Demon Guard Teaser: When a Kiss Goes Wrong

Posted by houndrat on Tuesday Jan 12, 2010 Under writing

Another Teaser from Demon Guard, because, hey–what else to I work on these days? But I finally have a FINISHED ROUGH DRAFT—WOOT!

Anyway–this scene comes in pretty close to the story’s climax. Shade just found Summer talking to Cody in a deserted hallway during the school dance. The boy clearly isn’t in good shape, not at all, and he’s wanting to know if there’s something going on between our heroine and another guy. Here goes:


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31 Responses to “Demon Guard Teaser: When a Kiss Goes Wrong”

  1. krista.ashe Says:

    OH MAN! This was awesome. Can I just say I wanted to snicker a bit at the opening cuz of our “cody discussions!” lol Poor Shade…hott, hott, hott, and then wow, what a potential wack job, but I’m thinking I kinda have some insight to this from reading your meanass tease that you asked me to beta read.

    I better be getting more ASAP!

  2. Aimee Says:

    WOW! I’m totally craving more! I really like this.

  3. Kev Webb Says:

    Well done houndy I like what I’m reading. Is this the stuff your sending out soon? Good luck with it, keep us informed.

  4. Kathy Says:

    Thought the kiss was so hot and then… no! Don’t shake violently! Keep kissing lol. But seriously, really enjoyed this. Am reading bits and pieces of it here and in FNW and really loving this Shade dude!

  5. Kaitlin Says:

    So awesome! The kiss was hot, and then the rest of the scene completely intense. It’s early & I’m exhausted, but I was still hooked the whole way through :)

  6. sue Says:

    brilliant kiss, missus!
    I want to know what Shade’s problem is!
    Another true Teaser from you. I’ve enjoyed every snippet.

  7. Tracey Says:

    Awesome! And can I just say I’ve been waiting for this sort of scene between them? Thanks. :-D I am still dying to know what’s up with Shade and the smells.

  8. Becca Says:

    Whoa, whoa! First it was all sweet and innocent with the kiss. Then it was an explosion of INTENSE. Wow. :D

  9. sunna Says:

    Oh, awesome! From sexy to scary in a heartbeat.I can’t wait to get to this part. :)

  10. LostCrayons Says:

    Great stuff. Because I know this is fantasy, I know that Shade’s not crazy (though he does a pretty good job of acting it), but I don’t know what his actual problem is. I’m curious!

  11. kristin Says:

    I love this, and I love Shade – but you already knew that. :D

  12. Liz Page Says:

    Ah this was so intense! I love everything I’ve read from this so far. I love the way the intensity rises in this.

  13. Jamie Says:

    I LOVE SHADE! I so have to know what’s up with him. Seriously – I might go nuts if I don’t – going home to read!

  14. DH Kuypers Says:

    Cliffhanger!! What’s happening to him? And congrats on finishing the rough draft!

  15. Becca Says:

    Me + Teaser = LOVE!! That’s about all I have to say.

  16. Laurie Says:

    Excellent. Kiss was awesome.

  17. Kath Says:

    Stop being awesome and leave some awesome for the rest of us :P (incidentally, awesome).

  18. CupofDice Says:

    Love the last line of dialogue.

  19. Angie Says:

    Excellent kiss, and then whoa! what happened? Talk about bad timing to go all Dr. Jekyl/Mr. Hyde!
    Great teaser!

  20. J.F. Posthumus Says:

    LOVE this!!! Great teaser!!! I so wanna know what’s going on and what’s gonna happen next!!!

  21. Rose Pressey Says:

    Great job. I love it.

  22. Cory Says:

    Very hot kiss! Congrats on finishing the rough draft. That’s a huge accomplishment!

  23. ChristaCarol Says:

    This is awesome, and I want more of Shade. Your descriptions of what he’s going through are right on. Great job!

  24. Vero Says:

    Shade!!!! That kiss was so hot and it just made the next part so much more powerful! I read this when you were working on it in FNW and the second ime around it is just as powerful as the first time! Very. nicely. done.

  25. Paranormalchick Says:

    Oh.My.GOD!!! WHat the hell?!?! You left me hanging! Cruel, very cruel. LOL LOVED IT! I have to know what’s going on here! GREAT job! *High fives my demon sister*

  26. K.A. Stewart Says:

    Nice! I think I’m gonna have to go back and check out the teasers I’ve missed on this one.

  27. Dystophil Says:

    Great teaser, can’t wait to read more. It definitely keeps you guessing and I liked the slightly creepy angle it takes. More please :)

  28. Hannah Says:

    Loved this!! :D

  29. Niyrak Says:

    ooo I gotta know what he did that would make her hate him… you did a good jub setting us up for something BIG…

  30. Christine FOnseca Says:

    Nice job!

  31. Karla Says:

    Oh wow! This was definitely cute and sweet in the beginning then it became all intense! Awesome job!

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