Demon Guard Teaser!

Posted by houndrat on Tuesday Jan 5, 2010 Under writing

In case anyone is wondering what DG is about, a fellow crit group member (the amazing Amy Bai) summed it up as Mean Girls meet Harry Potter. That totally works for me–although, I could also go with Veronica Mars meet Something-Vampire-Academy-esque-But-Without-the-Vampires. Um, yeah. Maybe I should stick with my crit partner’s version.

At any rate, this Teaser follows shortly after the one a few weeks ago, where the MC Summer discovers that a lewd photo of her and Billy, a guy she despises, was photo-shopped and sent around the school. This is Billy catching up with her afterwards. Oh, and, if this is your first time–the MC has been hearing voices for a few days now. As usual, all comments welcomed and appreciated!


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31 Responses to “Demon Guard Teaser!”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Jerk! I want to punch Billy in the head!!! (And this is good.) LOL. Your ending is great. Since I haven’t read any of your work before, it makes me wonder… is Shade going to jump in and go for it? And is your MC character going to help him? Fab tease!

  2. Inkspatters Says:

    I LOVED this in FNW and I still love it. Summer’s voice is compelling as always and the tension is just like woah. Awesome teaser :D

  3. LostCrayons Says:

    I agree with MC’s sentiment! Off with his head!

  4. sue Says:

    Another brilliant bit! ‘Mean girls meet Harry Potter’, I love that.
    I also loved this line:
    “Let her go right now, or I’m going to turn your face into something that really makes the girls scream. And not in a good way.”
    I just love the little flashes of snark and humor in your writing. It just has a real ‘spark’ about it. Great stuff, as always.

  5. Vero Says:

    Shade made me swoon in this teaser!! <3

  6. ChristaCarol Says:

    I agree with Vero. I read last teaser, but haven’t heard about Shade yet. Now I want more of his yumminess. I love him already. And I hate Billy. What an ass! Great description with her choking. Well done! Liking this a lot.

  7. Kath Says:

    I’d also throw a Buffy comparison in there for the Whedon-esq banter (which I LOVE)

  8. sunna Says:

    I remember that line. :D

    I am definitely liking Shade more and more. It’s nice to see him defending Summer. That connection between them is great. More!

  9. Tracey Says:

    Ooh, Shade to the rescue! Love that line. :-) You need to send me the whole thing!!!

  10. Liz Page Says:

    I just love the feel of this story, it’s unique and funny and makes me laugh out loud again and again.

  11. Bee Says:

    Mean Girls meet Harry Potter. Awesome. Love both.

    I want to know where this is going.
    And hair yanking is horrible. I wanna kill that guy!

  12. Jamie Says:

    MAN I LOVE DG! Seriously. LOVE.

  13. Becca Says:

    Dude. I can tell I’m going to <33 Shade. ^.^

  14. V Says:

    SHADE! YES! <3 Shade. And the fact that you used the word "hurl." And the part about his coffee breath– very specific. I must read more.

  15. CupofDice Says:

    Very tense throughout and I love the car salesman line and the last paragraph.

  16. Paranormalchick Says:

    SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! I. LOVE. THIS. I want to read this :)

    PS I’m a total Veronica Mars addict! LOL :D

  17. Sumayyah Says:

    *jumps up and down* OMGOMGOMGOMG! I. Love. Shade. When do I get to read this??? :D

  18. Laurie Says:

    I adore this scene. Billy’s such a skeeze (Mean Girls reference). And I love Shade jumping in. He is my lover.

  19. Krista Ashe Says:

    YEZZZ, it’s Shade, my hero!!! I’m with Summer in trying to kick this douchebag in the balls! Ugh! I’m curious about the picture and what all is going on with that. Nice teaser, you little tease!

  20. Becca Says:

    *summons angry mob to smash Billy’s head in*

    And Shade = <333 :D

  21. Angie Says:

    Oh, i hate this guy. I mean I really, really hate him. Really.

    Great tease!

  22. Jennifer (Herb) Says:

    This is one of my favorite scenes of the entire book – so far :) Shade – who wouldn’t swoon over a guy who kicks ass?

  23. houndrat Says:

    Snork–it’s probably bc Shade is actually showing his good side for a change. A side that wasn’t very evident in the first part! :) Go little anti-hero, go!

  24. DH Kuypers Says:

    This is great! Your teasers are always well-paced and filled with tension.

  25. JennW Says:

    Awesome teaser. The voices are great. Billy – Ugh when he says the lien about why don’t we get naked together – so authentic the way he talks. Blech. Also, I like the tension and the way she sees the Kill vibe in shade. Very cool. Mean Girls meets Harry Potter – That’s great.

  26. Het Says:

    I’m with Shade… KILL the hair puller! Great teaser!

  27. Stephanie Says:

    LOVE THIS! I can’t wait to see this waiting in my inbox *grins*

  28. Kaitlin Says:

    Great teaser! I especially like how it ended :)

  29. LynKay Says:

    I want to know more!

    “Let her go right now, or I’m going to turn your face into something that really makes the girls scream. And not in a good way.”

    that made me LOL

  30. Karla Says:

    This was so good! I want more!

  31. Niyrak Says:

    ooo… This is getting GOOD! I always love it when the ‘bad guy’ gets his. Please tell me it will be soon! maybe Shade will turn him into a snake or something more fitting LOL :)

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