Letter to Meaningful Beauty and why Cindy Crawford owes me $109.95

Posted by houndrat on Tuesday Aug 19, 2008 Under random stuff

Dear Meaningful Beauty:

I? regret? having to inform you that your beauty products suck.? After slathering on copious amounts of your face creams and washes for a month, I look nothing more like Cindy Crawford than I did? before I started.? In fact, I’m? reasonably certain? had I? poured? said products? on my buttocks, I would be just as close to resembling an aging yet suspiciously youthful-looking ex-supermodel.

I do, however, look exactly like someone who has drowned? her delicate facial skin in products most likely made from fish? urine and? whatever other? crap that Frenchman? on your infomercial? threw in while partying it up on? a tropical island locale.? In retrospect, I? should? be grateful my? skin is merely flaking off rather than being eaten alive by some random strain of flounder-pee? loving? bacteria.

Also, whatever gave you the impression? that after paying $29.95 for a one month supply, I would then? gladly? fork over? the bend-me-over-the-beauty-counter price of $109.95 for the second month’s supply?? Was it when I shouted “No!” when your phone salesperson asked if I would like to sign up for another month?? Or perhaps? when I screamed, “I ONLY WANT ONE MONTH AT $29.95 AND THAT’S ALL–DON’T SIGN ME UP FOR ANY MORE!” after listening to the same salesgirl? blather on in an attempt to peddle? all sorts of other meaningless Meaningful Beauty paraphernalia.? ? By the way, I fail to see how a Meaningful Beauty bumper sticker is going to bring me that much closer to? cloning Cindy’s pouty lips.? And perhaps if your products made me look? even one iota more like Cindy Crawford than? my dog? I would happily cough up the extra COMPLETELY UNAUTHORIZED charges:

Hey Cindy?? Don’t you make enough money on? your husband’s overpriced and under-poured Sky Bar drinks?? Must you pimp? yourself like some Flavor Flav? wannabe ho? while batting your doe-like eyes and robbing Lancome and L’oreal of their hard-earned market shares?? Why don’t you just do us all a favor and start selling? your plastic surgeon’s business cards?? Because I’d sooner believe your youthful, amazingly unwrinkled skin comes from ingesting the pus? off a boil-infested toad than from the daily use of Meaningful Beauty’s skin-kill products.

Cindy Crawford

And tell me, what’s with the name?? Did you steal it straight from Engrish?? I mean, who? the heck wants? “Meaningful” Beauty, anyway?? In the future, I will happily stick with my Shallow and Vacuous beauty products, thank you very much, since they seem to actually work and don’t cost the same amount as a small home in Oklahoma.

In case of any lingering confusion, no, I do not wish to purchase another month’s supply of Meaningful Beauty.? And Cindy Crawford owes me $109.95.? The deceitful wench.

Warmest regards,


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355 Responses to “Letter to Meaningful Beauty and why Cindy Crawford owes me $109.95”

  1. Carol Says:

    ROFLMAO! You go, girl!!!! Loved it!

  2. Lorrie Says:

    Personally, I go for the Tova stuff sold on QVC. She’s the wife of Ernest Borgnine, and I figure any woman marries a face like his will tell it like it is.

    I found your blog through your comment on Dooce. I know how much you enjoyed viewing her movie about cooking and eating edamame. You can view the East Coast video response to that cinematic masterpiece at http://www.ournameisblog.blogspot.com We hope you will leave a comment..we welcome your snark.

  3. oldbat Says:

    the company that distributes it, guthy-rencker, is known for shenanigans. they refuse to stop shipment, etc. it’s now 60/mon. the best thing you can do for your skin is to eat lots of frts and vegs in assorted colors. it’s worked for me. i’m almost 52, and i got carded last week. seriously. they card anyone who looks under 30.

  4. Lisa Says:

    Ok…..so it didnt work for you…but for me it was sent from god…
    I bought that proactive stuff because I had one or two adult pimples every week…I wanted them to go away…Proactive dried my skin and made 200 pimples appear and leave major scars…im 30 by the way…so i was scarred, pimply, and looked hedious…I didnt want to leave the house. The proactive woman told me to continue using it anyway and the pimple will evenually go away and cycle out…they didnt.
    Meaningful beauty not only cleared my skin, but it made it healthy and beautiful…Im a fan for that reason…
    And yeah they get ya by signing you up for a 90 day supply to follow the intial 30 supply. I called and put it on hold and only called back to order what I ran out of.

  5. Shannon Says:

    This crap burned my skin. It left red circles under my eyes and 1 month later the skin under my eyes is still red and irritated. Do not buy this crap.

  6. Mia Says:

    Well I was sooo close on purchasing this remarkable “amazing melon” product until i saw this blog! Thanks for the info!! I will stick to my oil of olay who has been in the biz for 584 years!!
    Thanks !!

  7. Deborah Says:

    I’m so nervous after reading these responses to “Meaningful Beauty” products. I just happened to be watching TV one Sat. morning and said “What the hell?” So far so good, but I am totally pissed that I was suckered into the 3 mths!!! I too, only wanted the one month try. Now I’m going to be billed 2 more times, and am looking to send the product back and forget the whole thing. I hate internet ordering as it is.

  8. Beth Says:

    I too was glad to read your post about this product as I was very close to purchasing the first month. Thanks for the heads-up!!

  9. Rhonda Says:

    I wish I had read this before I ordered. I got caught up in the “paid programming” spiel – $29.95 and you get all these extras, blah, blah, blah. Well ladies, when ordering, pay close attention. Don’t go for the, “let me guarantee your $29.95 rate for the next three shipments,” because what you get is three months in one shipment at $119.00. Mine lasted about 1.5 months – using sparingly. Also, after one month, my skin started breaking out in a rash and the area around my eyes became ultra sensitive. I stopped using it for a week and then went back, but the rash and the sensitiveness came back. The undereye cream doesn’t lighten dark circles. I’ve used other drug store products which work better. All in all, I can’t see any difference in my skin after using all the product.

    Good luck!

  10. Christina Says:

    This product is terrible and burned my skin! It left red blotchy itchy spots and parts of my skin swelled up and it also dried my skin out. It’s been a month and my skin is still dry.

  11. Tracy Says:

    Your letter is hilarious. My skin is hypersensitive. I wish I would have read these reviews before making a bid for the kit on ebay. I’m currently the high bidder. At least if I don’t like it, I’m not locked into auto-pay.

  12. Isabelle Says:

    Hello everybody.
    Nice comment Debra, but at the first place, i had not believed at ALL that i could buy a product which is supposed to give me a wonderful skin for only 29.95$.
    This crap is not available in France. Ask yourself why it is in the US…. perhaps you guyz believe too much to everything ?
    No offense but hey, really, think about it :)

  13. Kellie Says:

    Hello Every One,

    I’m so glad I read all your comments. I was sold by the infomerical I saw Saturday morning. I was so close to calling in but decided I should read people’s blog first…thank goodness I did!
    I’ll continue to stick with my Olay for now until something great comes along!

  14. Julie Says:

    I bought this crap too! It burned the area under my eyes….so I definitely got that dewey, fresh glow, but only because my eye skin was on fire. Then, one day, I checked my bank account and they charged me $105, and they didn’t even send me the magical-serum-from-the-magical-melon-in-the-South-of-France from the first order. WTF? Cindy, I’m so disappointed in you. You’re selling a product that is a sham, based on a business model that takes money from people. What ever happened to trying something, then, if you like it, you buy more? Personally I think Cindy’s great skin has more to do with the fact that she has superwoman genes than using magical melon serum. Stay Away!!!!

  15. Kathy Poers Says:

    Hey Girls..
    I just turned 40 and THOUGHT I might need a change in my skin products!! BIG MISTAKE with this one…I’m going back to my old product… Arbonne. My skin is still burning after using this for only 2 weeks. Burning, itching and dry, red patches all over my face. Especially under my eyes and forehead!!! I should have read some of these blogs before thinking I needed a change. I guess some of think that when we hit a certain age…we need a change-NOT!! I am going back to my old skin product and HOPE that my old skin will return.

  16. Mari Says:

    Glad this letter and comments were posted – buyers beware. They really do try to SUCK you in with the low price at first then charge a fortune for 3 month supplies after that without even telling you.

    I bought the Susan Lucci one and though I like the product a lot – they still tried to charge me for 3 months without even asking. I called them, however, and they cancelled it and said I could call to order what I wanted, whenever I wanted. That was nice and I will keep ordering it but at my own pace.

  17. Tiffany Says:

    This stuff is BAD!! Been using it for a month and it’s horrible, went to get face waxed today and it ripped off my skin, so horrible. I have a huge red rash and sores on eyes and upper lip. Hope it clears by this weekend, mine is going back!

  18. Katy Says:

    I couldn’t have said it better myself. Did anyone call the talk line they gice you?? It’s a sex line!!

    Whenordering, the salemen said if you want to cancel call this number1800-927-8047. THen that number tells me to call another number 1800-779-talk(the sex line) .

    Does anyone know how to cancel the order for this crap!

  19. Jeri Says:

    I need to thank Cindy Crawford and her slick promoters, Guthy Renker for making my life miserable for the past week! I too am now suffering with red, dry flaky, itchy and burning splotches all over my face and neck. This stuff is horrible! I only applied one evening and one morning application and am now going on a second week of burning and flaking! Anyone who reads this BEWARE – stay clear of these products! I’m going back to my tried and true Oil of Olay.

  20. Jeri Says:

    *additional note. I did call the customer service line. They are refunding my full purchase price including shipping and handling due to an “allergic reaction”. They were very apologetic and very professional.

  21. Ronda Says:

    I wanted to try something new and I ‘m glad i checked your website, before i ordered meaningful beauty products “thanks”. I’ll just stick with merle norman products i love the vitamin c face cream and the foundation that feels like your not wearing any at all.

  22. houndrat Says:


    Ah, yes, they’re more than happy to promise to refund your money. But it’s been over two months since I shipped their box o’ melon crapola back to them, and so far, I’ve seen no evidence they plan to follow through.

    Guess it’s about time for another phone call—hopefully, I won’t get the sex line. What the heck is that about?

  23. Kim White Says:

    Ya, I really like the stuff, but can’t get them to send the glowing serum-still on back order-Hell people on ebay got it and they can’t????

  24. tracy Says:

    WOW!!!! I to wish i wouldve read these blogs before i ordered. im scared to death to use this product on my face. But wanted to put this out there for those poor people who have rashes from this horrible stuff there is a all natrual juice that you can put on your face called xango it helps tremendously with rashes and burns!!!!!! check it out at newidlock.com!!!


  25. tracy Says:

    sorry its thedrink.org!!!!


  26. Tina Says:

    Oh my gosh ! I just saw the infomercial this morning and had my dialing finger out. Thought I’d check it out online first…thank you ! By the way, you should write columns. Hysterical. I used to work for celebrities and got to be friends with a Beverly Hills celebrity plastic surgeon.. trust me, it ain’t the creams that give them thier looks !!!!

  27. helen Says:

    I saw the Info commercial and thought it was a pretty good product so I ordered it. I was curious and logged on my computer to see how other consumers felt about the product was I disgusted so I called customer service to cancel my order they told me it was to late mind you this was in 1 day of ordering and they said it has been shipped. I THINK I JUST BEEN HAD!!!!

  28. Shelia Says:

    27. Thank god I checked here first.I almost ordered it.Just to give everyone some advice I use Olay Definity eye illuminator and Olay total effects.One is for dark circles under eyes and one is for undereye wrinkles.I bought them at Walgreens for about $30 each and they work great.Nothing works 100% but I can see a huge improvement and I seen results in 2 weeks.After I applied my foundation I would have to go back and blend my foundation in again under my eyes where there were creases and now i dont have to.Now I just need to find a product for the ‘smiling’ wrinkles.The ones on each side of your mouth.Any suggestions anybody?

  29. Mae Says:

    When I saw this product on t.v and saw Cindy Crawford have been using product for 10 years and she still looks the same, I jumped up and ordered it! I wish I read these comments before I ordered it cause your right the price was misleading! The sales peerson did not say I will be charged $109.00! From what I heard repeatedly I mean repeatedly that every shipment will be$29.99! I look at the bill and it said $29.99 every month! Now I just tried the product and yes I’m feeling the burn! I’ve tried every product and let me tell you Wei East and philosophy are the best for your money. I’m returning this crap! What a rip off! Oh and by the way remember stars have millions and millions of dollars!

  30. suzanne Says:

    love the letter! I’m sorry for your monetary loss and I thank you for saving other women from this rip off. I also thought about using this product even though what a am currently using works. I guess we should all remember that these people are PAID to brag about these products. They are trying to make money while sitting on thier asses. Wish we could all do that, but some of us actually have a concious. My skin changed at 40 and I needed something that would work for me. So I tried Dr. Jeanette Graff’s found on HSN products and they seemed to work really well.

  31. Jen Says:

    This stuff is awful…my skin is red, blothcy and burning.
    I thought it was in my head and I was being too critical.
    I wish I had read this prior to ordering.

  32. Terri Says:

    I completely agree, it burned my face badly. Horrible.

  33. jime Says:

    This stuff ruined my young skin. Their customer service sucks ass!!!!!

  34. Donna Says:

    Has anyone tried to contact the Better Business Bureau? It’s time that these people
    get called to the carpet. I would say that it would be under the heading of misrepresentation…
    I have not ordered the product myself, but from what I’ve read here, I will not. The product
    itself may not have the same effect on everyone, but the way that they mislead the pricing is the issue. Just an idea… thanks for reading. D

  35. chris Says:

    I am glad I hooked onto to this website to read about the product. I am a respected Esthetician in my area and counsel many women on skincare. Anyone buying into something that they cannot try on first is only asking for trouble, I really wish celebrities wouldn’t think they are the know-it-alls of everything. Outside of a good plastic surgeon, makeup artist, and airbrushing, their biggest secret to good looking skin is sunscreen. You need to wear it 365 days a year and you will look yuonger. Also go to a good esthitician with any questions, if they are reputable they will give you a free consultation and help you find and keep a good skincare regimen. Of course we want you to buy the products we promote, but we are educated and only use skincare that we know is made and tested properly. Professional skincare truly gives you the best results, plus you will be able to try before you buy.

  36. e Says:

    I knew it!, Sorry u had to guinny pig it for us but thanks, Hilarious review, u shud get a column somwhere exposing all the BS they think we’re so gullibly gonna get shafted by. U kno she been under the knife…..no hurt in tryn new stuff if they didn’t always try to gang rape ur wallet.

  37. Tasha Says:

    Okay, I’m convinced. I will NOT be purchasing this product! From burned skin to rashes to swelling??? I’d say, that is all the convincing I need not to take a risk. I’m a Registered Nurse and I take my health very seriously. I would never try a product with such bad reviews. I was up all night when I saw the Infomercial and was prepared to order. Thanks to everyone for your comments. Remember, everyone’s experience with this product will be different. I suggest that if you have sensitive skin, avoid this product.

  38. ann Says:

    I ordered this stuff from 1-800-559-3627.

    I called this number back and it says to call another number, 1-800-454-5400, which ended up being a sex line.

    I am writing this for Katy, who said this up above:

    November 8th, 2008 | 8:27 am
    I couldn’t have said it better myself. Did anyone call the talk line they gice you?? It’s a sex line!!

