Horribly overdue post that’s unfortunately really lame

Posted by houndrat on Friday Feb 6, 2009 Under random stuff

Okay, I know I’ve been a big bloggy loser lately, but I promise–my blog is not defunct!? I’ve just gotten carried away working on a new manuscript.? All of my Buffy and Twilight fetishism has inspired me to write a chick lit paranormal story.? Actually, the story has been pretty much writing itself for months now–I’m just a willing slave to the computer keys.?

So far? my story is about as random as they come.? Which I’m sure is very hard to imagine if you’ve ever read my blog before (cough.)?

So, don’t worry–it’s not that Fergie has morphed into the epitome of good doggy behavior lately,? or that my husband has suddenly developed obsessive compulsive tendencies towards cleanliness. Nor did our house explode during? the extraction of the fifty foot tall Christmas tree (although it seemed that way at the time).? It’s just I’ve been busy.? I promise to get some new photos of the doggage and kiddage up soon.

Of course, soon is a relative term.

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