Teaser Tuesday–The Demon Guard excerpt

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Okay, folks, here’s an excerpt–I hope it’s not too long.? Plus, it’s SUPER ROUGH so hey, if you want to help me revise, feel free!? :) ? I don’t know if it needs much set-up.? Basically, she hacked this guy off and got him in trouble big time for spreading false rumors, and he’s out for revenge.? It’s a sub-plot of the book.? As always, comments welcome and appreciated!

Billy shoved me hard, tumbling me onto one of the beds.

I tried to bolt up as soon as I landed, but he was too quick for me.? He crashed down on top of me, smothering my face down into the bed, a handful of my hair gripped tightly in his hand.? I gagged on the comforter’s spring laundry detergent scent. ? “Oh, you’re not going anywhere, Summer.? Not yet, anyway.? Did you really think I’d let you get away with it?? Some pathetic little traitor like you, ruining my reputation?? No way.”

He flipped me onto my back, and I followed his gaze down to his other hand.? A large hypodermic needle was clasped inside.? Panic rushed through me, and I struggled in earnest. ? My fingernails stabbed for his eyes, but he punched me in the stomach and yanked hard on my hair.? The air rushed out of chest in one big spurt while my scalp screamed with pain.? A second later, the needle plunged into the inside of my arm.

I tried not to panic even more as I felt the cold liquid slide into my vein.? Concentrate.? What would I do if this were a test in Training Techniques? ? Remembering Professor Dawkins instructions in class, I forced myself to go limp.?

It worked.? Billy’s grip on me slacked, ever-so-slightly.? Putting every ounce of effort behind it, I lunged to the side and twisted free.

I fell hard on the floor.? The side of my head hit with an audible clunk. ? Wincing, I sprang to my feet and raced for the door.? But something weird started to happen before I reached it.? The closer I got, the further away the door seemed.? Almost like I was going in slow-motion through a fun house.? Finally, I reached the door knob—both of them.? I blinked.? Had there always been two?? That was weird.? I only had one in my room.?

What the hell?? I shook my head to clear the fuzziness that had suddenly invaded my mind.? Huge mistake.? The room tilted sickeningly.? I stumbled into the door, clutching the cold metal doorknob to keep from falling.? In the background, I heard Billy’s echoing laughter.

“Feeling a little off, Summer?? That’s to be expected—it’s the GHB.? It’ll get you every time. ? Although, mine is a special blend.”

“G-athe-thbe?”? I tried to talk, but my tongue felt like it had swollen to the size of watermelon in my mouth.? “Whad thyou doo?”? My legs suddenly went limp, and I slid to the floor.? In one last desperate attempt, I pulled at the doorknob.? It didn’t budge.

“Oh, don’t bother with that.? I had it fixed to lock from the inside, just for this occasion.”? I tried to focus, and saw him dangling a silver object from his hand.? It could have been a key, but then, it was so blurry, it could have been a hacksaw for all I could tell.? Still.? It might be my only hope for escape. ? I tried to stand, but my legs refused to support me.? I could hardly even feel them anymore.? So I started to crawl.

“Now, that’s what I like to see—Summer Chance on her hands and knees. I think it’s definitely time to cue up the video camera.? I’m going to prove to everyone that we slept together, and that you’re a liar.? Just like your mom.”

I watched both of him walk over to the dark shape in the middle of the room and heard a beep.? “Yes, that’s great.? Oh, and don’t worry—I can edit it later.? There won’t be any of this boring conversation in there when I post it on the web.”

Oh, God.? Horror invaded me, but it was hard to hang on to.? Because every other second my mind started drifting.? Vivid colors flashed in front of my eyes, turning his room into a techno club.? In a moment of clarity, I wondered how he thought he’d get away with this.? It’s not like I wouldn’t tell.

“Goin..butht..you.”? I managed.

His soft laughter sent chills down my spine.? “No, you won’t.? I’ve got that covered as well. Why do you think I’m not afraid to talk to you about this so much?? You’re not going to remember a thing.? Dad doesn’t know it, but his lab provided me with this wicked cool new drug.? It’s some memory tampering thing I stumbled upon when I was looking through his office.? Although, since I injected the GHB, it probably would have done the trick by itself.? Gee—hope it doesn’t totally fry your mind altogether.? Guess I should have thought of that beforehand—oopsies.”

I tried to concentrate, but the more he talked, the dizzier I got.? And then there was the voice.? The other voice, the one that spoke in my mind.? Only this one was even nastier than Billy’s.? It whispered vile things, so vile that I wanted to scream to keep from listening. Or just shut down.? Close my eyes, take a little nap.? Maybe I’d feel better when I woke up.

As I was starting to slip away, in the back of my head, I heard a new voice.? Not the vile one. No, this one was stronger, angry.? Something about that voice made me want to fight. ? I jerked my head up, and mustering every last ounce of energy, forced a scream past my constricted throat.? ? It came out barely louder than a whisper.? Despair washed through me, sucking me down like an undercurrent.

Billy just laughed.? “Go ahead—scream away.? Nobody’s going to hear you.? There’s nobody even here.”

Two seconds later, the door crashed open.

I blinked up at the doorway, squinting blearily at the figure standing there.? I could barely see, but it didn’t matter.? I knew who it was.? “Thade,” I murmured.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Just before my head hit the floor.


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8 Responses to “Teaser Tuesday–The Demon Guard excerpt”

  1. firedrake Says:

    oooh! You can’t leave us hanging!!

    Billy really isn’t very nice at all. I’m looking forward to reading more!

  2. Tracey Says:

    Holy crap, that was evil! You can’t leave us hanging like that! What did this poor girl do to him? And I’m very intrigued by these voices she’s hearing – is that from the drug or something else?

  3. Steve Says:

    Great scene! Love the action and the POV in such a harrowing situation. Well done.

  4. RRK Says:

    Wow–well done. This was shocking and horrific and I was so glad about the rescue at the end!

  5. Jan (hope101) Says:

    1. There’s this thing called “patience”, missy. Let me introduce you to it. ;)

    2. Beautiful babies!

    3. This was a real rollercoaster for me, and I mean that in a good way. There were moments where the voice was subtly humorous (the comfortor’s scent), and mention of a fun house, and then the slide into sexual overtones and then PURE EVIL. I liked it.

  6. Heidi Says:

    me like!

  7. houndrat Says:

    Comment from GG (who was having technical difficulties)

    “Note to self: Never and I mean never, get Houndrat mad!!! Very scary scene, especially being a girl. My heart jumped. Please post more next week!!! xoxo — GG”

  8. justme Says:

    Oh, good stuff. Had me terrified.

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