    Whenordering, the salemen said if you want to cancel call this number1800-927-8047. THen that number tells me to call another number 1800-779-talk(the sex line) .

    Does anyone know how to cancel the order for this crap!

    The customer service # to cancel is:


  39. Rachael Says:

    Wow now I’m scared! I ordered this product a few weeks ago and am waiting for it but now I don’t even want to try it after reading all these reviews. What number do I call to cancel??? I should have known it was trouble when the woman who was taking my call kept flubbing all her lines and putting me on hold to check with her “supervisor”..

  40. Back to the blog with a little Thanksgiving gag | Enjoying Life with 3 Dogs, 2 Kids & an ADHD Husband Says:

    [...] on to more crucial stuff.? For starters, can I just say–what is up with Meaningful Beauty?? I mean, have you people read the commentage coming in about that? rotting? honeydew [...]

  41. Denise Says:

    OMG I am so glad to have found this blog!!!! thank you so much the heads up and the laugh was even better…probably more so for those who DID not buy first before being blessed enough to learn from ur mistake. So thanks again for saving this sucker and her bank account!! :)

  42. Barbara Says:

    Wow – I was just online to order when I thought I’d check for reviews. Thanks – you stopped me from considering this purchase. I will stay with my Oil of Olay!

  43. Amy Says:

    Well, overall the reviews are negative. I am 48 and decided to try this after seeing it on an infomercial about 2 months ago. So far I am very pleased. My skin is soft and looks good for someone approaching 50. The serum came to me later than the other products because of backorders but I do love the smell and the way it makes my skin feel. The neck cream comes in a tiny jar but it has worked wonders. No more turkey skin! I figure that if I am paying $30 per month for an entire skin care system, I am getting a deal. Even if I buy products from a discount or drug store, I think the cost would be about the same: cleanser, toner, serum, eye cream, daily SPF moisturizer and nightime moisturizer. I know the department store products would be much more!
    I will say, however, that when I had my last eyebrow waxing, I did also lose some skin around my eye area. It really stung and took a couple of weeks to heal. I’m not sure why this happened…I will be sure to ask the technician to be very careful next time.
    For those of you willing to try something new, enjoy!

  44. Brenda Says:

    I am STILL waiting on my serum that I was shorted and they claimed that it was on back order. To boot, they had the nerve to attempt to send me another supply of the face-burning products!

    What a shame that people with money still continue to prey on “real people” to keep their tills replenished!

  45. Reagan Says:

    I have LOVED the product and it cleared up my 15 year old’s acne instantly. Problem is, my order was supposed to ship in September…..SEPTEMBER!! Still back ordered and unfortunately we will need to find another product as they can’t take care of their customers. I just can’t figure out why they continue to run the ads on t.v. when they obviously can’t support the ones they have. Customer service is TERRIBLE!

  46. Ali Says:

    I was interested too after seeing the infomercial, but thank GOD I didn’t go for it!

    I use Ole Henricksen products – you can find them at any Sephora store (or the Sephora website) and they’re amazing. All natural, no chemicals, and I have a glowing complexion – I only use Bare Escentuals on my face for makeup.

    What I mentioned above — Highly recommended!!! You can also read all the reviews on the website.

    These commercials for skincare are a big farce…the best is when they show the doctor “live” on the TV from France….Thanks for nothing, Cindy!

  47. Susan Says:

    Thanks for posting this blog! I too had watched the infomercial and was very tempted to order this product. After getting burned in the past with infomercial products I learned to research online before purchasing anything! My decision not to purchase is both from your blog and from the fact that they tout special pricing for first 500 orders when that isn’t the case. First lie. No purchase. Thanks again!

  48. Mary Ann Says:

    I am glad I have found this great site before ordering Cindy’s products.
    However, some ladies here praise Oil of Olay! Just read the ingredients of this product, too! It is full of chemicals!! The skin absorbs everything we put on it and I refuse to use any cosmetics that have all those chemicals in them that compromise our immune system and worse! The best products are all natural ones found at health food stores: many of them are pure, made of all organic ingredients that the skin can absorb without any harm to our system! I am always amazed that some cancer patients use all those chemical-laden make up products and skin care products!! Their immune system is compromised enough and they still put more chemicals on their skin and thus absorb all that crap!! Reading the ingredients of a skin product is the key; all organic and natural is really best both for our skin and for our general health.

  49. mara Says:

    to cancel call 1-800-927-0047

  50. mary Says:

    Glad I read all of this before ordering these products. I have very sensitive skin too. And just to let everyone know I’ve been using Victoria Principles products/ Reclaim to be specific for more than a year and I love them. They are also through Guthy Renker but I’ve had no problems. They are happy to place future orders on hold and only ship when I need them. The reclaim products last longer than 90 days. I just refilled the skin wash but still have everything else. I have not been over charged or had any other problems. When I call the company I am actually calling Principle Secret, so perhaps the actual companies that take the orders are different and GUTHY is only the distributor. Anyway I would highly recommend her products to everyone. I have had many people tell me my skin looked amazing after I started using it. My fine lines did diminish with in the first few weeks. I am HIGHLY allergic to everything so findings products that cause no reaction has been almost impossible until I found Principle Secret.

  51. Dorella Says:

    I literally called to cancel the products approximately 12 times (which I agree suck big time) and they to this date have not cancelled me. I received yet another shipment today. LADIES FYI, if you order, it will take an act of God to cancel your membership. PLEASE DON’T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE I DID!!

  52. Claire Says:

    I am also glad I read this blog as at 3.30.am. this morning I was sold at $69.95 (Australian Dollars) for the firsts order then they say every season a new order will be sent…..i’ll be passing and sticking with Loreal etc. Thanks for the advice. There was a follow up informercial at 4am by Victoria Principle – no doubt her stuff is as defective as Cindi’s so will pass on that too – anyway, any chick who could date Andy Gibb must be defective….

  53. Serena Says:


    I regret to have to inform you that this product is wonderful and it works for me…

    30 days of it most likely wasn’t enough for your leather beaten trolly skin. You must be a really gnarly looking coyote ugly Medusa.

    Why don’t you crawl back under the rock where you habitate and think about devoting a webpage for something useful instead?

    Not all of us can be beautiful, darling.

    Try plastic surgery next time.

    Warmest Regards,


  54. houndrat Says:

    Like, wow–I guess I hit a nerve. Maybe she’s married to the Frenchman or something.

    Actually, the real reason this comment is so amusing to me is that her email address indicates she’s a realtor for Coldwell Banker.

    With such amazing skills of diplomacy, I’m sure she she’s thriving in this real estate market wasteland. Snort

  55. 256-489-1164 Says:

    I’m a sucker who ordered it too,, started cheap and gets very expensive.. have not use it yet and don’t think i will, going to let my bank know ,

  56. 256-489-1164 Says:

    you all should get together and sue her pants off

  57. Jillian McQuown Says:

    This stuff burned my face terribly, too. It’s been a week since I stopped using it and my face (especially around my eyes) is still painful. I agree it’s a total package of crap. They did cancel my next “supply” but only after the phone rep suggested maybe I should get used to something burning my face. That’s like suggesting I get used to having a bladder infection.

  58. Kelly Says:

    glad I read all of this, I was about to order this for my wife (her request) and decided to check first. Thanks.

  59. Trish Says:

    Ladies — I had the same reaction. Burning, red rash and actually had a sunburn effect as in skin peeling. I called today at 1-800-927-0047; spoke to Norma; a lovely woman who kept apologizing and suggested I go to Dr. she filled out an allergic reaction form, said she was refunding my card right now, told me to call my bank, said if I went to Dr. to call and said I didn’t have to return the product. We will see what “really” happens. I loved this blog Debra and LMAO. Poor Serena, such a hater for no real reason. If this product had “burned” her face she would be singing a different tune. We all have the right to express our concern over the product and let others know what happened to us. Congrats to her that it worked but that is no reason to suggest Debra was ugly or needed plastic surgery. Good Luck Ladies!

  60. Jan Says:

    OMG, I almost ordered this stuff, I thought it was cheap enough to try. Thanks for the heads up. I’ll just keep on using my dermatologist’s meds, more expensive but they work! You get what you pay for right?

  61. Marina Martinez Says:



  62. melanie mcgarry Says:

    The same exact thing happened to me!!!! I told the lady on the phone I wanted a one month supply only, and then I recieved a second shipment and I also am out the money, because I sent it back they claim they never recieved it and sent it to a collection agency!!!!!!!!!! They are scam artists!!!!

  63. Mama B Says:

    I looked up that “special melon” Hahahahaha it’s a regular melon that can be grown in the US! Part of the Cucumber melon family. Let’s just go by a melon and rub it all over!

  64. NewYork14207 Says:

    I am thankful that I read reviews before I try ANYTHING! I heard about this product from a friend and thought, “hmm..why not?” Well, after reading these reviews, I know “why not?” LOL To everyone who has ordered this product using a credit card, CALL YOUR CREDIT CARD COMPNANY & DISPUTE THE CHARGES! They will not send payment to the company and they will not charge you interest on the purchase price. All you need to do is explain that you tried to cancel and they are refusing to. I’ve done this several times in the past and it has always worked.

    Oh, another piece of advice, NEVER FALL FOR THE AUTO-MATED SHIPPING. They will get you everytime-it happened to me with Bare Minerals. They refunded my money and sent me free gifts. I still get mistaken for early twenties and I’m almost 31. I use sunscreen everyday, eat organic, and have a daily routine with my face-wash, tone, and moisturize. It works wonders. Good luck everyone!

  65. karin Says:


    I ordered Meaningful beauty and right after i ordered it i came across this site.
    After reading all the reviews i was going to cancel my order but decided to give it a try.
    I have very dry skin and was unable to find any skincare line to work for me. So i read and got super scared.
    When i first received it i wasn’t sure if i should try it but i did. and i am very pleased with the results. After I applied i was waiting for that burn and redness and all the stuff everyone is writing about, but nothing happened. The products are mild and wonderful
    It is the best skincare line i have ever tried and i am glad i did not cancel my order.
    My skin is moist all day and it made my complexion perfect.
    I really don’t have any problems with my order or payments or any problems with any of my products.
    Everything worked out perfect. the only thing you have to do when you order by phone, like i did say NO to anything they try to sell you. I made sure i get charged for only what i ordered and that is what i get.

    To be honest don’t just go and cancel your order the products are amazing and they work.
    I have tried 1000′s of products and nothing helped, until i got Meaningful beauty!!!!!!!

    Good luck Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    Merry X-Mas and Happy Holidays

  66. c.davis Says:

    sorry to hear so many had rashes and swelling, i’ve been using this for a month and my skin feels and looks smoother and softer. the price of 109. is for 3 months not one that alot are complaining about. they do get you with the 29.95 price because i wanted the extras included and they said that makes the order automatically go to 90 days and there is the 109. they get you for. so far i’m very satisfied, hopefully tonight when i use it i won’t wake up like some of you that are suffering, thats terrible and you should be refunding fully and without complications.

  67. noname Says:

    Thanks Ladies, for all the info- I’ll stick with what I have- you all scared me! Happy New Year!

  68. amy Says:

    well, i was going to order. i also have tried many products, including proactive. its expensive crap. made my pimples worse and made my mom’s face swell. murad products work awesomely, but they are expensive. i actually have been going to a Dermacare center here in town. those products are cheaper then murad but they still work. actually, i went on the acne pill, accutane, and it makes skin so sensitive and dry that they tell you not to get waxed as it will rip off skin. the dermacare products worked GREAT!!! while i was on that pill. the only thing i also used was a time released moisturizer called Cera Ve, available at a local walgreens or rite aid. NOT Walmart. i am sorry to hear about everyone’s reaction. i also know it takes many tries to find the perfect product that blends availability, price, and results. For me, Murad and/or Dermacare.

  69. amy Says:

    one more thing, please remember that just because the infomercial looks good, the product may not be. it made me want to buy. that’s why it is so important to research.

  70. rhonda Says:

    thanks ladies…so glad stumbled onto this blog. I was just about to order! I am 46 but people think I am in my thirties. About 10 years ago I heard that vitamiin C was a “must” when buying any skin care moisturizer. I found a product at Sally’s Beauty Supply called “Beyond Belief”. (it really is!) I love this stuff and I’m convinced it is the reason I have no wrinkles at my age. It’s also under $10.00 and they often put it on sale. I’m so sorry so many of you were scammed.
    thanks for putting out the word and keeping me from changing my “tried and true” product. Remember….vitamin C!

  71. Angelina Says:

    I was also skeptical about trying meaningful beauty products. I noticed that it burn slightly and now I’m fine and I cannot believe the difference it has made to my skin. I usually spend alot more money when I was using Exuvience products and still had the oily look. Now I just turn 52 years old on New Years Eve and people think that I’m 32yrs old. I’m very happy to have tried this product that my face no longer looks oily.

  72. Barb Says:

    Ahhhh I was just about to order, thanks so much for the heads up ladies!! I am shocked Cindy is involved with such a scam and you can’t get your $$ back. I should have known better since she has resorted to “infomercial selling” versus a department store wanting to carry her line. For the future when you try stuff like this get a temporary credit card number from your CC provider that is a one time only number. Then they cant all of a sudden keep charging you cause the number should be invalid. Cindy should be ashamed of herself for getting involved with such crap!! Thanks for saving me $ and aggravation ladies. I hope you all that tried it get your normal skin back.

  73. Teresa Says:

    Sounds like I’m not the only one who got suckered in by Mzzz. Crawford’s “beauty elixir.” I will say I like the products, but NOT the price. I’m calling today to get my overdue bill of $97 paid and I’m cancelling! Like I’ve seen others comment, I’ll go back to my tried and true Oil of Olay products. Just as good (maybe even better) and a WHOLE lot cheaper.

  74. Jenny Says:

    You guys must be retarded…. Everyone knows that when you order something from TV or online that they are going to to set you up with automatic renewal and keep charging you. They tell you this on the phone when ordering and in the fine print. It is your responsibility as a consumer to say that you dont want that and ask how they can stop that from happening. Usually they will tell you when you receive your order there is a number or address that you have so many days to contact and they will discontinue your automatic renewal. that is what i did. I got my one month supply and that was all I was ever charged for.
    I myself love this product. I think it is great and will continue to order it. I have the most sensitive skin and this product left no red marks or irritation. It does its job and very well. I am 38 yrs old and people think i am in my early 20′s. And to the lady who wrote the letter get a grip. $29 is VERY reasonable and if you actually believed it was going to make you look like Cindy Crawford ??? seriously..

  75. Tina Says:

    Scary, too scary for me. I am desperate for better skin and really had high hopes for the product. But, I’m terrified to try it after reading this blog. I am really happy for the few that had good results with this product. However, I will have to go with the crowd and try something else. I read all the comments and appreciate suggestions about good products. I’m approaching 40 and just wish that I could find something that worked well for my aging skin. Something that could reduce these pores. Any suggestions?

    Good luck to all of you and I hope that you find what works best for you.

  76. houndrat Says:

    Um, yeah, because I really thought it was going to make me look like Cindy–wake up and smell the melon-scented humor, Jenny.

    And I guess you skimmed the part where I told the saleswoman I absolutely only wanted a one-month supply, and she agreed. So, while I don’t deny that I’m retarded in many, many ways, that just isn’t one of them.

