Zag and Dimond at play

Posted by houndrat on Sunday Oct 12, 2008 Under dogs, Ridgebacks, Uncategorized

Just had to post this photo my aunt sent me from Colorado of Zag (Fergie’s? ONLY black? nosed show littermate out of seven show puppies) playing with Dimond.

From my angle, it’s hard to tell if we’re looking at Ridgebacks or kangaroos.? Although, I bet kangaroos inflict less damage on remotes and shoes.? (Yes, Zag, I’m talking about you.? Even if you are a black nose.)


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2 Responses to “Zag and Dimond at play”

  1. judi uhl Says:

    “what’s the big deal? … just say ‘Ahhhhhh’!”

  2. Carol Says:

    Nice action shot!

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