Ridgebacks and noses don’t mix

Posted by houndrat on Tuesday Feb 10, 2009 Under Buffy the Vampire Slayer, dogs, Ridgebacks

Buffy quote of the day:

Evil Swimming Coach–Boy, when they started handing out school spirit, you never even got in line, did you?

Buffy–No, I was in line for ‘shred of sanity’.

In non-Buffy related news, I’m making pretty good progress on the manuscript.? Well, all except for the part where, in? her frantic? attempt to? purge the? two minuscule raindrops from her coat (because she might have melted otherwise), Skye proceeded to burrow the comforter? right into the back of my laptop.? Which would have been fine, had I not been peering closely at the screen at that exact moment, looking for a file.? The end result?? Said laptop crashed down and nearly severed my nose from my head.? ? There was blood and everything.? I’m okay today, but my nose seriously is still a little crooked.? And painful.? And I have to laugh at the irony.? Skye is, like, the only halfway well-mannered Ridgeback I own.? If she ends up being the one to have broken my nose, which survived? countless alteration attempts from Seger, Sunni, Fergie, et al., it’s going to be pretty darn funny.? All except the part where I look like I went two rounds with Mike Tyson, that is.? I guess on the plus side, my ears are intact.


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One Response to “Ridgebacks and noses don’t mix”

  1. Nel Says:

    I found your site as I was looking at the Meaningful Beauty products – thanks for the heads up! I noticed your Ridgeback photo – and then read this story… I can totally sympathise – is this breed totally “out there” or what!?!!? I’ve got a 4 year old male and whenever I try to cuddle him or get close he either head butts me or punches me in the eye (and once in the “nether region!) He’s got a funny personality… but he’s full on!
    Oh, and does your dog wee everywhere when it gets excited? He’s lovingly urinated on about 3 pairs of my sneakers now as he obviously sees this as necessary prior to a stroll around the neighbourhood!

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