  77. Samantha Says:

    Hello Ladies, I almost bought into this stuff as well, but I wanted to share with all of you that this product line contains parabens. For those of you who dont know what the big deal with parabens are – they are banned in Europe and are found in most breast cancer tumors. So if this product was legit and European, it would not contain these horrible ingredients that are making women so sick.

  78. Anne Says:

    Now I know what is wrong with my neck and chest. I actually like the Daily and Night lotions. I feel a slight burn, but assumed that was a glycolic acid for cell turnover, or even the melon extract. But a few days ago I started using the “Neck and Decollete” cream. My neck and chest have been itchy and red and peeling and I thought it was from using Renova, but I have never reacted so strongly to Renova or Retin-A and have been using that product for almost 20 years, a couple of times per week. Now I get it! That is my reaction to the Meaningful Beauty! Thank you all so much. I was actually going to buy more of the Daily face lotion but saw this site and started reading. I am not buying anymore of any of it! I was totally fooled by the infomercial. I also liked the moisturizing of the face cream, but anything that uses ingredients that actually destroy skin, well that is just insane and I’m throwing it all away before I end up with scarring on my neck.

  79. Bonnie Says:

    I too am approaching forty and thought this commercial looked amazing at 3:30 a.m. this morning when I woke up coughing and stuffy. I ALMOST went to the phone then, but was able to restrain myself. Thank goodness. I am so tempted to try this because it sounds like a miracle, but the prices and now the paraben issue turns me way off. The one thing I can say is about large pores, because I have them, is drink lotso water and use a facial scrub (gentle variety) once or twice a week. While it’s not magic, it does diminish the appearance of pores. I would welcome anyone else’s suggestions if there is something better than this out there. I am not looking forward to forty; however, I don’t have many wrinkles and would like to keep it that way for as long as possible.

  80. Debbie Says:

    I bought this earlier today and am terrified to use it now. I went for the 3 month supply of $110.
    I think I might be calling and cancelling like now.

  81. Emma Louise Hansen Says:

    A big thank you frome Norway here…..i was thinking of ordering Meaningful Beaty, but thanks for giving me a head up…
    Im sticking to my old products frome Shine, its an all Norwegian product an its completly free for all parfume,cemicals and minerals.
    Its based on urbs and are as clean that you can eat it.
    What was i thinking, im 31 years old, but im veryone tell me i look like im 20.
    Cindy u are full of shit, plastic shit….( i know my english sucks;-)..)

  82. Chicago Says:

    Well – I ordered Meaningful Beauty after getting sucked into the infomercial. However, i have to say that most things I’ve ordered off infomercials have actually worked well for me. I used Proactiv for years and it immediately cured those god awful under the skin zits I used to get. Now that I’m a little older, 31, Proactiv has become to harsh for my skin.

    I’ve been looking for a new skincare system where all the products are supposed to work together – so thats why I gave this a shot. I just started using it and I don’t seem to be having any problems with it. It does make my skin feel very smooth and I’ve been looking for something that includes antioxidants etc.

    I tried the Glowing Serum this morning however, and it did in fact turn my face red – like I just went out in the sun and got sunburned – however, I did not feel any burning sensation. Kind of weird reaction. I won’t be using that again – but everything else seems to be working fine so far.

    I doubt the supply I received (90 day) is going to last me 90 days. Its really tough to find a good overall skincare regimen that is affordable. I’ve tried many different products, but I really get tired of spending a lot of money on them. If you break down the cost of these products – Cleanser, Night Cream, Day Lotion, Eyecream – thats about $20 per product. Thats actually a lot cheaper than some other products I have used such as the ones you buy at the makeup counter or at Sephora. Some eye creams alone go for over $65 – and who knows if its doing a damn thing! I’ve tried Olay products, but I find them to be too thick and clog my pores – and by the way people – Olay products have parabens!

    Speaking of the paraben comment – I would have to say that most products have parabens. Products need to have preservatives in order to keep them fresh for a long period of time – otherwise you have to dump them after a few weeks – and that will get really costly. I’m no scientist – but hell, it seems like everything on this planet can give you cancer…just living and breathing everyday can give you cancer, so this seems like a minute detail to not use a skincare line.

    Anyway, I’m sorry to hear about everyones reaction to these products. I’m also dissappointed to hear that customer service is so bad. I never had bad customer service with Proactiv. Guess I’ll see if this continues to work for me. If not – I’m worried about what I will come up against if I have to cancel!!!!

  83. BronYrAur Says:


    This stuff, especially the eye cream, caused little red bumps to appear all over cheeks while doing absolutely nothing for my age spots and wrinkles (I’m 44). I just received my 2nd shipment of which I did not approve. I’m planning to send it back, cancel the order, and lodge a complaint to the BBB. Thanks Debra for a very clever and funny letter!

    PS- Debra what, if any, facial treatments would you recommend?

  84. Patricia Says:

    I just got this on friday last week, is now friday 1/16/09 and I’m on tears right now, my whole face is burned! I don’t even know what to do at this point, my whole face is peeling off, I’m 27 years old and I cann’t believe that Cindy Crawford will actually sell this crap! she ruin my face!

    Here is the website so you can all send your complaints to this scammers:http://www.meaningfulbeauty.com/email/contactus.php?prd=MT

  85. Karen S. Says:

    OMG! Thank you for your comments on this blog. I was watching the info-mercial this morning (Sat) and thought “why not?” I have sensitive skin and would hate to experience the potential irritations. I definitely will NOT purchase this stuff!

  86. rosi Says:

    Thank you very much for all your comments. I was just thinking to ordering MB…but now I will be more careful about buying any miracle product…

    I can not believe that Cindy C. is doing that.

  87. paulina Says:

    if you look at the ingredient list, you will surely notice just how much crap goes into this “miracle” cream, including parabens that are meant to be preservatives, and although naturally occurring the ones used in the cosmetics industry are synthetic. The cosmetics companies claim they are non-toxic & have no harmful effects but i dont think that is the case. it could possibly account for many of your irritations etc. there have been a few studies on this issue, but of course anything dealing with natural products is quickly dismissed by the powers that be. nonetheless, i can tell you from my experienced, i have switched to all natural organic beauty products and my skin is much better and less dry & sensitive than it was when i was using any other brand you can find at the store. granted, they are more expensive, but i’d rather spend the extra $10 on a good healthy effective product than on one that will make me miserable.

  88. Jessica Says:

    I can not believe they are still able to sell this crap! I was just researching MB this morning because I saw the commercial this morning and was just about to place an order but came across this site. Thanks to all you ladies who left a reply…I don’t think I will be placing an order now.

  89. BeeBee Says:

    I just saw this infomercial for the 1st time last night and Googled it and came up with this blog. Too funny…and sad. I’ve always had so-so skin my whole life until I discovered the Obagi line. You very rarely here anything about it but it has worked wonders for me. A few people I haven’t seen in years asked how is it I could look younger. It’s now sold on the Internet but in the ‘old’ days you had to go to a doctor to get a prescription. I would HIGHLY recommend looking into Obagi. It is not cheap but it works b/c one of the steps uses a Retin-A derivative and unless you do plastic surgery or something more invasive there is no topical you can apply that really gets to the damaged skin. Anyways, check out Obagi.

  90. Colleen Says:

    I am a little freaked out right now cause I just got the meaningful skin care collection today and have put the stuff on when I got it and about 30 minutes ago. I believe I will be cancelling this product tomorrow. I do feel a little sesation around the eye area. Oh crap. I am 44 with decent skin, just a few wrinkles around the eyes. Will let you know what happens. Thanks for the info. At first I thought this article was written out of malice but know I realize you were just telling the truth, thank you. My forehead is itching already. This sucks.


  91. socalnancie Says:

    I just ordered this last night and after reading your comments, I tried to call and cancel and (uh hello after charging my cc for $46 instead of $29.95 right away) told me they couldn’t access my order for 3 days she told me to call back. Probably after already shipping. They were really rude. I will never order again without checking it out.

  92. Colleen Says:

    Well ladies guess what. I was financially raped by Cindy Crawfords Meaningful Beauty. They assured me when I ordered the upgraded package that all would pay was 36.00 plus shipping and handling. I made the mistake of not paying attention to the invoice in the envelope on the box. I just looked at it carefully this morning and they charged my account $119.00. Not only that I only used the product twice and got some little red bumps. I ordered this product as a gift to myself. I was feeling down my unemployment comp just ran out and I wanted to feel better about going out in to the world looking for a job and putting my best face on if you know what I mean. This is just insult to injury. They said if I had not opened the box I could have returned it with no shipping cost. Well to late for that so now I have to pay to ship it back. They will not reimburse me for the shipping that I paid to receive it nor to send it back which really sucks. So I am out about $30.00 and that is if they actually reimburse me for the product. I am so upset right now. This is a scam and Cindy Crawford has the nerve to put her name on it. Well it’s off to the post office to return the product. Wish me luck. Will let you know what happens.

  93. socalnancie Says:

    Thanks Colleen for letting me know not to open mine. I too ordered it for an emotional lift for me. I went through a messy divorce and just wanted to make myself feel better. I was first going to order BareEssencials but decided against til my sis made me try it and it’s great. I tried hers first then went to SEPHORA and bought it. BUT I still had the wrinkles and thought Cindy was trustworthy. I’m gonna try the cheap stuff from Sally’s Beauty talked about earlier and take it from there. Even when I ordered, I argued with the rep saying I wouldn’t want it unless it was a one time $29.95 fee and he assured me that’s all it was and I was charged $46.75 what was that. I work for an attorney and am looking into BBB and a class action suit. This is bullshit

  94. socalnancie Says:

    I just filed a complaint with the BBB. They are showing that all complaints have been satisfied I’ll check back in a couple of days but they are claiming a #1 company. I work for an attorney but if really we can file a class action suit

  95. donna Says:

    Someone order the Meaningful Beauty products but it was sent to me by mistake. I wrote an email to the company telling them it was sent to the wrong address. All they did was reply ” our company has a satisfaction guarantee and you can send it back and they will refund the cost minus shipping and handling…etc” I wrote back and said I did not order the stuff and was willing to drop it off to the right address. Have not heard from them since. Its been over two weeks and I still have the products. I don’t want the stuff, don’t want to send it back at my cost but company obviously doesn’t care. Hate to be the person who actually ordered the items and get charged for them.

  96. Melanie Says:

    Maybe you gals who are panning the Meaningful Beautiful line are just too young to appreciate them! Wait until you are 50+ & give them a try… they are great for older skin… you can tell an improvement immediately!!! I’ve loved the face wash and moisturizers from day 1 & would never consider canceling my standing order. I must have been one of the very first customers. They are very excellent quality products and well-worth the money!

    Melanie, age 59, Austin, TX

  97. houndrat Says:

    So I did finally get my money back, which is nice. Just such a pain in the butt to have to go through the hassle of calling them multiple times and sending the box back in the first place.
    Plus, it’s so annoying—they KNOW when you tell them you only want a one month’s supply that they’re going to sign you up for more.
    And I’m really bummed that so many people experienced side effects from these products.

  98. DEBRA Says:


  99. Elizabeth Says:

    I was about to order this product before reading everyone’s “burn” stories! I always get online to read blogs before I order anything…thank goodness. The Arbonne Intelligence skin care line is the way to go. I love trying new products, but Arbonne is the one I always go back to. The under eye cream is great and the facial lotion is perfect for my skin; not too oily (like Clinique’s moisture surge), but thick enough to really work. It doesnt give me zits like other thick facial lotions tend to.

    ……. Good luck to Debra….Im a little scared for you after reading these comments! Try Arbonne :)

  100. Lia Boxwell Says:

    I bought the crap…Cindy’s name being the reason…what super model would want to associate herself with CRAP………..Burns my skin too…and I am going to try to get a class acton,any one want in?.

  101. MRP Says:


  102. laila Says:

    I feel so bad for all of you who used the products.
    Why dose some one setp in and SUE the company and and save the rest of people from the problem.

  103. joe Says:

    My wife bought sample, at time of order told them NOT to send any more. They did anyway. She then called and said she didn’t want it, they promised to send a return label to send back and credit account. They did neither. Today got the next order and charge account for this month. Just got off the phone with them, they said TOUGH LUCK. Count me in on the Class Action

  104. Soooo Mad!! Says:


    I ordered a TRIAL, ONE-TIME ONLY amount in August. I did not like the products at all, but thought it was the end of it! In OCTOBER, I received a “monthly” shipment—DID NOT OPEN IT and immediately called the company. The woman assured me that it was a mistake, said she would refund the shipment price and would also send a return label. The label never showed up and today ANOTHER shipment arrived. I immediately called the company–was told there was no record of my call in October and that they would credit this shipment, but not the one from October because it was past 60 days. I asked for a Manager and was told the same thing. Now I have two UNOPENED boxes of this stuff and I’m out more than $200 for something I NEVER ORDERED IN THE FIRST PLACE!!! DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT AND TELL ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS THAT THEY HAVE UNETHICAL BUSINESS PRACTICES!!!!

  105. JS Says:

    Well here it is Sat. morning and I wake up to Cindy Crawford looking as Amazing as she did years ago.. So I sat down at my pc to see what her sales pitch was all about and found this web site.. Thank God, Now I won’t be wasting my money on some crap that makes my skin blotchy and red.. Oh and I did notice the little left hand cornier of the infomertial that said” Guthy Rankner” So I figured out I would have been had.. Again, Thank You.. You all have saved me some money!!

  106. Beth Says:

    I can’t stand it. This was too funny. You have wicked humor.

  107. waves Says:

    I was encourage to place an order and told them I decided not to and guess what they placed it and THE CALL CENTER is in the PHILIPPINES! Never give anyone a credit card number. If you must use a credit card on line for business or over the telephone, your local bank will give you a credit card to use with only a specified amount, which you can add to. They kept billing my card after canceling and I dispute it every time, all telephone calls go unanswered with your complaints and cancellations. Now I had to close my credit card to get rid of them and have a new one reissued! I will only buy AMERICAN PRODUCTS recommended by my DERMATOLOGIST. Cindy Crawford SHAME ON YOU!

  108. Cruz Says:

    Oh my! I saw Meaningful Beauty on tv one day and i thought i wanted to give it a try when i got older. I’m glad I looked it up first!! They seem to be top scammers.!.
    Thank you so much for the warning!!

  109. Nancy Says:

    I used a prepaid visa card to order a trial sometime last year. When I received my order, there was a note attached to let me know that a serum was missing and they would send me the missing product soon. They never did. Three months ago, I received a 2nd set. At first, I thought they sent the 2nd to me because of the missing serum, but I was wrong. They sent the 2nd set to me since an automatically 90 days supply was set up in my account, which I did not agree. Since they could not charge my prepaid visa card, they’ve kept sending me letters asking me to pay them $109 and threatened if I did not pay them, they would send a collection agency to collect the money. What should I do? Pay them or not?

  110. Debbie Says:

    I fullyagree and they say the charge once a month yet it is I found out every 28 days, so not expecting it to come out yet since my pay comes in a couple more days it made my account short. When I called to cancel any further order or withdrawls the person on the other line hung up on me. I called back to make sure it was cancelled and a Lyndsey answered I asked to speak to a manager and was left on hold no one ever came back. THIS PLACE IS A RIP OFF AND THE PRODUCT DOES NOT WORK….

