Merry Cow-mas and Happy Heifers!

Posted by houndrat on Wednesday Dec 23, 2009 Under writing

So, I just found out that Nathan Bransford is donating by the pound, er, comment, to Heifer International on his blog. And I figured, what the heck–why not spread the holiday beef, um, cheer, and play along? (Seriously–I’m not touching that last sentence with a ten-foot candy cane. My fellow Purgy AWers will know what I mean when I say GIANT PORK CHOP).

Here’s how it works: for every comment I receive between now and midnight tonight December 31st, Pacific time, I’ll donate $1 to Heifer International. We’ll cap it at 200 comments–basically because I know that ginormic holiday Visa bill is already out there somewhere , just biding it’s time before swooping down and giving me a coronary. But that’s another depressingly morbid thought topic. Oh, and also, because that’s what Amanda did, the cool OPWFTer who clued me in to this great idea.

I mean, seriously, wouldn’t it be cool to say you’ve given someone a cow for Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Christmukkah? Even if it’s only like, half a leg? (I know, I know–morbid again. Sorry.)

So, in the comments section, just type your name, city/state you’re from, and tell me either your favorite holiday yummy OR what you’d name one of Santa’s reindeer, if given the chance.

Thanks for stopping by!

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41 Responses to “Merry Cow-mas and Happy Heifers!”

  1. Nathan Bransford Says:

    Thanks so much for participating!!

    My favorite holiday yummy is gingerbread. Which, come to think of it, wouldn’t be a bad name for a reindeer either.

  2. Amanda Says:

    Amanda (the super cool OPWFTer)
    I would name one Bob because it would be funny. :-P

  3. Clovis the Comely Says:

    Clovis the Comely, Istanbul (not Constantinople, and Crikey.

  4. Clovis the Comely Says:

    It ate my second parenthesis.

  5. Chanelle Says:

    London, UK
    And I’d name one…Snowy. Actually, I don’t know haha.

  6. Raethe Says:

    I’ll play!

    BC, Canada
    Butter tarts! (I guess they must be my favourite holiday yummy, since I’m going to spend all afternoon baking them…)

  7. Janet Says:

    My favorite holiday yummy is…is…is…ok, rum balls, if I have to choose. And, while I think Rumballs would make a funny name for a reindeer, it probably isn’t appropriate. :-) Happy Holidays!

  8. May @ Anne and May Says:

    Count me in for a leg. Or wait, maybe just a hoof.

    Thanks for doing this! It’s very inspiring!

  9. Other LIsa Says:

    Oh, you are in BIG trouble, Missy!

    Venice, CA.

    Uh, “Horny”?


  10. Beatrice Says:

    I’m glad you’re doing this! It’s a great organization, and a great way to be generous at the holidays!

  11. Beatrice Says:

    Oh, and my fave holiday treat is my dad’s toffee cookies!

  12. houndrat Says:

    And of course it’s a fellow Purgy with a Pork Chop FTW! Lol…awesome. That name seriously hadn’t even occured to me–how that’s possible, I’m not quite sure! Cheers, and thanks for commenting, Lisa! :)

  13. Kathryn Jankowski Says:

    Greetings from California’s Central Valley! Favorite holiday treat: my streusel pumpkin pie topped with eggnog ice cream, although my gingerbread is a close second.

    I’m pledging as well, until midnight Christmas. Please stop by and leave a comment at

    Thanks and happy holidays!

  14. BJ Muntain Says:

    This is BJ from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. My favourite holiday food is the kutya my mother makes for Christmas Eve supper. (kutya = boiled wheat with honey and poppyseeds).

  15. houndrat Says:

    Oh my gosh…YUMMMM! That sounds so delicious. Um, where did you say you lived again, specifically? :) Thanks, and I’ll def stop by (your blog, not your house, although I’m sorely tempted)!

  16. Jennifer Hubbard Says:

    from Pennsylvania.

    Happy holidays! My husband makes an incredible Linzer torte.

  17. krista ashe Says:

    Hello love!! Here’s my comment. I think you’re awesome for doig this!!

    There’s too many yummmies for me but I love Cream Cheese squares!

  18. Emilia Says:

    Whoo go Hound! Happy holidays <3

  19. Brian Says:

    I love anything that raised my blood pressure and makes me fat(ter)!
    Thanks for doing this!

  20. KD Says:

    I have a friend who makes the BEST SHORTBREAD ON THE PLANET. And another who makes boozy chocolates. There is nothing better than drunk-making chocolate.

    oh, uh–I’m in Tucson. Hi! *waves* Thanks for doing this!

