This weekend, I was lucky enough to attend writer friend slash YA Highway girl Kirsten Hubbard’s Like Mandarin book launch in La Jolla.  Such an awesome gathering, complete with homemade iced cookies that looked like cowboy hats and Jackalope cut-outs decorating the walls. Kirsten even sported a Jackalope dress she ordered just for the occasion.

Also, I got to hang with a bunch of my fave local YA writers:

So of course I wanted to participate in the Total Non-Blogfest blogfest today to support Kirsten! In the beginning of Like Mandarin, MC Grace would have given anything to be like exotic, wild girl Mandarin.

And when I was in high school?  I was like this (the blond sitting in front):




Yes, I was the kid who desperately wanted to be a rebel, but was too terrified to try.  So I lived vicariously through those who did. And who symbolized rebellion better than Madonna in her early days, wearing whatever bits of ratty clothing she could throw together, writhing around on the ground in a wedding dress and thumbing her nose at the idea of being “proper,” and generally giving conservative adults everywhere heart attacks?

So, I would have given anything to be THAT girl in high school:  confident, unconventional, and completely unconcerned about what others thought of me.

It’s  okay, though. I’m still a work in progress.  (Also, in the interest of complete disclosure, I could not have dealt with Madonna’s hairy armpit phase AT ALL. I have this neurosis about freshly shaven pits. And enough with the over-share.)

Go, buy Like Mandarin, if you haven’t already!

Must. Have.

Oh, and I’M GIVING AWAY AN EXTRA SIGNED COPY of Like Mandarin that I bought at the launch, just for the occasion! Simply tell me in the comments who YOU would have given anything to be like in high school (or WOULD give anything to be like, if you’re still in high school) and I’ll select a winner.  Contest ends at noon this Friday, March 18th.



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11 Responses to “Total Non-Blogfest Blogfest for Kirsten Hubbard’s Like Mandarin and a Like Mandarin Giveaway!”

  1. Tracey Neithercott Says:

    Kirsten looks adorable at that launch, of course. :)

    I wanted to be like a bunch of actresses whose lives seemed infinitely cooler than mine. By high school it was Veronica Mars. It didn’t hurt that she was blonde, either.

  2. Bee Says:

    Have you looked at Yulia Volkova from TATU?

    She was gorgeous, 15 and my idol. I wanted to be HER.
    Bee recently posted..I just wanted to say

  3. Melanie Says:

    oh my goshhhh!!! I want a copy of this book soooooo badly. but, if don’t win, i’m soooooo buying it. so, who did i want to be when i was in highschool? well, being that i went to 4 different schools for grades 9-12, i was all over the place and constantly having to make new friends and adjust to new crowds and adjust my likes accordingly. when i was in 9th grade and still in my junior high school, i didn’t know who i wanted to be. i just wanted to be liked. in my next highschool for 10th grade, i wasn’t there long enough to really get to know anyone, but tired to be a hardcore girl, cause it was a tough school. when i transferred to a Private school that was for students in the arts (musicians, dancers, actors, singers, etc) I wanted to be Rebecca Gayheart, cause she was beautiful and so nice (i sat next to her in one of our classes) and this amazing southern twang and i saw in a skin care commercial and just adored her. Then i moved to live with my mother for my senior year in PA (totally different than NYC) and I desperately wanted to be the one of those girls who knew everyone and who everyone knew. I was new to the school and everyone already had their established clicks and this school was ENORMOUS compared to anything i’d been to. I wanted to be the cheerleaders at my school. I wanted to be one of the girls on the lacrosse team, or the softball or volleyball or tennis team, cause none of my previous schools had so many sports teams and it was exciting, but i was in my senior year and it was simply too late for me to get involved in that stuff. i guess i just wanted to be like everyone else. i wanted to fit in, in anyway i could. i made some friends, but i don’t think i was ever fully satisfied in my high school experience.

    wow. that was long. sorry. :-)

  4. Kara Says:

    I idolized Michelle Branch when I was younger…I went through a major wannabe musician phase in high school and learned to play the guitar, hehe.

  5. Tere Kirkland Says:

    I’m almost finished with Like Mandarin, and I have to say, it’s really taking me back to when I was fourteen years old. The conflicting emotions, combined with the windswept setting really make this book UN-PUT-DOWN-ABLE.

    Don’t enter me in the contest, but I just wanted say how much I enjoyed this post!
    Tere Kirkland recently posted..I would have given anything to be like

  6. Linda Dao Says:

    I’d love to be my substitute teacher, Mrs. Moss. She’s adorable in a grandmotherly way and is the most likable of all the subs. She can’t go down a hallway without having someone stopping her to say hello. I love her and one of my many goals is to be just like her, of course after I have my own children and finally pick a career.
    Loved the post and can’t wait to read Like Mandarin.

  7. Hayley Says:

    Yay!!! Great contest!!

    let’s see…in high school I would have given anything to be Elizabeth Bennet, haha (who am I kidding, I wanted to be just about every heroine I read about. They always seemed to be doing much more interesting things than I was). If I had to pick a real person, it would have been anyone who got to kiss Orlando Bloom or Heath Ledger in a movie (my roomie and I totally had a poster of Heath Legder in our room at camp). :)
    Hayley recently posted..Recommended Reading- THE VESPERTINE by Saundra Mitchell

  8. Lisa Asanuma Says:

    I would have given anything to be like Rory Gilmore. She was my age and seemed to go through similar things to me… but she was so much more graceful and smart and witty. haha She was my TV mirror-proxy (well, not so much on the mirror part…) and it was hard saying goodbye to her when the show ended.
    Lisa Asanuma recently posted..Behemoth by Scott Westerfeld

  9. Helen Says:

    I totally wanted to be awesomely tall and cheerleader uniform wearing Jennifer Miller. Picture her Brooke Shield brows and Farrah Fawcett wings in a corduroy cool brown maxi coat on the bus. Also, in her very own room which she didn’t have to share with a little sister, she had purple shag carpeting and A WHITE CANOPY BED in her room. A WHITE CANOPY BED, people. Yeah, I wanted to be Jennifer Miller.

  10. LindsayWrites Says:

    Oh gosh…in highschool I wanted to be like…katniss everdeen. A post apocalyptic bad-a in a love triangle with two sexy guys, one of whom can actually BAKE?! And is BLONDE?!

    …revived by german shepherd tackling her as she types this…

  11. Katelyn Torrey Says:

    I’m HOPING I get this comment in on time! During high school I was a bit reserved and just kind of normal. If I could start it over again I would love to be like Zooey Deschanel. She has a very unique style and a quirky personality. It wouldn’t have made me extra popular to be like her but I like the idea of being unique. Thanks for the chance to win Like Mandarin. I so wish I could have attended the launch party unfortunately it was a 6 hour flight away. Thanks again!
    Katelyn Torrey recently posted..Lucky Leprechaun Giveaway Hop

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