  111. IRMA Says:

    I used this product for two days. I don’t get headaches unless something I use has steriods in it. Each time I used this product I got a headache. So I stopped using it. Then I tried it again, then I started getting a headache within 3 hours. Something is not natural in this product. I haven’t had one since I stopped using it. So I sent it back and canceled my order.

  112. Nicolette Says:

    Whew! Saw the infomercial one morning and thought I’d order it…but I wanted to wait until my Neutrogena product was gone. Went online to order it today and saw all this commotion about the product! I guess you know I’m GLAD I didn’t order it! I wonder, though, if Cindy Crawford has even used this product or if she’s just blindly endorsing it to make some money?!

  113. Susan Says:

    Huh… I use the meaningful beauty nightly maintenance. I get it on ebay. I love it. I’m 38, and it took my “bull dog lines” away from my face in ten days, and my upper forehead fine lines are gone. The eyes also knocked out my under eye bags. I think maybe people don’t use it long enough. Clearly, the cleanser is crap, but the lotions are good. They syrum is good too.

  114. Colleen Says:

    Hey gang I just wanted to tell you that when I called about returning the product and being overcharged I told them I had a bunch of checks out and they would all bounce if the money was not put in right away and they did put it back in my account with 48 hours so that was good. I just hope I don’t get another shipment. I really did not have checks out but I figured if Cindy Crawford can lie about her skin products performance then I can lie about my bank account. Especially after I read everyones stories about not getting there money back. Thanks for nothing Meaningful Beauty.

  115. Dana Says:

    Hi Everyone, I just place an order for MB. I do not have sensitive skin and I work in a spa and have tried every product out there. Obaji, eminence, decleor , la prairie etc. etc. I will get back to you and let you know how this works for me. I just turned 41, I have pretty good skin to start with so I am curious to see what happens. I will get back to you and let you know the results!!

  116. Christy Says:

    Wow, I really like this product. I love how smooth and soft it makes my skin. I especially like the glowing serum. It may not be for some, but I gave it a try and think it’s awesome.

  117. Nancy Says:

    Well, Ladies…I was looking in to buying these products but the BAD way out weigh the good. SO sad about that. I too have had great luck with tv products that I have purchased in the past. Proactiv, Bare Escentuals(I love!), Turbo Jam(awesome workout). I am looking for a wonder working skin care product for an almost 41 year old mom of 4! Lots of suggestions given, I guess more research is at hand. Thanks. Too bad. I guess Cindy is one of the few it has worked for? It would be nice to give her the benefit of the doubt. It would also be nice if she were aware of the many problems with ordering/returning/customer service and the product itself. Perhaps she would reconsider having her name associated with the product??

  118. Michelle Says:

    Yeah, i hate this stuff, im only 13 and i used it cause my friend kept tesding me and telling me i was going to get wrinkles (i just found out she was kidding), so i used some of my moms, and my eyes were burning for 2 days now, and now it really looks ike i have wrinkles, ugh, i hope my skin heals!

  119. Michelle Says:

    the eye cream sucks balls!

  120. texas Says:

    I was thinking about ordering this, until I saw all of the horrible comments. I though Meaningful Beauty was for OLDER women, i saw the comment up above from some 13 year old, “little girl this stuff is not for you.” If your not 40 and up, I wouldn’t recommend this product, it’s not going to work on everybody, but I think I still might give it a try. Oh, and of course you will not look like Cindy Crawford!!

  121. Vannesa Says:

    I saw it on tv this morning and forgot all about it… I liked what I saw on TV. So now I was about to order it online, I read all of your comments and NO THANKS… I am not ordering and thanks to all of you…. I will save my money and buy something at Sephora! They guarantee your money 100%.
    And if you want to try something real good, try Caudalie, all natural products made in France with only grape extracts. I love it! I don’t know what was I thinking in trying something new…

  122. Vannesa Says:

    Hi Dana,
    I read your note that you bought it on Feb 7th, how is it going? Do you like it?

  123. Amy Says:

    Thanks so much for the laughs. You really are hilarious and your reply to “Serena” was great. I ordered this stuff about a month ago and wasn’t sure if I wanted to commit to the whole deal. I only began using it this week, and I have not used the night cream or neck cream. So far I have no weird things happening on my face, but incidently, I have been getting headaches this week. Someone else said the same thing. Earlier today I decided that I would keep the intro kit ($29.95 pls sh/h) and cancel any future orders. I did the canceling online through customer service. I simply explained that I do not wish to spend my money on it at this time, but perhaps in the future. I received a reply within a few hours and it was super nice (woman’s name was Pilar). They said they would accomodate me in any way and cancel my orders immediately. Well,next I don’t know what possesed me to Google and find your blog, but now that I did I feel like a huge dumbass. I believe I have been hoodwinked! Never again will I fall for an infomercial. You know what they say…If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. My next step will be to not just take the company’s word for it when they promised to cancel any future orders. I will talk to my bank and tell them to not allow any charges from Guthy Renker OR MB OR Cindy Crawford (Hee,hee) that Bitch!

  124. Heather Says:

    Well Crap! I woke Sunday morning and started watching this infomercial. I must hav still had some alcohol in my system from the drinks I had the previous night b/c I got suckered in. There’s no telling what all I agreed to get. CRAP. I hope it doesn’t end up being like everyone said. I’ll just have to cancel. Wish me luck w/that.

  125. shay Says:

    lol lol lol o my god im so glad i found this site. Thank you sister i wont be buying this…. lol

  126. Christina Says:

    Does anyone know if the Masque also makes your skin irritated? Anyone with experience? My face currently has dry peeling spots with redness and YES it’s itchy too. I used the maintenance 1 cream and the masque only once. I have a feeling it’s the cream that did this to my face, but wanted to find out if anyone else tried the mask. Thanks for any info!

  127. ncsyuart Says:

    OK, I decided to buy this on eBay from sellers with excellent feedback. I will post my results. I am in the older age range and my skin is somewhat wrinkled and a bit saggy, but for my age I look pretty yet we will see what happens.

  128. Dena Says:

    LOL! This is hilarious. Good job. I literally just saw the ad and after finding it utterly unbelievable I decided to see what folks are saying about the product. You gave a good laugh!!!!

  129. shanna f. Says:

    Hello everyone,

    I got taken on Victoria Secret’s skin care system. While I didn’t suffer any burning or redness, I didn’t see any improvement whatsoever! They kept automatically shipping every three months even though I had been told by a customer representative that it was canceled. I took both shipments which were, of course, unopened and put return to shipper on them and sent them on there way. Next, I got a collections notice for both shipments. I called the collection agency and said I had sent it back. They said Victoria Secret had no proof it was sent back. I countered with okay I didn’t receive it then. The woman said you just said you did. And I said well I am sorry but you have no proof they actually sent it–do you? I never received another bill. And it never showed up on my credit. Hope this helps Nancy!

  130. ck Says:

    So glad I saw this- suckered into buying been using a week and my skin is starting to burn and peel..YIKES. LOVE LOVE this letter truely inspired!

    I just called and cancelled said due to alergic reaction they were nice and fast said they would refund without shipping the crap back…so garbage can it goes….and they will fully refund…I’ll watch for that refund and make sure they reallly did cancel it.

    I didn’t get the sex line and they were very professional and quick which was a relief. I’ll re-post if they don’t refund or keep sending me this acid in a bottle.

    Here’s the number I called: Call Customer Service at Phone: 1-800-927-0047


  131. ck Says:

    Answer on the cream vs the mask- I noticed big problems after the masque but my skin always felt dry right after putting on the lotion…clearly a problem there.

  132. ck Says:

    Ok one more comment…Headaches yes I’ve had them ALL week didn’t correlate with this product that is VERY VERY scary!!

  133. Penny Says:

    Ladies, I use a product by Jane Seamore called NATURAL ADVANTAGE which I find to be the BEST I ever used so far! I am 43 yrs old and have tried everything from Oil of Olay to herbal products, etc… Believe me if its out there I basically tried it, and ALMOST tried this one by Cindy Crawford..thank GOD I didnt get that far!! If your looking for something to close pores, and gives a healthy natural glow, try the natural advantage, it does work. Its not overly pricey either. The 3 piece kit works wonders but when you add the “ultimate hydration” it works even better!! Believe me, I do NOT work with natural advantage, I am not an employee nor do I have anything to gain by telling anyone about this product; but I can tell you this, I have a myspace page and my friends have commented on how I look only 19 yrs old in some of my pics that I took of myself only 3 weeks after starting the product. I have been using this product now for almost a yr and am quite satisfied with it! I was only looking to try the Cindy Crawford product due to curiosity….always looking for something that works better, its a never ending process with myself. Your NOT ever going to lose the lines and wrinkles you may already have, but they will diminish at least a little and again your skin LOOKS HEALTHIER!
    Looking better also takes a lot of work with taking the correct daily multi-vitamins, relying on just moisturizers is NOT the true answer to natural beauty. You MUST take care of your INSIDES as well as the outside. Taking better care of your internal plumbing will reflect on your outside. But using a moisturizer that works also helps!!
    Take care and BEST of LUCK on your beauty journeys!

  134. Karlee Says:

    WOW….love the letter. I was just looking online to purchase meaningful beauty when I luckially stumbled onto this letter. First of all….it’s hilarious and second…thanks for saving me some money. It seems like everyone is a fan of Oil of Olay so that’s what I will try. Thank you all for your insight…and funny antics. It put a smile on my face.

  135. Barbrah Says:

    Cindy;s meaningful beauty shit actually Killed me. This is my lawyer writing this for I am dead!!!!!!1!!!!!! If you are dumb like me…buy this shit…and die too

  136. Heidi Says:

    Girl!!!!! You are hysterical!!!! Love it!!!
    I just purchased a few of her products on Ebay. I have only been using them for a few days with no results of any kind to speak of yet. Luckily, I did not get involved in any kind of autoship program.
    That has happened in the past before and it is so F-ing annoying. Or what about all those other programs they try to sign you up for in order to get a stupid Walmart gift card. I’m tired of feeling pressured by some stupid automated voice on the phone.
    Anyway, maybe Cindy sold her soul to the devil or QVC, or, Guthy-Renker, not really sure which one, but what’s the difference really?

  137. joaniebaloney Says:

    I just checked the Better Business Bureau website for Meaningful Beauty. Why do they have an A+ rating, and absolutely no customer reviews?

  138. Linda Says:

    Hi, I am veru happy to have read this blog. I was thinking about ordering this “meaningful Beauty” product, Thanks to all of you who have tried it I won’t be risking it. I was also thinking that if so many of you have had a bad reaction why don’t you file a class action suit against this company and get your money back? Your stuck with paying for a product your not going to use because of the effects it caused, doesn’t seem right to me. I’m not a lawyer but can’t you get your money back and something for the trouble it caused you? Anyway thats just a thought, I just find it unfair that others seem to get rich off people who just want to look better and can’t afford the plastic surgery and private trainers that they can. We get poorer and they get richer off of us=UNFAIR

  139. cookie Says:

    Hi Ladies,

    I am so stunned after your y products for about two weeks, and then used the masque once only. After couple of days I got a pink hives and a rash on my fce specially around the mouth and under eys. It was so bad and after about a week, I’m still peeling my skin and didn’t leave the house for few days now. Undereye area is pretty painful, red and scaly and other areas are just irritating and hope it will go away in few days so i can get out of the house.

    I trusted Cindy’s products because she is a celebrity who is not out there and seems to have a normal family life, but I guess that is not a valid basis to buy skin care products! Like many of you sais, the custommer care lines are very pushy to promote their stuff. So I am worried if I can return these products and get my money back.

    Also, I ‘m wondering if the irritation and rash is due to the face masque? I saw a comment earlier asking the same thing. I trying to figure this out because, first two weeks nothing bad happened maybe untill I used the masque once. So if there is anyone who thinks they had the rashes after using the masque/serum, plese let us know! Because I thought the moisturizers 1 and 2 were good. But I am acared to try them because of the severe rash I got.



  140. Maggie Says:

    I bought this stuff and slathered it on and wokeup the next morning with 3rd degree chemical burns on my neck and chest (upper)! It burned like hell, itched and blistered! I have tried many products since I am in the nutrition business and this one actually did damage to my skin which is already in good shape for my age. It took days and a doctor’s appointment and medicine to repair what this product did to my skin. DON’T BUY IT. I still think of all the products on the market these 3 are the most reliable and make the biggest difference 1) the Avon Anew line – winner of the Consumers Report testing for several years in a row 2) Principle Secret is very nice line of products and on the high end in terms of cost 3) Estee Lauder does a great job with their line. For those on a real budget, such as college girls – Abkit makes the Camo-Care line which is lovely. I rotate creams so I have all of these, but I bump up my Camo Care with a dropper of Cellex C liquid vitamin C (still the best brand) and Puritan.com’s DMAE liquid – add a dropperful.

  141. carmen Says:

    Hi Debra,
    I was about to order the product also, but, after reading your letter, I changed my mind right away. thanks to your letter I did’nt make the mistake of buying such crap……………
    you go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  142. yvonne Says:


  143. Chris Ward Says:

    Yvonne, don’t fret too much before trying it. Many years ago I very skeptically bought the Principal Secret product line from QVC. Having rarely ordered anything through electronic retail, I was nervous. However, I was very pleasantly surprised – it is the ONLY skin care line that has ever made a noticable improvement in my skin, and I love it (even tho’ others have not always had similar results). Cindy’s products may just work for you. Everyone’s experience is different.

  144. bebe Says:

    Hi ladies,
    Glad I noticed this blog. I wish more of the other scoundrel products on TV could be rated by REAL blogs and not just fake affiliates! What happened to google anyhow?
    What I would do is pay with a pre-paid credit card, so they can’t keep charging. If I like the product I would just allow enough on the card for them to take. Who knows, maybe the mellon is good for your skin… lol…
    On second thought, I think I’ll just mix up a good old ‘natural’ cucumber/honey -type night cream, or something with oatmeal/chamomile or something. Come one, it’s time to give the big robbers a break and use Mother Nature’s clean organic ingredients. Let’s get creative and it’s cheap and fresh!

  145. Carolyn Says:

    I can’t beleive I’m hearing all this! My fnnnnnn face is sooo dry and tight. One eye is red and swollen and feels burnt!!!!! Cindy Crawford should be ashamed of herself!! I wish I never order this Shit!!

  146. Annette Says:

    I haven’t tried Meaningful Beauty and won’t ever thanks to this wonderful page. I have been using Murad for about six months and can’t believe the difference in my face. I am 40 but look better in six months than I did when I was 30! Truly! I buy my Murad Products on ebay from maggie*girl and get WOW prices and excellent customer service. I have never been happier. Murad.com overcharges, but somehow this seller on eBay keeps her prices down and always sends free Murad samples, too! I won’t ever go back to another. I just hope she continues to sell on there… I can’t live without her and Murad!! Thanks Maggie! No thanks Cindy. I love this page – you gals are hysterical…

  147. Shan Says:

    I have made a few infomercial purchases in my time. I almost got suckered with this one. THANK YOU LADIES!!! If any of you use Paypal they have a feature that can generate temporary Mastercard numbers. You can choose between a one time use number or multi use number. I always do the one time use initially until I decide if I will keep the product. The product company will of course call eventually to get an up to date card at which time you so “No Thanks” or you can generate a multi use card at that time if you choose to keep it. Something worth looking into so you, at the least, do not get stuck trying to get your money back.