  21. Susan Quinn Says:

    Susan Quinn
    Greater Chicagoland Area

    I’m also helping out with Nathan’s drive, over at my blog, Ink Spells.

    Hmmm…favorite holiday treat is those wedding powdered-sugar balls…what are those called?? And why are they only made at Christmas?? Don’t know, but they are yummy.

  22. Brit Says:

    My first Christmas as a married woman, my parents put a little ring box under the tree for me. Since my husband had given me a proper ring, I didn’t have a clue what they were thinking. When I opened the box, it contained a note. “Hi. My name is Pete. Come to the barn and pet me.”

    It wasn’t a cow. It was a quarterhorse. That was one of the best presents ever. (Oh, so long ago.)


  23. V Says:

    This is my contribution to your donation of a cow part.

    Veronica Roth
    Barrington, Illinois

    And my favorite holiday treat is cardamom bread. It’s not a dessert but damnnnnn is it delicious and now I have to make it myself because of the family-wide disdain for bread.

  24. Mags Says:

    Hi Houndrat,

    I’m Maggie. It’s nice to meet you.

    This is a comment.

    Given the chance, I’d name one of Santa’s reindeers “Chester.”

    Happy holidays!



  25. Madeleine Says:

    I would name one of Santa’s reindeer “Bumble”.

    I’m obsessed with that name (for an animal) right now!

  26. Becca Says:

    Yay for commenting on blogs equaling charity work. ;)

    My favourite holiday yummy is a cookies and whipped cream log that we haven’t actually made this year. *tear* Must do something about that.

    Merry Christmas!

  27. wendy Says:

    Hi, Houndrat,

    Good fer you!
    I’d name one of Santa’s reindeer ‘Situation’ Strange name, tho’.
    Mine is Wendy and I’m from Aus.

    Take care and have a great Christmas.

  28. Becca Says:


    Rebecca Rogers
    Chattanooga, TN
    I’d name one dadapravicocudonblirud <–all of their names in one. :P

  29. Leanne Says:

    Leanne from Colorado here.

    I don’t know that I have a favorite, classic holiday yummy, but the man of the house recently made oatmeal-coconut-raspberry bars with some of the raspberry jam we put up this past spring and it might just have to be part of the regular holiday rotation henceforth.

    As for a reindeer name, I vote for Shiver. I know they’re reindeer and all, and used to the cold weather, but surely at least one of them dreams of warm beach-y climes whilst pulling Santa’s sleigh–dontchathink?

    BTW, I’m also on the Heifer bandwagon, so feel free to stop by and hold me accountable as well.

  30. Victoria Says:

    I would name a reindeer “Vertigo”.

  31. Dan the Man Says:

    “Bumble’s bounce!” Yukon Cornealous

  32. Meghan Ward Says:

    Meghan Ward
    Berkeley, CA

    I love peanut butter blossom cookies, ginger bread cookies, English toffee, peanut brittle, hmm … what don’t I love? Happy Holidays!

  33. Amna Says:

    Amna Mohdin
    London, England

    This is so cool of you!

    And Chocolate cake <33. Chocolate anything is pretty awesome actually XD

    And I like the name: Bubbles.

  34. Mary Jo Says:

    I’m Mary Jo from Hoboken, NJ, and my favorite holiday treat are my friend’s homemade oatmeal cookies with dates, pecans, and white chocolate chips…mmmmmm

  35. Cindy Says:

    Cindy from Orange County, CA … eggnog!
    Thanks for doing this!

  36. Anica Lewis Says:

    Thanks for doing this! May your donation help bring more peace, prosperity, and happiness into the world for the new year and beyond.

    My favorite holiday yummy is my aunt’s buttercrunch – at least since our town’s Macados stopped making Elf Pie!

  37. Julia Says:

    I’m Julia, from Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam. My wish is that wonderful people like you can raise enough money so that organizations like Heifer become (meaning that their assistance is no longer needed).

  38. Joel Friedlander Says:

    Hey Debra, thanks for taking part. I’m donating from my blog until 12/31/09 so although I’ve missed your deadline, come over and comment and help pump up my donation!

    Happy holidays.

  39. J.F. Posthumus Says:

    Ahem… can’t resist this: favorite holiday yummy: lollipops! (PORK CHOP!)

    Seriously, love lollipops and candy canes, chocolates… especially godiva! :D

    a great cause and very cool!

    Name: J.F. Posthumus
    State: VA

  40. Yashoda Says:

    I’m Yashoda, and I have to say that EGGNOG is the magic potion of the holidays.

  41. Latosha Quercia Says:

    very good, thank youu

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