Here’s to Jess and Torsten. And yummies.

Posted by houndrat on Sunday Sep 21, 2008 Under random stuff

In some random twist of blogosphere fate, I am now going to write a little blurb wishing a couple I have never before met a wonderful engagement.? But I figure it’s good karma, so what the heck?? Besides, I already sent in a recipe for the happy couple’s recipe box.? I figure that wishing them? joy for years to come is probably the lesser of the two randoms? than mailing a recipe to strangers involving? kale, of all things.? Jess, Torsten–I seriously hope you like your greens.

In keeping with the theme, it would be nice if I had some post-wedding advice to dispense.? I suppose I could say, “Don’t let your? beloved get so inebriated following your wedding ceremony? lest he blast punk rock music and dance on the tables of your $3500 a night suite with your best friend’s hubby, followed by passing out on the floor.”? But surely that’s common sense.? Or perhaps, “If you let your husband pick out the honeymoon unattended, don’t be surprised if you end up in a tentalo (read:? hut with outdoor plumbing) on? Molokai, instead of the five-star resort on Kaui you were expecting.”?

And since Torsten is apparently still working on his vows, might I make a suggestion?? Adding in a small line about, “I promise to pick up my undies, throw my trash in a proper receptacle, and go on late-night yummy runs for my wife without complaint, for so long as we both shall live,” will save you many future woes.

Seriously, though— Here’s to Jess and Torsten.? Best wishes for a future filled with joy and love.? And yummies.


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One Response to “Here’s to Jess and Torsten. And yummies.”

  1. Jess Says:

    This is hilarious, and actually it’s funny because at the shower yesterday we were discussing how Torsten should say in his vows that he promises to do the vacuuming every week. You are psychic!

    Thanks for the sweet post!

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