  148. liz Says:

    Wow… after seeing all this i don’t think im gonna buy anymore. i’ve been seeing this show for a while and it seemed ok but after all this it proves that it doesn’t work thanks girls!!! REALLY !

  149. Zain Says:


    i ordered this from TV it was supposed to be their special 29.9$
    i got it .. used it for a week then decided to stop!!
    my entire face was itchy and i got little red spots round my nose and eyes!!
    i used the eye cream ONCE! and stopped as well because it simply BURNS!

    i really dont know what wrong with this product .. i didnt bother returning the order because its just 29 $

    then GUESS WHAT! a month later they charge me 109$ and ship me another SET! that i didnt ask for .. WHATS WITH THAT?!!!

    that is when things got ugly .. i call them immediately and asked for a refund .. to be honest the customer service team is very nice .. she told me how sorry she was that the product didnt work and said if the itchiness and red spot doesnt go away after two weeks, she will contact their physician … anyways important thing is she said ill be getting a full refund in a few weeks and also will stop the future shipments of CRAPPY meaningful burning beauty.

    Cindy … just a shame!

  150. char Says:

    Well once again the crooks have struck!!!! I ordered Meaningful Beauty and then decided to check out the reviews(dumb me). I called and requested a return for the product, and then shipped it back with a confirm tracking that needed to be signed by the person receiving the product. I shippped on March 13th and it was signed for on March 17th at 12:22 pm by J Adams. On March 18 they took the next payment out of my account. I called to see if there was a reason why the money hadn’t been returned and why there was another payment taken out. At that time I was told that it could take 4-6 weeks for a refund. I think in this day and age of computers apparently they have not heard of posting the return to your account as it is received. I asked to talk to the receiving department but was told they didn’t have a direct line to that department. All the idiot I talked to could say was their policy was 4-6 weeks on my money. It seems to me that they can easily take your money fast but don’t have any brains to figure out how to return it just as fast. I am sure they are hoping that I will forget about it and they keep my money forever. The customer service person was like a broken record and it amazes me that these people feel good about their jobs. Once again this is a big rip-off and I think it’s time the public demands people like this should be prosecuted. SHAME ON YOU CINDY CRAWFORD.

  151. Debbie Nowakowski Says:

    I also bought a three month supply. I used it for the first time Thursday, March 19th. Didn’t notice anything Friday. Used it again Friday night. After I put on the eye cream, I knew it was trouble – burned like crazy. Saturday morning my eyes were almost swelled shut. My eyelids looked like there was a chemical burn. They are a bit better now, but now I have a rash on my face and neck. It itches and there are bumps under the skin. Before this my face was normal – just wanted some of the wrinkles gone. The stuff is going back!

  152. Nicholas Says:

    Hello. I have a lovely wife who I have been with for 11 years. When I first met her, she had acne problems and flare ups were bad around her period. Initially it didn’t matter to me because there were too many qualities in her beyond perfect skin. As a notice she was 25 when we met.

    After 6 mos of dating, her skin problem nearly broke up our relationship. Why? It wasn’t the skin but it was the indirect effects of it. While I loved her, people in the world are complete DICKS! Her confidence was always shot down with a here and there comment or look people made. She would go through days series of bad weeks which was hard on the relationship.

    We had a heart-to-heart talk and I told her that after 6 mos dating, I can’t be with someone who will go through these constant bad times. BUT I fell in love with her and I told her I wasn’t going to give up without a fight. SO I told her that I was going to be her PIC (partner in crime) to figure out her skin problem. Here is what happened for the following 3 years.

    1. Hygeine – First we thought about hygeine. What can we do to eliminate bacteria around the bathroom and apartment. We made sure all towels were replaced everyday. The bathroom was to be kept hyper clean and the apartment was kept cleaner than before. After 2 mos of this… nothing. But we are cleaner than ever.

    2. Dermatologist – We searched for a reputable dermatologist that our insurance covered. Went in and first got a large dose of why acne and bad skin occurs. Bad hygeine, allergies, poor air condition, bad make-up products, etc etc… and right down to genetics. Sometimes it’s just part of your nature. After 4 mos of appointments and trialing 3 different pharmaceutical level products… nothing. We learned one thing about insurance. Sure they paid for the doc visits but none of the products were covered. Nearly $400 in prescription stuff… I apologize that I can’t list the actual names since it was 10 yrs ago.

    3. Internal Herbal Supplements – Walgreens and CVS at the time was selling internal herbal supplements that said helped reduce inflammation. This was a cheap solution. But had no results. Tried it for 4 mos. While it was cheap… it was like throwing money down the toilet.

    4. Popping Zits – OK so now we were getting annoyed and decided lets do what everyone has told us not to do. DON’T put a needle to it and squeeze. Well we did but very carefully and lots of rubbing alcohol. It was painful and would leave areas that were “popped” puffy for a day. But since her acne was from her forehead down to her chin. Imagine puffy bumps all over. This was a regimen we did every 3-4 days watching carefully which zit / acne to go after. It was like going after criminals. Results? AWESOME. We did this for over a year and her acne was nearly half gone. But we were only half way. You can’t pop zits all your life and the risk of things like infection and tetanus… yikes.

    5. Proactive and Murad TV stuff – Well we were now trying everything so why not the infomercial stuff. While I believe Proactive and Murad works for some people… didn’t work for us at all!!! Not even close. I’m not going to bad mouth the products but I’m going to bad mouth the marketing companies. And I believe both of these were Guthy Renker. Guthy-Renker = shit.


    We Got Married. Say what? How did that help?

    Actually it made things worse. But since you have read this far along… walk with me. Knowing that her period makes the acne flare-up, we forecasted our wedding date to ensure it wasn’t going to be a bugger on our wedding day. After months of planning and stress. Guess what? What was always known as a constant – her period… It shifted due to the stress of planning and paying for our wedding (we decided to pay for our wedding rather than pawn it off to the parents). We got married on her period week!

    The wedding was amazing but we both cursed that period and then the light bulb moment came.

    Skip or Delay the period. When we were planning the wedding, we heard about some women skipping the placebos in the birth control pill packs. This would continue a constant stream of stuff that keeps you from getting pregnant and stall the period. Thinking that maybe if we could give her skin a break from flare-ups due to her period maybe it could be a good thing. We were hesitant because it seemed wierd – stalling a period. Heck we already talked about having kids and didn’t want to mess things up… well we took the dive.

    HOLY MOLY – IT WORKED. Her skin was 80% cleared up after skipping a period every other month over 6 mos. What we learned was that her skin and acne were in a viscious cyle with her hormonal changes in her period. Soon after we talked to the doctor and asked to start using Seasonale. At the time it was fairly new… Seasonale is a prescription birth control that stalls the period 3 mos and then you have your period. After 18 mos of using it, her skin and acne was almost under control. If you looked at her face, one wouldn’t think she had skin problems.

    But there was a 20% grey area where she would break out or have a zit here and there. It was like everything was almost there. Then it was my MOM who asked what kind of make up and moisturizer she was using. Well we just always bought the best stuff we could buy at Target, Walgreen etc. The department stores were expensive and we tried some stuff in the past and it just didn’t seem worth it. Well we were steered to Clinique. My mom is very frugal and has amazing skin… better than Cindy Crawford. I’d like to see Cindy’s skin compared to my Mom’s when she turns 60 and had 4 kids. Again my mom is very very frugal but she isn’t cheap. She told us that after decades of trying stuff from Olay to super expensive stuff… she found that Clinique was very effective, high-quality, but not over the top expensive. OK we are not reps for Clinique. Just happens to be what she recommended. Clinique is still expensive by our standards but it’s worth every stinking penny.

    Fast Forward 2009. We have 2 kids now. Stopped Seasonale and birth control as well. Using Clinique moisturizer and make-up… My wife’s skin is perfect. Nobody would ever think that she had skin problems. What we learned was using Seasonale… it broke the monthly viscious cycle of hormones vs acne vs skin. While she had a period every 3rd month, her skin had time to naturally clear up. It truly did. This helped bring it down to 80% good. Then the last 20% was remedied by better moisterizer (an absolute must!!!!) and better make up.

    As a wrap up… Seasonale and Clinique together was the holy grail for my wife. We tried everything. Over all cost was about $60 more a month compared to what we had been doing in the past. Ok so now she has good skin… how does she keep it “young” looking?

    1. Daily moisturizer. Evening moisturizer. High quality such as Clinique.
    2. High quality makeup such as Clinique.
    3. Drink water 6-8 glasses of water. Coffee and pop doesn’t count.
    4. Get at least 7 hours of sleep.
    5. Don’t smoke

    Again – we are not Clinique reps. Just trying to keep you from spending too little on inferior products and too much on over priced department stuff.

    My wife is now 36 and she truly looks younger and even better than when she was 25. I’m proud to say that I got a hot wife.


  153. mdmom Says:

    I have tried the product for three weeks and it left my skins feeling the same, I did not like any of it, When I first tried it my face started to swell and burn, so I asked my Doc what should I do? She said stop using it for two or three days then try it again, I did just that and it did not go away and the wrinkle eye stuff, WHAT A JOKE ! I am not kidding I see more crows feet now than I did when I started it. The neck cream is a joke, it made my neck itch so much that I had reg bumps all over my neck and had to take medication for three weeks to get rid of it. I did contact customer service and they were not the so great people as they say they are, she kept saying, have you tried using just one and not the other, we can add and take away from your next order, I said no thanks I cant take it anymore, so dont buy it, trust me and all the other women that agree,

  154. Cindy Says:

    Although I, too, like Oily of Olay (their Regenerist is an amazing product), I really love my Meaningful Beauty products. I had horrible rosacea after my second child was born, and I tried all those really expensive prescription medicines to no avail. I ordered the Meaningful Beauty because I was feeling ugly and depressed and, to my absolute amazement, the rosacea was gone in a week! I realize that everyone’s skin is different, because I have friends who absolutely SWEAR by Mary Kay, but it makes me break out in hives and it turns my skin a lovely shade of crimson red. I use so little of the Meaningful Beauty that I only have it shipped once every four to six months and it lasts that long. I realize you didn’t like the product, but if you would have shipped back your first bottles within 30 days, you’d have received a credit for the $29.95 and never been billed again. My cousin did that and got a prompt refund.

  155. Tammy Says:

    Hi I feel Like I have been gotten and I really did not have the money to buy it and did it anyway bacause It seem like a good thing not to pass up. I did call after calling 10 to 15 mins later to cancel my order after getting online after placing the order I know I should have done that before placing the order. But the rep tells me that it is to soon to cancel because I’m not in the system yet that I can call back so I ask her when I call back will I beable to cancel the order and she tells me only if they don’t have it in stock bacause if it is instock it will ship out and I can’t cancel the order. I prey to god that I will not have the same problems that you ladies had getting my money back boy have I learned my lesson be happy with who I am and it is ok to use store products I do want in on the file for sue.

  156. Maggie Says:

    I’m so glad I read this blog. You all saved me a ton of money and heartache!

  157. bluetrack Says:

    This is awful!! To all the disgruntled beauties – I’d like to see you bring your complaints/stories to http://www.consumerist.com ( a very popular website, all you have to do is write to any of the editors) for some major publicity against this company, enough to that will make them cringe, and provide some serious consumer satisfaction to you! b.t.

  158. Sheena Says:

    I’m so glad that I saw this site~!!! I was doing some research trying to decide if I wanted to spend the money on this product. I’ve been looking for something to clear up my face from the blackheads, I don’t get pimples. I just have blackheads and thought this might clear that up and clear up the crows feet at my eyes. I’m only 26years old, but I need something before it gets worse. I’ve read most of the comments on here, and thanks to them I’ve decided to stick with what I’m using for now, until something better comes up and I can see in real life that it works. Now some T.V. faces. Love the way Cindy looks, but somethings gotta give right. So for now, thank you so much for saving me the money. Who can afford that crap now days anyhow.
    I know some are going to react different the others, I’m glad it works for some. But is it as good as they say on the T.V.? Who knows unless you see it personally. THANK YOU~!!!!!

  159. Montressa Says:

    Thank you so much for this blog. I was about to place an order after watching the infomercial this AM at the gym. I’ll save my $$ and stick with products that I know work.
    All the best,

  160. Tammy Says:

    I am happy to say that my money was refunded thank GOD hope u guys are blessed to get your money refunded too . thanks to the person who posted this website GOD bless u

  161. TERESA Says:


  162. Diana Says:

    Hi everyone -

    I was going to buy this product but decided against it after reading these reviews.

    And to the person who asked if whether or not the Better Business Bureau had any complaints… they don’t. In fact the BBB rates “Meaningful Beauty” an A+… an exemplary rating. That means that they have nothing in their files that causes them to have any doubts about the company’s reliability. Guess what… you should all be reporting these findings to them as well as here.

  163. Neil Says:

    I hate to say it, but did you REALLY think this crap would work?! If this “miracle” melon extract really were so effective then EVERY cosmetics company would be putting it into their products! Doesn’t really take a genius to figure-out that genuinely good products don’t need an infomercial to sell them. Sorry, but these awful American infomercials exist for no other reason than to remove your hard-earned money from your bank account. I’m genuinely amazed that anyone is dumb enough to fall for it! I’m sickened that rich-bitch celebrities like Ms Crawford would be involved in these nasty scams. For goodness sake, buy your cosmetics from a reputable, established company, like Clarins, Clinique, Lancome…ANYTHING but “Guthy-Renker” and co. !
    As for “Rodan & Fields” (Pro-Active)….ughh…don’t even get me started. What a lot of bullshit!

    Here’s a relatively easy thing for gullible people to remember: If it’s on an infomercial, it’s probably CRAP. If it isn’t actually crap, it’s likely to be average-at-best and cost 4 times what you’d pay for a similar-quality product in a store. Pretty simple concept, right?

  164. Lee Says:

    This company will not refund my money. I have called and called and called with the only result being to do something different every time. Send this…fax that. Its been 3 weeks and still no refund. Ive done this return thing before so this time I sent a confirmation of delivery. They signed for the return but amazingly have lost my return or something. What a crock of SHIT! Im reporting these assholes to the Better Business B. By the way they will try and fool you into returning the package to the zip code on the shipping label. It is NOT the right zip. If they dont have the products back in the alloted time they will not give you your money back because YOU did not ask for the return zipcode. Its such a scam!!!!! I cannot believe Cindy Crawford would be associated with a company as caniving as these Mother Fuckers! I,m putting the word out about this scam to EVERYONE on the web.

  165. Gina Says:

    Hi Everyone,

    I am so happy I found this information here, thank you! I was a step away just now from ordering while watching the commercial. I think this is horrible that they are selling this and would hope that women check out this site BEFORE ordering anything. I find anytime you change a product that works on your skin, you are in for damage. I have very sensitive skin and use Neutrogena face wash and have for years. I get a facial two times a year and wear a moisturizer with sunblock daily. This might help you all too as just another thing to try!
    Thanks again for posting this!

