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First off, I wanted to apologize for the tweet blog-post thingy. Obviously, I’m a little challenged when it comes to? mastering my Twitter Tools.? I wanted my tweets to show up in the side-bar, not become girnomic blog posts of their own.? Because, you know, I realize most folks don’t come here to read earth-shattering stuff? like “Go Sooners!” and “Beer Bad, Fire Pretty.”? Even if the Sooners are pretty cool.

Anyway–I’m excited to announce that I’ve just joined an awesome crew over at the OPWFT blog, or Old People Writing for Teens.? No need to know that I call us the geezers writing for teens.? Oops.? Let’s just say, some of us are more geezerly than others, and leave it at that.? (Cough, me, cough, cough).

All of the contributers to OPWFT are aspiring Young Adult authors who? post about–you guessed it–Young Adult books.? We often interview published YA authors, and also rant chat about topics dear to YA.? So swing on by sometime and check it out, if you get the chance.? Most recently, we’ve been posting about the American Library Association’s Banned Book Week.


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  1. kat Says:

    i just went to your OPWFT site, and then read the banned book list. I cannot believe it! Waaaaaay too many good books, some of my favorite ever, on that list! Thanks for sharing :)

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