I Did it! I Did it! I Wrote a RHYMING QUERY!

Posted by houndrat on Friday Mar 26, 2010 Under query letters, writing, Young Adult

So, I read the BEST THING EVER over at Call Me Tahereh’s blog, something so full of awesomesauce that I almost wish I didn’t have an agent yet, just so I could use her COOL NEW QUERY WRITING SYSTEM and wait for the huge flood of agent love. I mean, seriously, what agent could possibly resist the allure of a…


It’s sparkly! It’s shiny! It’s pure genius! One look at this bad boy, and I bet my request rate would have skyrocketed to, like, 252%! Or maybe even higher!

Drumroll, please….

Check out my 90k words
on Demon Guard school
C’mon, say it with me

Yes, demons are in my novel
Ex-boyfriends and meanies galore
My MC gets super darn pissed
When they call her a big fat whore boar.

Her mom is in a coma
And that is just the pits
Her mom is in a coma
It’s enough to give anyone the shits fits

So Contact me! Contact me!
When you’re ready (OR EVEN NOW!)
Cuz we both know what you’re thinking
This query’s made of WOW!

Well, what are you WAITING FOR? Go write a shiny new rhyming query of your own, and WOW agents everywhere!** You know you want to!

**DISCLAIMER: Intended for mature audiences only. The writer of this blog is not responsible for any amount of agent mocking, snickering, anger, or blacklisting incurred as a result of using the RHYMING QUERY system. All blame should be placed at T.H. Mafi’s bloggy door.

Rhyme Out.

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10 Responses to “I Did it! I Did it! I Wrote a RHYMING QUERY!”

  1. Vero Says:

    Awesome! BUT I think you could increase agent interest by putting it to music and sending them the MP3 on a CD in the mail.

  2. Bryn Says:

    Ahahahahaha!!!! That’s sure to get a response. Of some sort. As for me, I’m still trying to write a pitch in dirty limerick form…

  3. houndrat Says:

    OMG–that is the BEST. ADDITON. EVER. An agent mixed tape–why didn’t I think of that? :D

  4. Tracey Says:

    This query is made of awesome.

  5. V Says:

    <3 you. Bahahahaha.

    I think you should set it to music and then invent a dance that goes along with it and record yourself doing the dance.


  6. Shveta Thakrar Says:

    *snicker* Oh, Deb. I love you so much. :D

  7. T.H. Mafi Says:



    (it’s working! my query system is working! rhyming queries will take over the WORLDDDDDDD!!)

  8. Jennifer (Herb) Says:

    OMG, you are so bad and I have to emulate what you do. Check out my blog cause, the post today sucks, mwahahaha.

    Love this post, btw.

  9. JennW Says:

    This is ridiculously awesome.

  10. T.H. Mafi Says:


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