  166. Amanda Says:

    Thx for the info everyone!! Almost got suckered into buying this Meaningful Beauty product with French Honey Melon shit or what not. I’ve been back and forth on it and after reading these blogs with negative result and questioning a product that costs $29 and whatever change, I’m going to stick to my Lancome creams and Oil of Olay. I should’ve known this was a sham, it seems to good to be true………One more bit of advice ladies Strivectin will get wrinkles anywhere on your body. I use this product on my face and I used this on my stretchmarks after pregnancy- works wonders!

  167. Melinda Says:

    I didn’t even know these blogs existed! Thank goodness i found it!! I’ve only had the Cindy Crawford stuff for 2 weeks and it does suck. I’m sending it back tomorrow. I hope I’m one of the more fortunate people who gets my full refund and cancels my order/shipments/ charges. I thought something was wrong when the product irritated my skin – glad I stopped before it got worse. What a sham. I was a sucker for that TV commercial – I was believing the other people’s testimonials- bunch of liars. Any way if this outfit gives me any trouble with the refund and cancellation I will tell them I will report them to the Better Business Burea and if that doesn’t work I will say that I will be contacting a lawyer and file suit for misreprensation and for unethical business practices. I refuse to get ripped off. If I get a jerk on th phone I’ll call back to see if I have better luck. Thank you all for your comments.

  168. jessie Says:

    When does the burning go away????

    i never buy things off tv- but one night i couldn’t sleep and had been kind of self conscience about my skin – i am only 27, but have noticed this past year my skin has changed. so i figured why NOT look like Cindy?

    now i am stuck with red dry patches on my skin and a burning sensation when i apply ANYTHING – the previous mosturizer that i have used for years, the makeup brands i have used for years (smashbox, mac), even water can irritate!!!! does anyone know when this will go away? i just set up a dermatologist appointment – hopefully he can save my skin!

    when i called an cancelled, they asked if i knew which product caused this – i said not sure could have been the lotion – so they tried to convince me to keep buying the other 13 products!!!! LOL righhht, and then they continued to charge my card the next week! good luck ladies!

  169. Missy Says:

    You poor poor ladies! It’s about 4:58 am right now and I just woke-up from what I think was me swallowing a huge spider….gross! Anyway, I used to work for a company who handled the e-commerce (order input, customer service, shipping, cancellations, returns, etc.) for infomercial products. I’ve seen it all…the only word of advice I can you give ladies is that there will always going be a catch with infomercial products, even the ones that seem really really convincing. There’s always a 30 day or 60 day supply of some bill or upsale product they’ll try to sell you. I hate to say this, but no matter whether you want it or not, they’ll add it to your account and bill it to you. Most customers have to call in 5 – 6 times before canceling their order. The company I worked for had a “busted-up” order system, and I think they were one of the best.

    I’ve never ordered an informercial product before but I was seriously sold and finger happy when I saw this commercial come on. I’m glad I checked online first. And just so everyone knows there’s never a special offer for the first 500 callers or for people who order “right now”. This is a joke. Everyone gets the same price whether you order now or two months from now and the same price that’s offered on TV is also offered online.

    Good luck to you all and the best thing to do is call your bank to dispute the charges.

  170. Missy Says:

    Haha…a commercial just came on for a 90 second Youthology Anit-wrinkle cream, oh man, what a double whammy…what a joke.

  171. Cheri Says:

    I like everyone else want to remain youthful looking, but maybe we all need to stop being so vain and just realize “we are all going to age” let’s do it gracefully. I just watched the Cindy Crawford commercial and was almost sucked in because she looked so good, but honestly I don’t think it is due to her product. I am sure it is a mixture of good genes, good habits, and a butt load of botox.

  172. Rosey Says:

    I am 46 years and had great skin until I tried this horrible product. My face has burn marks and my eyes look horrible… I tried all of the products mask, cleanser, toner, mositurizers and the melon serum and I look a hot mess. I am so scared. My face look as if I aged in the two weeks that I have tried this product. Prior to this I was using Reclaim By Victoria Principal and I had no problem for over one year… Now my face is red, burnins sensation when I put cleanser or anything on it…. I am so mad…. Did anyone pursue a lawsuit???

  173. Susan Says:

    I was going to order this face MIRACLE cream also, thank you ladies for your comments.
    Am I glad I did not order it.

    I,too, am an OIL OF OLAY user and I will remain there. What fools we women are. All of those
    movie stars have plastic surgeons (on call) and no cream can do anything but moisturize your skin.
    Get this one. I have an Opthalmologist that gives Botox injectons, too. He injects himself and
    looks like a 15 year old. I read his Certificate on the wall and did the math that made him at least
    55 yrs. old. What is this world coming to?

    Thanks again for saving a big mistake I almost made by ordering a real rooking!!!!!

  174. tara lucky Says:

    Thanks ladies. I was about to order but I really don’t like the idea that I am going to get charge monthly that held me back for ordering and found this page before it too late

  175. Darlene Says:

    Just saw this Cindy Crawford product on regular TV which shocked me as According To Jim was supposed to be on.. The whole Speal was on for a whole 1/2 hour.. It sounds very convincing.. After reading all these comments, I vote not to order.. I’ll stick with my Susan Lucci products that work that I even had my Plastic Surgeon comment on when I had to have my eyes done.. I’m 72 yrs. old and can’t afford to have my skin burned, itchy, pealing and overall on fire plus headaches.. No, thank you, and I’m so glad I checked this site…

  176. Rita Says:

    First of all, I must say that I don’t believe the hype that any beauty product can make you look as pretty as the spokesperson pedaling the stuff and you shouldn’t either. If you believe that, despite what the commercial may say, you need a reality check. This isn’t a comment aimed specifically at anyone but common sense should tell you that these beauty peddlers will do and say whatever they legally can get away with to sell their wares and these companies know that celebrity is the way to accomplish that. Instead of wanting to be like the spokesperson, think about what skin problem you have and whether or not what they say the product can do will help. Almost 100% of the time, in order to determine if the product works, you have to test it. If you have pimples or wrinkles and you want them gone and the product(s) promises to do so, give it a try and see. However, if you know you have sensitive skin, you should consult a professional first. Regardless, you can’t expect to be as beautiful as said spokesperson after one or two uses, Cindy Crawford or otherwise. Remember, this woman has made it her life’s work to be beautiful and has been using this product for years and Oh yes, she started out pretty so that’s leg up on most of us right there. As such, you can’t expect after one or two uses to look even half as good as Cindy. If you get rid of one or two pimples or wrinkles, count your blessings.

    Personally, I have been using Meaningful Beauty for a four plus months now and I am happy with the results. I had tried pretty much everything under the sun i.e. Acne Free, Clearasil, Clinique, Noxema, Neutrogena, Proactive, yarda, yarda, yarda… Suffice-it-to-say, I spent a lot of money and got varying results and thus far, Meaningful beauty has been the only thing that has been able to combat all my problems at once. I am 27 years old and I am now mistaken for a teenager verses when I was a teenager and was mistaken for a 30-something. Believe me when I say I don’t mind the switch.

  177. Shirl Says:

    Thank you ladies, I was about to order this product but decided to look at the website first! What a stroke of luck that I found this blog! I should have known it was too good to be true, I am usually quite astute but I really fell for their spiel. Stick to the tried and trusted.

  178. marycel Says:

    wow I will so not buy this crap..i’m 57 and will stick to my Lancome stuff that i have been using for years..whats with all the burning of the skin??? what is it hydrochloric acid??? geeze…

  179. Pat D Says:

    Okay .maybe it works for some people and not for others. There is a 60 day money back guarentee, send it back ,get your money back , and if you don’t want the autoship, then pay the extra for the 30 day kit or duh call and cancel . Don’t bitch that you have to pay another 109 dollars for a 90 day supply , call and cancel if you already received it call cs and cancel and return the product . If you would pay attention to the sales rep on the phone you would have known that it was an auto ship.

  180. Lisa Says:

    Thank you for your hilarious and honest comments. I was almost suckered in this morning. I’ve just ended a battle with the same mail order company. They ,of course, won it by getting money for products I never received. Thanks again for the humor and honesty. You saved me from my sun dried self.

  181. Barb Says:

    One thing I personally would recommend when ordering anything online is to use a gift card. My bank will sell me one for $1. It’s inevitable that some companies don’t cancel shipments even when you call. Spending $1 on a gift card is worth it to avoid the aggravation. They can’t take money from me if there’s no money left on the card.

    I’ve never tried the product, I do look younger than my age, the most important things I do is stay out of the sun and take vitamins and antioxidants. Oh and I do use moisturizer.

    There’s some creams out there that have alpha hydroxy acid, they do burn your skin I think with the intent of exfoliating. A better alternative, I use this skin scrubber thing in the shower since I tend to have skin flaky’s.

  182. Holly Says:

    Thank God for the internet!!! I saw the infomercial today at the gym, and was almost sold…but I decided to do a little research first. I too have been “burned” by a company that continued to charge me for a product I did not want. It was such a frustrating experience. Once I realized that Meaningful Beauty uses this same, unethical and totally frustrating strategy to keep you financially on the hook, that did it for me. Plus, I did not like finding out that some of women who used this product actually felt their skin burning! Thanks to all for their honest responses.

  183. Jo Says:

    Hi Debra,
    You are such a star! I laughed so hard while reading your diatribe. You really saved me: Tonight Cindy Crawford snaked her way into my living room and grabbed my vanity gene, then I read your scathing review on her product line “Meaningful Beauty” and it was like a slap in the face; luckily I came to my senses. I agree that Cindy should be handing out Plastic Surgery reviews and not this kook’s melon concoction. I used to like Cindy Crawford and now I think that she’s just an evil opportunist. How can she be so beautiful and use her gift to lie and scam all of the women of the world like that. Thanks for saving me the hassle of trying to cancel my order.

  184. tristan Says:

    this is so true!
    i HATE meaningful beauty!!!!!!!
    it BURNED my skin, and made my face peel, right before an inportant date!
    my eyelids are on fire right now, im in so much pain. and i also had horrible acne, so it made it even worse and bigger.
    Cindy Crawford is a b!tch, and her products suck.

  185. melissa Says:

    I LOVE this product. My skin is so soft and I get great feedback on how I look all the time. I don’t understand, I guess everyone’s skin is different and we should understand that. If it doesn’t work for you, just try another product. However, it really did work for me.

  186. Ronie Lynn Says:

    Freaking Hilarious!! At this moment my girlfriend and I are at work laughing our a**es off at this blog. I sure as hell wish I had of read this before I got suckered in.
    I ended up with an allergic reation from this, as well as dry, red spots on my face. I’m sitting here stoned on Benadryl with my pant legs rolled up from the hot flashes from the reaction.
    To people reading this- DON”T DO IT!

  187. Dana Says:

    I to was taken advantage of.This scam of a company has no intention of selling there crap for 30 bucks.try 119.00 insteag.wow going from 30 $ to 119$?Bait and switch at its best.Shame on Cindy and that phoney doctor.All lies I tell you oh and BTW they say the first 500 callers will recive……….BS!that infomercial runs around the clock.Um Cindy thank botox and face lifts first before meaningfull bueaty.

  188. CamaroBabe Says:

    I too wass suckered into this scam. I received my 2nd shipment today, which I wasn’t even aware that I was going to receive. I ordered the 30 day trial and do not recall anywhere that I was also agreeing to an “auto delivery” as they refer to it. I spoke to their Customer Service just a bit ago and after having them attempting to design the package to my needs I finally said that as far as i was concerned, the stuff didn’t work for me and I would like to return the initial 30 day trial too. It took a bit of cohersion, but I got the girl to admit that there is a 60 day money back gaurantee. Downfall is i have to pay to return the product myself, much less that the $100+ they wanted me to pay for something I was not goign to use. As far as the product itself, it’s all just a bunch of high priced lotion and washes. The reason I purchased this was for the under eye cream, which burned and made the area red and would also make my eyes water even though i was not putting it anywhere near the lash line.

  189. Angie Baker Says:

    I do have to say, none of these infommercial beauty products will perform that great. Yet I fall for it and try it out anyways! :) First off, I have to agree about the Proactive, it BURNS and only makes you get MORE zits! It sucks! And the same company makes Mean. Beauty. I’ve had one round of this stuff (M.B.) and will only order a couple of products one more time and that’s it. Not all of the products bothered my skin, but I have to say the face wash absolutely sucked and it DID burn. Also the moisturizers burn a little, too. I only like the eye and neck cream and even then, it’s nothing I’m going to stick to ordering on a regular basis! Everyone knows it’s not like Cindy C. has only been using these products all these years! I’m sure she’s had some injections and a little surgery like any other celebrity!

  190. MLERRAFREN Says:

    Thank you so much for your review! It really is good to be able to vent some sort of frustration when you get screwed by a product that promises unrealistic results. You did save me from purchasing.

  191. Shannon Strickland Says:

    I had the WORST exerience EVER with their so called “customer service.” They kept sending me products after I had cancelled the order. I received yet another box of vitamins and did not want them. I called customer service they said to mail them back. I mailed them back. I got another bill for the vitamins, so I called. Of course they have never received the vitamins that I had paid to mail back. Now I still owe $36.00 AND have no vitamins! The jerk on the phone was so rude and kept insisting it was my responsibility to pay the balance. I was trying to get information on what to do next and this woman was such a bitch I asked for a manager. (btw, there is never a manager in a freaking call center in B.F.E!!) She kept insinsting I give her a credit card number and I insisted on talking to a manager. She actually hung up on me! I called back to get another idiot who barely spoke english and only wanted a credit card number. I said “I am calling a customer service number and no one can help me!! I might as well be calling an automated robot that only takes credit cards. Do I need to call Cindy Crawford or Gunthy Rekner!!! In conclusion this was one of the worst customer service experiences I have ever had. Do not order this crap! Do not give them a credit card number, they will bleed you dry!!! BEWARE!!!!!!!!

  192. steffanie Says:

    Dear Debra,

    I am so glad I found your blog! I was this close to ordering MB but the negatives definately outweigh the positive comments. By the way, the BBB is a scam–all you have to do is pay them a fee ( I think it’s $500-$600) and your company gets a stellar rating no matter what. What happened to Debra (from Jan 23rd) she said she was going to use MB for 90 days and let us all know what happened to her skin.

  193. Katya Says:

    Sheesh! After a bad couple of months I thought I’d treat myself to something nice; had the TV on and saw little miss miracle face. For some reason, my OBLIVIOUSLY STUPID gene kicked in, but just in time, the universe provided a blast of sanity and I came to this blog for DA TRUTH. I decided if I want the rashes, and bleeding, scaly, peeling skin, I’d use an SOS pad on my face for less than a quarter. Thanks, houndrat and everyone who posted here.

