way.)

DIVERGENT by Veronica Roth is a book that makes you think, a book that stays with you long after you finish reading. A book that makes you question:  which faction would YOU choose?


CANDOR—The Honest

ERUDITE—The Intellectual/Knowledgeable

AMITY—The Peaceful


One of the many things I took away from the book is that while sticking to one virtue might sound simple, ultimately, it’s probably better to branch out a little bit.  So guess what?  I created the DIVERGENT FACTION-OF-THE-WEEK CHALLENGE, where some of my writer friends and I are going to take on all five of them!


Every Monday for the next 5 weeks, I’ll announce the faction/virtue of the week. Over the next four days, we’ll be trying to perform at least ONE ACT that embodies that virtue/faction. It doesn’t have to be fancy; just something in everyday life, something we might not usually do.  Then, each Friday, we’ll all blog about our act.


TO SPREAD THE DIVERGENT LOVE–and maybe find out a little something about ourselves in the process. Tell your friends, get them involved—the more, the merrier!! If you plan to join us, leave a link in the comments section each week, and I’ll make sure to add them to the bottom of the posts.

And, in honor of the main character Tris’s upbringing, our kick-off virtue is…..


According to the Divergent fansite, Abnegation means:

  1. To refuse or deny oneself (some rights, conveniences, etc.); reject, renounce.
  2. To relinquish, give up

Basically, Veronica says the faction is about selflessness; stripping unnecessary things from life in order to help people forget themselves and do away with vanity, greed, and envy.

So, this week–GO FORTH! Step outside of your “you” zone and perform your selfless act in the wild. If you like, tweet about your trials and tribulations with an #abnegation hashtag. Then, on Friday, blog about your experience and share your Abnegation-ness with the rest of us!


Kate Hart

Sarah Enni

Dawn Rae Miller

Jenn Wood

Lori Tays Eastep

Kathy Bradey

Jess Byam

Ashelynn Hetland

Katharine Owens

Dana Alison Levy

Sarah Nicolas

Marilyn Almodovar


Kaitlin Ward



Nikki Katz

(Pssst! If you haven’t read DIVERGENT yet, you can still join us. Plus, what are you waiting for?  DIVERGENT is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and IndieBound)







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24 Responses to “DIVERGENT Faction-of-the-week Challenge!”

  1. Sarah Enni Says:

    Yay Deb! Thanks for setting this up. Was already panicking on the train this morning trying to think of selfless things to do. (And I love the cartoon LOL)

  2. Jennifer Says:

    Great idea, Deb. I’ll be participating :)

  3. Lori Tays Eastep Says:

    Great idea! I’m in!

  4. Ka.thy Br.adey Says:

    You know I want to be part of this ;)

  5. Jess Byam Says:

    I just bought the book today, so this is great timing. I am definitely in! :)
    Jess Byam recently posted..Drop Your Stirrups Or- Why I Need To Stop Thinking Up Horse-Related Writing Metaphors

  6. Aaron Says:

    Very cool idea. Awesome that the Divergent Facebook page linked to your blog post!

    Oh, and Sarah, you know what to do when you’re on a train… JUMP OFF! :)

  7. ashelynn hetland Says:

    ooh, fantastic idea! I’m definitely in on this. ;)

  8. Brandy Says:

    Loved the book! I made shirts for the other 4 factions after Dauntless. We can have book club and debate who would be in which faction. :)

  9. Cass Says:

    I’m in! Read DIVERGENT last month and it’s one of my favourites of this year. I recommend it to anyone.

    I’ll have to be on the lookout for selfless stuff to do. Such a great idea!
    Cass recently posted..In My Mailbox 31- Salivation City

  10. katharine owens Says:

    YAY- this is a great idea! Can’t wait to do it!
    katharine owens recently posted..Friday Fives- Dear Abby

  11. Dana Says:

    Deb, you rock! Love the idea of trying each faction on for size, as it were. I’ll blog about this today, and let you know how the whole abnegation thing goes…
    Dana recently posted..What Words Can Do…

  12. Sarah Nicolas Says:

    Sure, I’ll bite!
    Sarah Nicolas recently posted..Hey- by the way- You&8217re Awesome

  13. houndrat Says:

    WOO HOO–so excited so many people are joining in! Can’t wait to read the posts on Friday!

    Also, Jennifer—you said you were joining but you didn’t leave a link. If you see this, leave a link to your blog so I can add your name to the participants! :D

  14. houndrat Says:

    Lyn Almodovar is going to join us too–she’s having technological issues posting a comment so I’m doing it on her behalf. :)

  15. Adam Says:

    sounds like fun

  16. Antimony Says:

    Hallo, just read about this on Twitter – can I join?

    A x
    Antimony recently posted..Fear of Darkness

  17. houndrat Says:

    Antimony—YES! Please join–the more, the merrier! :D
    Also, Adam–if you want me to link to your blog, could you leave that info in a comment? It didn’t go through this time–thanks!

    Woo hoo–so excited so many are participating! :D

  18. Kaitlin Says:

    I finally added my post to my blog! I am excited to be Abegnation.
    Kaitlin recently posted..DIVERGENT Faction-of-the-Week Challenge!

  19. houndrat Says:

    Yay Kaitlin–you’ve been added! GO ABNEGATION! :D

  20. Cass Says:

    Grr. Blogger isn’t working for me, so I can’t make a post for this week. I’ll do a two-week feature next week. I didn’t get to doing many selfless things. I thought of donating money, but that seemed too small for this challenge. But I did consider my actions a little more closely, and I think that the whole NOT getting too involved thing may just be somewhere in the heart of the abnegation spirit. I wonder if anyone would like to justify that comment …

    Or I’m just saying I failed the first challenge and am therefore now either factionless, not divergent, or just bloody well not suited for abnegation.
    Cass recently posted..In My Mailbox 31- Salivation City

  21. houndrat Says:

    No worries, Cass–I think everyone’s been having Blogger issues! See you next week! :D

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