Confessions of a Twilight junkie, part 2

Posted by houndrat on Saturday Jan 10, 2009 Under movies, random stuff

Okay, so maybe I? broke down and went to see Twilight for the third time today.? But really, can you blame a girl for needing her weekly dose of vampirey goodness?? It’s so very human of me, after all.? And all that suspense-filled romance serves to stimulate the creative portion of my brain, so in the long run, I’m really only? succumbing to temptation? for the good of my plot synopsis.? Really.? Plus, I figure I’m? simultaneously supporting our flailing economy and ensuring that the producers of Twilight get their butts in gear and get a move on that sequel.? Because even an immortal? would? agree that it? can’t come out soon enough.

See how well I can? rationalize my Twilight fanaticism?? It gets easier with practice, trust me.? The trick is trying to look at? your addiction? obsession harmless little? interest in? bronze-headed vampires? from a positive perspective.? Like, say, me believing that? the purchase of? my third ticket to the movie isn’t? really a waste of time and money, but rather, food for my inner muse.? Delicious, romance-infused food of the Edward and Bella variety.? Unfortunately, my inner muse seems to have a never-ending appetite for this particular story.? Well, that and movie popcorn, at any rate.

Besides, I’m not that far gone.? I mean, it’s not like I’ve entertained notions of kidnapping Stephenie Meyer and holding her hostage until she finishes that partial manuscript she started from Edward’s perspective.? Well, not for any extended periods of time.? And anyway, I’m sure she wouldn’t mind being a prisoner honored guest in our home for awhile.? Um, she does like large brown couch-hogging hound dogs, doesn’t she?

But you’ll be happy to know I’m practicing due diligence on my synopsis for the time being.? At least until my inner muse starts grumbling again.

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2 Responses to “Confessions of a Twilight junkie, part 2”

  1. Tina Says:

    You should go see the movie as often as you can while it’s still on the big screen! You’ll be lusting for it even more when it’s out of the theater during that dreaded downtime before it comes out on DVD. No one will condemn you, but if I see you at the theater with two kids then you’ve seriously got a problem! For now, enjoy and let me know if you need me to babysit while you get your fix!

  2. sarah Says:

    ok i noe wat u meen by a twilight addiction
    but u c i’m da biggest twilight fan in da world
    wen twilight 1st came out i saw it a total of 19 tymez on da 1st day den i lst track on da 2nd nd 3rd day nd da 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, etc.
    den wen i cldnt afford it anymore i burned it on DVD nd bought it home
    nd imma go out nd buy it dis satday wen it cumz out on DVD
    oh nd dnt 4get dat i’ve red da entire twilight saga, (including midnight sun edwards story) a total of 4 tymez nd didn’t get sick of it once.
    so dere u hv it

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