GotYa: Say Bye-Bye to Old People Writing for Teens

Posted by houndrat on Thursday Apr 15, 2010 Under writing, Young Adult

Pssst, guess what?? You know that OTHER blog I blog for, Old People Writing for Teens? Well, we decided we were sick of being old. We wanted a name that was new. Fresh. Short enough to put on a koozie.

So, we changed it. Just like that. ‘Cuz we can.

To go with our new name, we got a new blog and everything, and even, just for the occasion, a VLOG! Go, check us out at our new home, in all of our ice-cream eating, silly dancing, YA-loving and general nutty glory:


Oh, and did I mention the CONTESTS? Yep, that’s right. We’re giving away free stuff for the next few weeks to celebrate our new, non-geezerlike name.

Wait, are you still here? Because, really, you should be


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One Response to “GotYa: Say Bye-Bye to Old People Writing for Teens”

  1. ChristaCarol Says:

    Yay! Exciting :) *chews nails because she should be writing something for something and hasn’t yet*

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