So I admit it–I was wrong.? Apparently Fergie is good for something after all.? Check out these bad boys:

We had Fergie get preliminary scores on her hips and elbows, since we plan? to let her chase the plastic bunny bag (or perhaps pick up a few pylons again)? at the National Specialty next week.? As expected after viewing the X-rays, the hips came back excellent.

Alas.? If only excellent hips were linked to excellent? behavior.?

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One Response to “Fergie’s OFA hip X-rays–at least she’s excellent in one department”

  1. Lin Hainlen Says:

    We all have to be excellent at something!!! That red head says, give me a break, Mom! I do the best my liver nose naughty genes allow……

    Proud g’ma….


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