Flaunt Your Awesome Day (thank you, Karen Healey)

Posted by houndrat on Monday May 3, 2010 Under writing, Young Adult

Okay, wake up, stretch, grab some caffeine. And prepare yourself. The day has come to FLAUNT YOUR AWESOME.

You heard me. An AWESOME AWer (thank you, Parametric!) directed me to this post by Karen Healey, which really hit home. How many times have you brushed off a compliment? Made a self-deprecating joke so you don’t come across as cocky? Worried that people would think you were arrogant if you admitted that DAMN! You look HAWT tonight? Or that you wrote an AMAZING book? Or were a FANTASTIC mom/girlfriend/daughter/friend?

Well, it’s time to stop! Our society talks a lot about low self-esteem in our children—girls, especially—and yet, it some ways, it’s way more acceptable to exude low self-esteem than confidence. Again, this seems especially true for girls. Girls get conditioned to worry about being seen as bitchy, stuck-up, even unfeminine if they admit to feeling, well, awesome. We all have times when we worry about flaunting our awesome. It needs to stop.


I’m not saying run around telling everyone in the world you’re
better than them, not at all. Flaunting your awesome isn’t a contest, it’s not a competition. Rather, it’s a way to own your awesome abilities or traits and darn it, feel GOOD about them for a change. Send a positive message to the girls around you by saying, Hey! I’m awesome and I know it! We don’t have to hem and haw and blush and put ourselves down, just because we worry what other people will think.

So, to continue Karen’s great tradition, let’s all ‘fess up to our awesome. Right here. Right now.

I’ll even start (and trust me, as the queen of self-deprecation, this was quite a challenge for me at first. So if I can do it, I KNOW you can).

I’m awesome because I finished a book and didn’t give up until I found an agent who appreciated my awesomeness. I’m awesome because I found an awesome husband who supports my writing 150%, and helped me make two awesome kids (er, well—you know what I mean).

Finally, I’m awesome because in writing this post, I’m helping others find and acknowledge THEIR awesome.

So, now it’s your turn to flaunt your awesome. Tell us all in the comments—why are you AWESOME? (and you KNOW you are!)

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25 Responses to “Flaunt Your Awesome Day (thank you, Karen Healey)”

  1. T.H. Mafi Says:

    i’m awesome because i was smart enough to find friends like YOU.

    fab post. HEARTS FOREVER!!


  2. Sajidah Says:

    me awesome because, like you, I finished a book. And, like you, I have a husband who supports me 150%. (But, unlike you, i didn’t make my 2 kids with my husband. Eek, that sounds weird – I’m remarried, ok?)

    (thanks for this post. you’re right, sometimes it’s hard to accept our accomplishments.)

  3. Jack Whitron Says:

    I’m awesome because I support my wife’s writing too. (And someday she too will find an agent and be published.) I’m also awesome cuz I have a full head of hair.

  4. Moira Young Says:

    I’m awesome because I refuse to give up pursuing my writing career.

  5. Tracey Says:

    Awesome post! ;-)

    Let’s see… I’m awesome because that novel I pulled out of the trunk doesn’t stink too badly after all. And I also have a wonderful husband who supports my writing. And I make awesome tasting desserts.

  6. Sandy Shin Says:

    Brilliant post. :D

    Um… Well, it’s a bit difficult to think of why I’m awesome when I’m knees-deep in finals and utterly convinced I will fail all my classes. But! I think this is the sort of feelings I’m supposed to chase away with this post, so: I’m awesome because I’m stilling holding on to writing, even though I’m not sure I will get anywhere.

  7. cindy Says:

    you rock my socks! and we share
    some awesome points!! =DD

  8. Holen Says:

    I’m awesome because if someone needs something done last minute I can usually make it happen. And because my kiddos love me enough to do happy dances on demand when I get agent requests.

  9. Kaitlin Says:

    I am in love with this blog post.

  10. Annie Says:

    Deb You Rawk!!

    I’m awesome because I can function on 4 hours of sleep day. LOL

  11. Remilda Graystone Says:

    You’re right. You are awesome!

    I’m awesome because, like Annie, I can function on little-to-no sleep! Wooot! I’m also awesome because I’ve finished a story toooo!

  12. Caitlin Says:

    This is so true, everyone is awesome and should acknowledge their amazing awesomeness!!

    I’m awesome because I’m 20 and a writer – and I don’t care if people think I’m lame! Woo!

  13. Karla Calalang Says:

    I’m awesome because I battled depression and survived. I’m also awesome for never giving up in my writing when it gets really tough for me.

    Awesome post!

  14. Ink Says:

    I’m awesome because I follow this blog and I know YOU :)

    I’m also awesome because I didn’t give up on writing even when it seemed like it was going nowhere. Also I am awesome because of the awesomeness of the awesome agent who thinks I am awesome.

    Annnd I’m awesome because (most of the time) I am totally zen :)

  15. LM Preston Says:

    Wow, this is a good exercise. Hooting my own horn is not easy. But hey, it’s a new day. Here I go….I am awesome because I kicked out three books last year and am finishing up book number two of this year. I’m awesome because I’m super woman. A mom, an engineer, a writer and motivator…life is good. Whew…I did it, I really did it. That felt good.

  16. Kathy Says:

    I’m awesome because I signed up to AW and got to know other writers! Hooray!

  17. Karla Nellenbach Says:

    Yay for everyone here! We are all covered in AWESOME SAUCE…uh, yeah…that sounded vaguely dirty…not that I’m complaining or anything LOL

    oh, and I’m AWESOME because I’ve FINISHED a story and am not giving up on finding and agent who is equally devoted to my awesome-ness…and of course, because of my AWESOME writer peeps :)

  18. houndrat Says:

    Woot–I LOVE IT! You all are SO, SO AWESOME! Thanks for sharing how amazing you are with me! Now, go spread your awesome! :D

  19. Akin Says:

    Well i’m awesome cos im doing a miserable masters degree in computer security, im working hard on my book, and im trying to get a job!!! :D Hey, gotta be positive, right? Lol

  20. Cheyanne Says:

    I am awesome because rejection never gets me down! I still love writing, no matter how many ‘nos’ I get.

  21. Becca Says:

    I’m awesome because, even after trunking three books, I’m pressing forward with writing a fourth.

    Nice post! :D

  22. Jill Wheeler Says:


  23. Christine FOnseca Says:

    LOVE THIS!!! Let’s see, I’m awesome because my NF books comes out this fall, I didn;t give up when I had to find a NEW agent for my fiction and I am writing something new…

  24. bclement412 Says:

    You are awesome! Ummmm I’m awesome because I have 21 agents interested in a book I wrote when I was 13??

    Super AWESOME post

  25. Holen Says:

    Woah, bc – that really IS awesome. Not that the others weren’t. Yours is just awesome w/ bacon on top!

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