I finally did my meme

Posted by houndrat on Sunday Nov 2, 2008 Under memes, mommies, random stuff

Wow, talk about procrastination.? I was tagged by Mary at Mimi All Me to do a meme back on the 8th of October, where apparently I share 6 things about myself that nobody knows.?

But I’m thinking—if I haven’t shared these things up to this point, then most likely? it’s stuff that’s better kept secret.? I mean, does anyone really want to know that I sometimes peel off my toenails and then forget to throw them away?? (And on that note–anyone know if Ridgebacks eat keratin?? Yum.)

So, what I thought I’d do is put about ten things out there–five actually true things, and five utterly fictitious pieces of crap.? And it will be up to you to decide which one is which.? So here we go.

1.? I’ve been known to? use Depends-style undergarments at night, because there are times when you are just too lazy to leave your bed.

2.? When I go to bars, I typically like to balance at least one beer bottle on my head.? Just because I can.

3.? I often run around our house naked, even though we have large picture windows in the front.

4.? I once got sent to the Principal’s office in grade school for hopping on the students desks and croaking “ribbit” when the teacher stepped out of the room.

5.? I scored a perfect 800 on the math portion of the GRE.

6.? Tom Petty is my distant cousin.

7.? Most of my friends probably thought of me as the nerdy, studious type during college.

8.? ? I am considering homeschooling my son? during kindergarten.

9.? I often go for weeks without shaving my armpits.?

10.? I’ve strictly forbidden my husband to bring home the packages of cream-filled sandwich cookies, because I eat them all in one evening.

So, you decide which is true, and which is complete BS.? And maybe, just maybe, I’ll fill you in later on.? Of course, that’s providing I ever remember I did this in the first place.

Which leads me to—who’s supposed to be the ADHD one in this marriage again?? Because if it’s not me, I think it’s contagious.? Which is a scary prospect. I mean, there’s only room in this house for so many sets of dirty undies on our floors……And toenails, of course.

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2 Responses to “I finally did my meme”

  1. Mary O Says:

    You are hilarious. I love the idea of mixing the true in with the BS. Keeps up the mystery!

  2. Dennis L Says:

    Hmm… FIVE are not true? Dang, I would have said ONE, maybe two are untrue. I’m thinking #1 is false. Other than that…

    Ok, ok, maybe #2, only instead of beer bottles, you like to hang spoons off your nose. And you didn’t score an 800 Math on the GRE – it was the SAT (or else you got an 800 on the English).

    Not shaving your arm pits? Ok, maybe. We’ll see when we double check the video we have of you running naked past your big picture window….

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