Fergie’s new tanning bed

Posted by houndrat on Sunday Nov 2, 2008 Under dogs, family life, Ridgebacks, Uncategorized

I’m sipping a? glass of water (yes, exciting beverages abound when you’re trying to de-caffeinate yourself), and just happen to glance out the window.? And there she is, in all her patio table hogging glory.?

I realize that Ridgebacks love to sun, but surely there should be some boundaries involved?? Like, say,? no putting your stinky hound dog body on the same surface where I might eat my lunch?? I mean, God forbid she has to be in the yard for even a millisecond without at least a drop of sunshine.

Next she’ll be demanding I actually polish the sucker before I let her out in the morning.

You’d better watch it, hound dog.? Or else I’m moving your sun-lovin’ tushy to Seattle, home of the dreary gray drizzle.? Nothing like trying to? satisfy that UVA jones? on some? damp chilly glass.


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8 Responses to “Fergie’s new tanning bed”

  1. Bonita of Bwana Says:

    I think Fergie has the gist of it, find the most comfortable spot , commandeer it and smile…. Life is much better with the right attitude!

  2. Susanne Says:

    Too funny! Not only is she higher up and in a nice sunny spot, there’s also the lovely possibility of Food since it’s a dining table. Maybe it’s an RR instinct, check it out: http://www.glenaholm.com/ridgebacks_our_dogs.htm


  3. Joe Piott Says:

    Our Ridgebacks would really like to have a spot like that up here in the Puget Sound area. We are now entering into stormy November and approaching the black hole of December (8 hours of sun a day). They have a 12′ x 30′ kennel area covered by a large tarp. Would not think of going out in the rain, wet grass, and mud unless it is to chase a plastic “bunny” around the field.

    We enjoyed coursing with you and your Ridgeback at the National Specialty. Our Anna was with yours in the first course of their stake.

    Joe Piott

  4. shody Says:

    Ha! I could so see Meile doing this…. Fergie looks so proud of herself too…

  5. Identity Mixed Says:

    Send her to me for boot camp. We’ve already had 2 inches of snow. Which I suppose is why all three RRs are no pissing on my deck.

  6. Patti Says:

    Where in the world is the soft blanket for the top of that table and do you think you could tilt the umbrella so that poor baby could get more sun???? Quick, somebody call the Animal Protective Legue and report these horrid people. : )

  7. Aunt Linda Says:

    Sunni sees nothing wrong with this picture, in fact she demanded I move the bed to the sunny spot outside & that is where she is.

  8. agnes lintz Says:

    I note that Fergie on the patio table looks strikingly like Fergie on the bed surrounded by her show ribbons. Clearly she is working on her beauty queen poses–practice makes perfect.

    Furthermore, it appears that she is trying to get her recommended daily allowance of vitamin Dog and prevent Seasonal Affective Disorder. I suspect that you do not have the courtesy to provide her with an Ott Lite.

    Poor girl–are her elbows getting calloused on that hard surface? My RR Rescues are concerned. . .

    Agnes Lintz

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