  194. Silvia Says:

    The best way to take care of your aging skin is to stay out of tanning beds and use a good sun blocking product incorporated into your day cream, not all skin types are created equal. Some are dry and some T zone, some are oily. No one product is made to accomodate all skin types, for best result eat fruits and vegetables and drink plenty of water, and get good sleep, nice advice but most of the time who can do all of this….So the real best advice is go to one of your malls and make an appointment with a beauty cunsultant (Or Dr. is best), find out what your sking type is, oily, dry, combination or T zone, and ask for a TEST of the product before you buy. Then start building your collection of the cleanser, moistarizer etc. Some times you need to shop because again no two products are created equal….But the advice is to ask for samples, use them as directed….My favorite is Chanel but you really have to save for this one…then Clarin, they have a killer Serum that helps hydrate the skin. Dont soak your dry skin with junk it makes it worse, and dont try to dry out your oily skin, work with the right products trust me oily skin pays off as you get older…And the lady claiming that this is not sold in France she is right, we dont sale this junk. Try one of the lines that spend money and research such as Chanel and Clarin. Good luck ladys…Remember each of you is beautiful and you dont need anyone to tell you what to use…Research it yourself you are worth your time, so make a date with yourself and go to a mall Macys and spent some time introducing yourselfs to the cosmetic world and leaning from the experts, you too will become an expert and as you age your knowledge will also increase of each product. And remember clean clean and dont go to bed with makeup…your poors open at night and this is when you want them to breath properly, use a good cleanser and a good gentle scrub, once a month do a facial (save an get a profecional) think of all the money you have saved by not buying from someone getting wealthy at your expese…If this product that they sale you on TV were that great they would have a line at the cosmetic counter. But they know is a get rich or richer flight by night. So next time you want a celebraty endorse product think that they are NOT using the junk they sale just as they dont do the work out they advertice without a trainer…Thanks you Debra…and for those of you who dont get it she is not trying to tell you she was going to look like Cyndi this was a figure of speach and a funny to get the point across…so just enjoy her humor and remember to smile ads years to your life….

  195. Olivia Says:

    Thanks for all the reviews. I thought I was the only one with the BAD, BAD reaction!!! I had rashes all over my face and neck. My eyes was swollen and itchy for weeks. It took one month to clear up all the rashes etc. I have never had such a bad reaction from face products before. Cindy Crawford’s “Meaningful Beauty” is one BAD nightmare.

    To make matters worse, the customer service is a nightmare. The sales people on the other end just don’t get it. ” I just sent back all the products and want my money back!!!” Instead they sent me their 2nd month’s supply which I sent back. Then they had the gall to say that I owe them $119 for the three month’s supply which I never got. The final straw was when they threatened to send my invoice into collection so that I’ll get a bad credit rating.

    If I ever see any products hawked on the TV by Guthy Renker, I’ll run like mad away from them. It seems that they are a menace and real crooks. Someone should let Cindy know that she is lending her name to a terrible product line.

    This is getting big……We’ll see where this goes.

  196. katie Says:

    Not only did this post crack me up but the irony that the google ad on the side of the page is touting the product. Happy, though, that I am $29.95 richer.

  197. Dana Says:

    HELP! OK I orderd this meaningless system about 45 days ago sent it back 3 weeks ago for refund(my eyes burned and my skin had a reaction)and guess what I got another package on my door step!WTH! I called and canclled and here it is also they have been having a hay day with my bank account charges taken out here and there totalling over $200.00 and I ordered once and sent it back weeks ago and im out all this money.I have a feeling that im not the only one this has happened to.I call customer service and blah blah blah send back the unopened box.WHAT ABOUT MY REFUND? we didnt recive it mam.Its been three weeks and still they cant account for it?so im screwed.And I bet they wont recive this one either.DEBRA CINDY MAY OWE YOU 119.00 BUT SHE OWES ME 238.00 !!LOL PEACE

  198. Meghann Says:

    You ladies do realize this is an acid that you apply to your face. Sort of like a skin peel. That’s why it burns. It’s not going to be friendly. Beauty is pain. But anyway, they sent me this shit (too (%*#&$(&$ expensive in my opinion) AGAIN after I had canceled any future order, got my money back, or so they claim, but I never received hide nor hair of a refund anywhere on my debit card or in the mail. They’re lying sacks of shit. Now I have this shit sitting on my desk, called them to speak to a representative that spoke clear English and what do I get? A bleepin answering machine. I left a grand message for her to give me back my money. I’m POed. This is a con through and through and to think that Cindy Crawford would put her name on this.. oh wait, money.. never mind. Anyway this is my complaint.

  199. V Says:

    It sounds like it is the Bender Ball of beauty products…I loved my Proactive and had no probs with Guthy Renker and plan cancelations when I could no longer afford it….this sounds more problematic. If any of you are considering buying a Bender Ball…forget that too!!! bad move!

  200. BrainyGirl Says:

    Hi Ladies,

    Like many of you, I too was up at the crack of dawn (thanks to a certain dog who needed to go out) and before I knew it I had ordered this line of skin products. Thankfully, I put my payments through AmEx, so I know at any time I want to cancel, AmEx will have my back. I am going to to use what I received and see where it takes me. So far, I have experienced a little tingling, but no burning. I did like the Glowing Serum. I guess it just goes to show that everyone will have their own experience with the product as everyone’s skin is different. I will give this stuff a fair shot and keep my fingers crossed. I always have my tried and true to fall back on.

  201. Nancy Says:

    Hi to all,

    I was about to order this line but thank God I found this site. I also took a look at the ingredients on these products and found that it’s pretty nasty shit. Chemicals, chemicals and more chemicals. This stuff would turn you into a toad not a beauty. I have extremely sensitive aging skin and I am sooooooooooo happy I did not order this stuff!! Thank you all for your feedback! I will stick to my Olay, thank you very much! :)

  202. Cathy Kennedy Says:

    It seems, after reading most of these responses, that many of you use Oil of Olay on your face. I’ve been told by many make-up artists that using Olay is the same as using crisco/lard on your face! ew! I don’t use drugstore products, only high-end ones and I’ve never had a problem. So apparently when you start using products that are actually good for your skin, it has a reaction.
    I’ve been using these products for 2 weeks and my face has never looked better. I’ve noticed I use less foundation and my skin definitely has a glow.
    I advise whoever reads these comments to take them with a grain of salt. Used properly, there will be a difference in the way your skin looks and feels.
    Ladies, when using new products on your skin, do it gradually. I still use moisturizer and cleanser that I already had; not everything has to be Meaningful Beauty.
    Take care,


  203. DONNA L Says:

    Sorry for those that had such a bad reaction. If I had read these first, I’d been scared out of trying it. But, I had ordered it and have been using it for about 1 week and I am thrilled. For a little over a year now, I’d noticed my face stayed red, sometimes worse than others. Was it my cleanser, allergic reaction to something, stress???? It was really starting to affect how I felt about myself. Started this product, and like I said, only been using a week and the redness is gone. My skin is soft, pores reduced and now feel so much more confident. Doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight or dry. I hope these results continue. I’m now scared of the burn everyone is talking about, but so far, so good. Yeah, 30 days for $30 trial period. Got 90 days sent with dates for further billing. That ticks me off, but am pleased with product and if these results continue, will gladly continue to pay $30/month. Have had automatic deliveries on other products with no problems cancelling. Hope that if it comes to it, won’t have problems cancelling this. Did call customer service when received shipment because one bottle was busted. Lady very friendly and put in order to ship a new bottle. Haven’t received yet but hasn’t even been a week. One thing I do when cancelling something is get a confirmation number. Good luck to all of those with problems! Hope the redness & burning stops and you can find something that will work for you!

  204. Anna Says:

    OMG! Thank you to all comments .I’m so glad I read this blog. I was just about to order but decided I should read people’s blog first…thank goodness I did!
    I’ll continue to stick with my OBAGI skincare

  205. Dawn Says:

    WOW… can I just say, I am so glad I saw this before I ordered. I was reading through everything on the website and thought.. man.. this must be good! As a person with very sensitive skin, those products probably would have eaten me alive! Thank you Debra, you are classicly histerical!!

  206. kristie Says:

    I rarely ever buy anything from info commercials, but I did buy Meaningful Beautiful. I REALLY Truly love it! My skin has never looked and felt better. I was buying and trying everything from Burt’s Bee to Channel. I can’t live without this product! I really works for me.

  207. JULIE Says:

    I’m glad I found this site. I to was going to order but wanted to do some research. I use hemorriod extra strengh cream with aloe 2 times a day works better then any cream, serum, lotion out there and you don’t have to by the brand name any generic brand will do. the movie stars of the 40′s used it and it tightens as soon as you apply it. it also reduce’s lines black circles under eye’s I’m 47yrs and still get carded all the time at the grocery store . try it and you’ll never go back and it works for sensitive skin too. and the best part is its $ 6.99 a tube and a tube lasts 6 months or more .Thanks again julie

  208. Rita Says:

    I am so glad I read this blog before ordering these products! As someone else mentioned earlier in the blogs, have any of you that feel you have been taken and/or suffered from using the products contacted your local Better Business Bureau? Also, take it one more step and call your State Attorney General’s Office.

    For those of you that had a reaction to these products, I hope your skin has fully recovered. I also will be going back to Olay products.

  209. Melissa Says:

    Thanks for the site, you just saved me alot of grief. I’ve always been a fan of Cindy but now im just dissapointed. I also wonder how many of comments above have been from Cindy,Gunthy and Dr. frenchy himself trying to pass themselves off as melon loving posers just to save thier “my shit dont stink, it smells like french melons” products. We are on to you. No more american money for you.

  210. Bianca Says:

    OMG!!!! I too am super happy to have done my research first. There is no way I am buying a product designed to disrupt the natural chemistry of my skin. Seems like Cindy wants there to be less beautiful women in the world because it sounds like meaningful beauty horrible damages the skin. WTF!! CINDY YOU BITCH! To think I used to look up to you as a role model. How disappointing.

  211. Lysa Says:

    This is the letter I am submitting today to Guthy-Renker’s corporate office in Palm Desert California. They are “humoring me” I think at the moment when stating that their insurance company will take care of any costs I incurred seeking medical treament for the SEVER chemical peel I obtained using this product and I am also requesting that they pay for me to see a dermatologist of MY CHOOSING to ensure that the continued redness and itchiness I am still experiencing doesn’t become permanent!!! I too, had all the same problems as many of you did whether it was the actual reaction to the product or the ridiculous “refund” process they have. I also asked to have the $29.99 trial kit sent to me but was in fact charged the $109.00 plus tax and shipping and sent the 90 day supply…these people are scam artisits as are many other companies that you order off of the TV or internet from.

    If we do not get the response we want (i,e, some type of monetary settlement for my pain and suffering as well as medical visits reimbursed), we will be taking this to our attorney. It is my feeling that a product that can do this much damage to someone who has perfectly normal skin other than having large pores and who has NEVER EVER had a reaction to any other skin care product, then it needs to be taken off the market or sold only under the supervision of a licensed dermatologist or plastic surgeon. You should know in advance if you are going to receive a chemical peel…don’t you think?
    Dear Renee’,

    This letter is in relation to the Cindy Crawford Meaningful Beauty skin care products that claim to give you younger, more soft and beautiful skin while minimizing the appearance of pores.

    I have very normal skin and have never had a problem with sensitivity or allergies using any other skin care products…and I’ve used many. I do have large pores on my nose and upper cheek area and this product claimed to minimize the appearance of pores as well as give the user softer and more youthful looking skin. At no point in the infomercial or on any of the packaging does it state that this product could case sever burning and irritation to a user with completely normal skin. There is only a generic warning on the brochure that states if you have a rash or irritation to discontinue use. If the rash or irritation continues, seek medical attention. Every product says this so I never thought this meant that I would be receiving a chemical peel from this product.

    I received the products and immediately started using them that evening. I used all of the products at least once during the course of the next 3 1/2 days. I noticed immediately that when I used the cleanser (the first step in the twice daily process), my face began to burn. I checked the ingredients and noticed that in several of the products there was one form of acid or another in them so I chalked the burning up to that. On the fourth day I discontinued using the products because they continued to burn every time I used them and I noticed that the redness on my face, neck and chest were getting worse and itching relentlessly as well as swelling was beginning to show on my entire face and neck/upper chest area.

    After discontinuing use I called and requested a refund and they told me that I did not have to send the products back. They asked why I was asking for a refund and I told them that the products had essentially given me a chemical peel and that my face was swollen and burnt very badly. The agent kept asking me if I wanted to continue receiving the moisturizers or the eye cream and I said, “You aren’t listening to me. My face is so swollen and red and I have had a bad burn as a result of using these products…I do not wish to use ANY of these products ever again!”

    My face continued to get more swollen and red over the next 3 days and it was itching so bad that I couldn’t stand it anymore. So I called my doctor to get something to help relieve my suffering and to request a referral to a dermatologist as I was very concerned that there might be permanent damage done to my face. I was prescribed Clobetasol Propionate 0.05%, a very strong steroid that if I used to long could cause my skin to atrophy and an antihistamine to help stop the itching.

    On the third day of using the steroid cream I began to get some relief from the burning and itching that I had been suffering with for a week now. My skin irritation had calmed down and the swelling began to cease at this point. My cheeks, nose and forehead as well as the area on my neck below my jaw line, were still bright red.

    At this point, it is approximately 2 weeks after discontinuing use of this product and I am still suffering from relentless itching, bumps under my skin on my cheeks, temples and neck as well as my upper chest area which I also used the neck and décolleté product on. My face continues to have redness that was not there before although it has calmed down quite a bit now except for my nose which is still pretty red. Both sides of my cheek area are now very dry and my skin never was like this before.

    I am wanting to see a dermatologist and my insurance has yet to approve a referral. Quite frankly I think it’s ridiculous that I should have to pay for any of this or my insurance company. We did a little research on the internet and found numerous stories from women who had the exact same reaction as I did and had perfectly normal skin before starting to use this product. I have also noticed now that swelling of my laugh lines has dissipated, I know have a wrinkles and bumps below both corners of my mouth that I DID NOT have before I used this product. Is it permanent? We’ll have to wait and see I guess.

  212. maria Says:

    thank you for writing all you have I am glad I didn’t waste my money on this product. I have the whole skinn line and let me tell you if you want wrinkles to go away you should try it. I was asked if I had a face lift . that is what the skinn system does . goe to skinn.com dimitri has a wonderful product and worth every penny. good luck to everyone and I hope you all get your money back .

  213. Beth Says:

    The same thing happened to my 81YO mother who ordered it and told them I ONLY WANT THE TRIAL – nothing more. Next thing we know, $97 bucks is on her credit card. She tried to return it and they said “she sent the wrong thing back and now it’s past the deadline.” I went into a screaming rant and hung up on the jackass on the phone. I said “if she thought she was going to have to pay for your BS product, she would have just kept it.”

    This is just a total scam. They know darn well they are going to auto-ship things and take advantage of people being uniformed, old (my mother has never heard of UNAUTHORIZED auto-shipments) or too lazy to ship things back.

    Cindy Crawford can kiss my big, white, Cellulite-covered behind. I hope the rumors of her husband’s cheating are true and that he gives her a bug from his escapades. Rot in hell, Cindy. And your 800-operators STINK too.

  214. amaher@netspace.net.au Says:

    You tell her . I am very dissapointed in the product myself , and just like you have received more then I asked for , oh in many ways . This product sucks to the core . I have had enough of all these skin creams claiming that they will do thus and that but don’t deliver.

  215. amaher@netspace.net.au Says:

    There was one skin cream that you could always rely on…but they stopped making it , it was C-23 . The company did not advertise it enough … so they stopped making it because they did not make enough sales , how ludicrous ! All they had to do is advertise .

