Blog Tour with Jen K. Blom and Possum Summer!

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Blog Tour! Blog Tour!

My friend Jen K. Blom’s debut comes out this month, a Middle Grade book called Possum Summer. It sounds EXACTLY like the type of book I gobbled up as a young girl, a book I can’t wait to share it with my son. Orphaned possums being hidden in rooms? A little girl who despises her name–Princess–and insists on going by P? Awesome, right?

So, in order to spread the word about Jen’s fabulous book, she’s going to answer some questions below and, in turn, Princess–I mean, P–is going to ask me a few questions!

And here we go….

Welcome to the POSSUMS ARE AWESOME blog tour for the middle-grade book, POSSUM SUMMER, coming out THIS MONTH HOLY COW! (Have you preordered yet?)

Debra has allowed me to steal a day on her blog for my little blog tour … and of course P is with me. It seems I can’t shake her. So I must say thanks first to D, and then onward and upward!

First off, a little about the book:

a lonely kid.

an orphaned baby possum.

a dad that says no way.

how do you keep that kind of secret?

and what happens when you’re found out?

Here we go!

DD: I’m fascinated to see if other writers are as scatter-brained as me, so I’d like to know if you write scenes out of order or in order and why?

JKB: Well, I am scatter-brained. Or maybe it’s baby-brained? That being said, I write in order. Each scene normally creates the next and adds layers I couldn’t get by writing this and that scene out of order. And usually I have a couple that I look forward to writing so much that I use them as candy for when I’m half-way through and thinking that the book is bunk.

DD: If you could be one animal, which would you choose and why?

JKB: HM. I think I would like to be … an earthworm. Sometimes all this higher-brained claptrap and thinking and introspection just doesn’t work for me. Wouldn’t it be nice to simply eat your way through your world, being able to regenerate yourself whenever you got cut in two, happily squiggling through whatever came your way? (Except for rain. That would be a bad part. Oh, and birds. Hmmm. It seems I need a rethink.) Unless earthworms also have higher-brained claptrap and thinking and introspection. In that case, I think I’d rather just be water or something.

DD: Since I lived in Oklahoma for a few years, I’m dying to know why you chose it for POSSUM SUMMER’s setting?

JKB: Oklahoma is a beautiful place. It doesn’t get enough appreciation, really. Anyone who didn’t grow up there really looks at me oddly when I say that. The flatness has its appeal, the animals, the climate, the … most everything. It was the perfect place to make POSSUM SUMMER happen, because it quite simply was the only place I envisioned making it happen.

Princess: Oklahoma is THE BEST. You lived there, you know it!

JKB: P, this is Miss Deb. Deb, this is P.

P: Hello, Miss Deb! How are you? What do you like to eat, since you were once in Oklahoma?

DD: Anything with sugar in it. Seriously. I guess if I had to pick ONE thing, it would be … really good, warm, freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.

P: OH CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES. Those sound so good! I agree. You can’t go wrong with cookies! Well, what do you like to do? You know, for fun?

DD: Dancing really badly to hip hop music.

P: That sounds so funny! My sister Mon can’t dance for nothing, either. Realy embarrassing, lemme tell you. Well, tell me something really funny about you!

DD: Hmmm…how about that I got sent to the principal’s office in 4th grade for jumping like a frog across the desks the second the teacher left the room? =D

P: See? SEEEEE??? Finally! A grown up that says what really happened when they were a kid? To hear my dad talk he was born and then was twenty years old! In honor of you as a 4th grader, I drew you as this:

P: I think that because you’re so quick and spry – and you jump across desks so well, ha ha ha! – you’re most definitely a jackrabbit! I love them and their big ears. The dogs never can catch them, and Jen says you have some beautiful dogs. Why, I’m looking for a dog —


JKB: Thanks, man, for having me by! I appreciate it!

Jen K. Blom writes about animals, the land, and kids, not necessarily in that order. Her debut, POSSUM SUMMER, is available March 2011.

Just the thing to give to a kid to start their summer of reading off right! (Available from your local indie, Amazon,Barnes & Noble, Borders, or Book Depository!)

Seen the book trailer yet?

Want more POSSUMS ARE AWESOME blog tour tidbits? Go here and knock yourself out!

Thanks so much for joining us, Jen–can’t wait for your book to come out! (Also, depending on the day, I’d be more than happy to hand my dogs over to P. Beautiful is as beautiful does. *glares at shredded cushions patio cushions*)

Mess? What mess?

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6 Responses to “Blog Tour with Jen K. Blom and Possum Summer!”

  1. Yahong Says:

    Your dogs are too cute! :P And hey, Jen! It’s one of the newbies to Project Mayhem! *waves* Love the character interviw, P sounds sweet and sassy. :)
    Yahong recently posted..Going back to horseback riding

  2. JKB Says:

    Hi Yahong! *waves back*


    And thanks, Deb, for having me on here! :-D (I love your dogs!)

    Coincidentally, I have it on pretty good authority that possums taste like chicken. *hee*

  3. Kaitlin Says:

    That was such a cute way to do a character interview. This book sounds awesome–I’ll have to check it out!
    Kaitlin recently posted..RTW- Favorite Literary Couples

  4. Ka.thy Br.adey Says:

    LOL @ wanting to be an earthworm! :D

    The book sounds fantastic! :)

    Thanks for the interview!
    Ka.thy Br.adey recently posted..My Agent Story

  5. JKB Says:

    Kaitlin, a belated THANK you!!! Check it out and let me know what you think!!!!

    Kathy – LOL right back! I think an earthworm would be epic! Ha ha ha!!!

  6. Vee Says:

    Possums and a protag called Princess (who is hilarious judging by this interview :) )! Too cute and awesome :D

    Great interview, Deb and Jen.
    Vee recently posted..What Makes for a Strong Heroine

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