    This stuff was awesome..and in 12 weeks you would look 10 years younger , yes 10 years . To this day I still don’t understand why they did not advertise it more . The best thing about it was that it was all natural . But listen up ! There is still C-23 out there but it is a fake . The ligit one I use to buy was in a white jar , where as this new fake is in black . The reason why I knew it was fake , cause it burnt the crap out of my skin… where as the ligit one didn’t . Only if we could get them to start selling it again .

    I could and would promise you that after using it only for a few days you would never have to worry about finding the perfect face cream ever again. I am devastated that they discontinued this product I always thought I would look 10 years younger than I really was , DAMN ! How insensitive can some companies be towards woman ?


  216. Lisa Says:

    I just stumbled upon your hilarious letter while I was preparing to order this product. Thanks for saving me the time, money and aggravation! Think I’ll just go straight for the laser resurfacing! By the way, love your pics – we’re Ridgeback owners too – oh, and judging by your pictures, you really didn’t need to order this skin treatment in the first place! Have a good one!

  217. Vicki Says:

    I too tried this product and after 4 days, my face burned so bad I could hardly stand to put water on it and my skin started flaking off! I’m going back to my Olay Regenerist products. I may not look any younger, but at least I’ll have skin on my face!

  218. Joedy Says:

    I received this as a gift. I thought wow this looks like a nice product. I even accidently stumbled across the infomercial last night, looked very professinal WHAT A JOKE…..my face has not stopped burning it is red and blotchy…I will never use this product again.

  219. Glad to know Says:

    I was also tempted to purchase. Thanks for the insight! I’ll stick to wearing large brimmed hats in the sun along with sunscreen.

  220. Janine Says:

    OMG!!! This is unreal to hear all of these complaints. I was going to tryi it too but thanks to all of you ladies i will not. Burning cannot be a good thing at all. Why do they do this. The celebs. dont they know that they will burn in hell for such deceit. The last thing i bought online was Kymaro Jeans. I actually like them but everything is not for everyone. Too many of you have complained of burning and peeling. I have only read that maybe 3 people said they like this product. Seems like it should be taken off the market. Everything should be FDA approved. If Europe does not have it, and they are pretty liberal, then i would surely not want to use it here.

  221. Janine Says:

    This is for Pam who was looking for C23 i found a website that has it.


    Formula C-23 Natural Facelift Cream 100g

    This cosmetic formulation is designed to help minimise the visible signs of ageing by exfoliation, re-moisturisation and astringent action.For best results, both Formula C23 Natural Facelift Serum (Part One) & Formula C23 Natural Facelift Cream (Part Two)…

  222. Tracy Says:

    I am sorry for all the women that received such bad reactions from using Meaningful Beauty. I, too just watched the infomercial, but decided to google the product and came across this blog. Now I won’t be wasting my money or further aggravation. I have ordered everything from exercise tapes, exercise equipment, proactive, and even colon cleanser products! I returned most of these products, and have thankfully gotten my money back!I spent a hour several reading individual replies, stories, rants, raves and obvious promotions from meaningful beauty, as well as other skin care lines. I guess what we all have learned is that there is no product that can do all that it promises to do. These celebrities don’t care about us, but are handsomly paid to pretend that they do, while peddling their products. We as consumers need to stop falling for it.

    It’s always a good thing to check customer reviews, outside of the product’s website. As a 28 year old Black American, I think the best thing for skin care is lots of water, healthy eating, exercise, and SPF. I do not believe that God intended for us to stay young forever, but to age gracefully.

    Because everyone else did it, I, too have a shameless promotion. The only product that I have ordered, and absolutely love, love, love, is my Jack Lalanne Juicer. Every morning I have a fresh carrot, apple, and spinach juice, and it has made my skin more softer, smoother, and healthy looking.

  223. Carolanne Says:

    Almost tried it too. Thanks for all the posts. Saved me some money. In addtion, the Cindy Crawfords and the Christy Brinkley’s of the world are few and far between. They will be beautiful, bikini skinny and wrinkle free no matter what they put on their faces or excercise with until the day they die. If they did nothing, but wash their faces with soap everyday, they would look just as beautiful. These type of women were blessed with great genes and that’s why they are supermodels, not because they use some juice of a french melon or get on their Total Gym everyday!!

  224. BridgetJ Says:

    I ordered this product in July and so far its made my skin much softer and healthier. I Love it and want to continue using it if possible.

    However,Now that I read all of the negative replies I am a little worried. Why doe sit work so well for some and so horribly for others? It makes me think something is ‘wrong’ with my skin in that i have no burning or side effects.

    perhaps it does depend on the person…maybe something in the product is causing an allergic reaction to many individual.

    I will check back and keep making updates to let everyone know if anything changes with the results.

  225. Alexa Says:

    This is amazing! I too was just about to order and stopped short seeing this blog. I’m 41 and have SUPER sensitive skin that probably would have ignited with these products! I will say, my skin has done really well with a super bargin cleanser called Aquanil and light lotion. Also, flaxseed oil and salmon helps enormously with dryness and wrinkles. I knew the melon extract thing was BS. THANK YOU for posting this blog!!

  226. Shell Says:

    Hi I’m sorry to hear all your problems with this product however I am using it and I actually love it. Everyone has different skin though…some more sensitive than others. I normally am disappointed when I try a new product but this time I wasn’t at all and I do have sensitive skin. My skin feels softer and my pores appear smaller. I am happy with it. I was also charged exactly what I’m supposed to be charged for it. Always read the fine print when you make an order over the Internet. Love & Light…Shell

  227. Michelle Says:

    Thank you for your blog posting and for all the people who have tried it and written about their experiences. I, too, have seen the commercial and thought about it. I really thought that Cindy Crawford would be above endorsing something unless it really worked for her. I have sensitive skin and won’t be using this. I’ll stick with my Avon and Neutrogena products for now.

  228. Lovett Says:

    Ok, ok I bought it, but now I can’t stop it. The number they have on the website goes no where. Does anyone have any tips for me?

  229. Josie Says:

    Greetings All !
    I am 41 years old too! I am always told I look 24-28 yrs old too!
    Let me let you in my secret! I go to a plastic surgeon for botox around my eyes since I was 38 yrs old!
    I started Juvederm just this month! I look younger now than I did when I was 28! I get pulled over for driving and the legal age here is 16 yrs old for driving!
    Demi Moore & Cindy Crawford have amazing plastic surgeons!
    Silicone is legal once again because of its undetectible perfection! It never caused problems to begin with! It was celebs wanting things for them selves and no others! Branding is part of being a star!
    You cant be “special” if everyone has access or knowledge to what you have access to!
    Have you seen pics of Jennifer Anniston with her interview with her Dad before she was famous??
    Talk about achey breaky ugly hair, face & features! Money buys you youth and beauty!
    I do not even have a skin care regime because the solution is to use nothing other than a great plastic surgeon! I have spent less in a year on my up-keep than you spend on all the worthless crap you buy and use!
    I am constantly hit on by 20 somethings and 30 somethings, not that I like it, and cops that pull me over hit on me too, but please- let me put everyone back into check here…….
    You will not score results through advertising hype and scams, they are well put together puzzles that confuse you and make you believe it works superficially!
    You have to go with in to to get results!
    Yes, the needles sting, & Yes, the tiny pin pricks that are left behind last approx 12 hours and look like mosquito bites, but 7 days later it is as if the clock stroke 12 midnight, and the skin is tightened, no lines, no wrinkles, no acne, no need for product buying!

  230. Christine Says:

    OMG! After seeing the infomercial tonight & then reading this blog, I definitely will not order this product! If there are more people with problems than without, it should be taken off the market! I came so close to falling for this product! Thank you for your honesty!

  231. Susan Says:

    This happened to me too – class action lawsuit!! This company is stealing from people – that is illegal!!

  232. Casey Says:

    The Victoria Principle “Reclaim” and Cindy’s products are scams. Victoria had plastic surgery and there’s no way Cindy’s going to tell you if she had surgery. I am 47 and I dont have any wrinkles yet so far, but I’m sure there on the way. I believe Cindy is having abrasion done on her face to keep her face young looking. People want to believe so bad on turning the time. Surgery on the face is the only hope that last longer and probably cheaper in the long run.

  233. linda Says:

    Cindy Crawford is such a scam! I was up late watching that stupid informercial because there was nothing else to watch and somehow thought that it might help my skin. I don’t have any wrinkles or pimples but, I wanted to prevent any future damage. I got the product and was so happy to try it. My first impression was it smelled cheap! I decided to not judge it and try it out, I was so disappointed. What a crap load of bullshit. This product must have been made from dish soap or something. If anyone is considering buying, don’t waste your money!

  234. Kelly Jarvis Says:

    I bought this product in January and the one thing that pissed me off was you get the 1 month supply, la la la, but if you decide to order the 3 month supply and you look at the oz.’s you will notice that on the Maintainence 1 and 2 there is only 2 months supply worth, all the others you do get 3 months worth, I was ticked at the false advertising so I cancelled my order about 45 days into the 3 month supply, hadnt paid for it yet so didnt have a problem getting my money back, but I did notice a big difference, I did like it and it I reordered again August.

  235. Ben Says:

    Me and my wife laughed all the way to the phone, but will probably still order the product.

  236. Ashley Says:

    Screw Cindy Crawford and her beauty supplies! I wish I would have seen this before I bought it. I purchased one month of her supplies but guess what? They take out another $40 every month for 3 months, but they don’t tell you that! They are a complete scam! Is she that poor that she has to scam people?

  237. Jennifer Says:

    Seriously, you thought this product was going to make you look like Cindy Crawford? LMAO!!! You have unrealistic expectations. I’ve been using this product for 3 months now & my face looks & feels wonderful!! I have smaller pores & my crows feet are almost gone! I do NOT look like Cindy, I now look like a more youthful & rested version of myself. And it’s true, I’m spending the same amount on this MB as I did at Target every month.

  238. Lorene Says:

    I was going to order this early this morning my but my husband says do your homwork and look up complaints in the BBB. You all scared the crap out of me – I will stick with Olay and Avon!!

  239. Elizabeth E. Boone Says:

    Well thanks for your heads up i was going to order but changed my mind after reading reviews. glad that the person i spoke with there didn’t know what she was doing i was never able to order product. Who would have thought that about Cindy. Now the truth is out thanks you all saved me money. spreading the word on this product in Texas.

  240. Kelly Says:

    I just want to thank Debra. I cannot stop cracking up. I have been trying to decide for a few months wether I want to buy Cindy Crawford’s product or the other reporters product which is Murad. I almost called to order it. Thank you so much for the laugh. I have been sick all week coughing so much that I could talk or laugh. But you have made my day. Is good to get a laugh like this. My tears are coming down my face from laughing so much. I will have to share with my 25 year old son. He is going to make fun of me because he kept telling me not to order it. “He will say I told you so”. Thank you for stopping me from wasting my very , very hard earned money.


  241. shelly Says:

    I have been using meaningful beauty for almost 6 months now and let me tell you, I am so happy with my skin! I have had several complements on how my skin is glowing and I have recommended these products to everyone in my family and friends. They all see the difference in my skin! I have used several beauty products and let me tell you, for the price that they charge, it is a steal! I guess everyone’s skin varies and what may work for one may not work for the other. So my recommendation would be to try it and if it doesn’t work for you then just return them or throw them out! It’s always better to try……who knows, you may love the product and your skin may glow like mine!

  242. jeannie grijalva Says:

    i am soooooo glad that i decided t do some reading on the internet before buying this product!!! just dealing with the customer service alone would have given me a coronary!!!! thanks for the heads up!!!

  243. BARBARA DUBE' Says:


  244. E Says:

    Even though I’ve been using Oil of Olay since I was 13 and look young for my age (pushing 40 and have a hot husband that is almost a decade younger than me) I thought, heck, I want to look like a supermodel, it wont hurt to try this for less than $30 bucks. Am I glad I found this blog! Thanks so much. I’ll stick to what’s been working all these years.

    By the way, have any of you tried calling your credit card companies? Let them know you have unauthorized charges on your card and ask that they close the account and reissue a new card. The Melon people wont be able to charge you again.

  245. Marie Says:

    I read this blog today and it’s been a week that i purchase the MB i start seeing red spots on face i’ve been pushing to call and cancel, so after reading this i was very scare to call but i did and i told them i was getting weird things in my face to please cancel. With out any pressure from customer service they went ahead and cancel. BUT will check my account for any charges now i am very very concern. Thanks

  246. Marie Says:

    for all your advises… i am glad i cancel.

  247. Amy Says:

    hmmm…I ordered this product about 45 days ago, and haven’t experienced any of the problems written about ? I also have very sensitive skin, but this product has certainly improved my pore size and has gotten rid of some of the redness I have had on and off for years.

    I think you always have to be careful you understand what the products true charges are, and my phone rep went over them very carefully with me, even breaking it down to what I would be charged initially, and monthly thereafter. without me really asking about it, she went into that. I think as always you have to use common sense – anyone can have an allergic reaction to anything – quit using it at the first sign of one ! and if you don’t understand the charges, call your darn credit card company or bank and stop the charges. If you must, tell them the card was lost – a new card & number will be issued immediately, which instantaneously stops any recurring charges.

    there is no miracle out there…. not one you can buy, anyway

  248. melissa Says:

    i had my hand on the send button for the meaningful beauty.. and then got this feeling to check on responses.. thank you so much..i almost bought the hype.. and for all who did i hope you get your money back…

    thank you

  249. Tracy Says:

    Hey guys I bought this product for my mom and she said it burned her skin as well. Just wanted to give a heads up for anyone wanting try this product with out all sales hassles and continued billing. You are better off going to E-bay no sales drama.

  250. Rebecca Says:

    If you’re going to leave a negative review on a product please stick to the facts about why it didn’t work instead of just ranting. Did you honestly think you were going to look like Cindy Crawford?

  251. shirley Says:

    I was just about to buy this stuff when I saw your blog, not buying it now!

  252. shirley Says:

    Oh and Deborah………………funny, funny letter!

  253. S.K. Says:

    Hi Ladies,

    The first thing I have to say is not all skin is treated equal. While some products work on one woman’s skin, it may cause havoc on anothers’. You must know your skin. Dry, Oily, T-Zone, I Zone, etc….See a dermatologist or estheticican….These infomercials are meant to emotianally move you, why do you think they use one of the most beautiful women on the planet. It gets us to want it just like our kids wanting the next best cereal, because of the great prize inside…..oooooohhhh I gotta have it. Once you know you skin type, purchase products for that type…and beware you skin changes…..it may be oily only certain times of the year…but the best way to keep you skin toned and looking young is through hydration….water, water, water, and moisturizers…stay out of the sun!!!!!

  254. Lori Says:

    Do not buy this crap!!!!I purchased it and after 3 weeks woke up with swollen eyes that have red itchy circles…Now the red itchy circles are starting to appear under my eyes…..
    I’m trying to find the number to call these people and send this crap back!!!!
    Waste of money….I will go back to using my Oil of Olay…..

  255. Amy Says:

    Horrible customer service! It had been over 2 months since I had returned the product and still no refund! I called today, they said that they never got it . LUckily I had bought confirmation on my package delivery and it got there over a month and a half ago. I spoke with a girl said that it should take 4-6 weeks I told her it was already over 6 weeks she told me to fax my mailing receipt in and she would see what she could do. I told her that I wanted my refund and I wanted it NOW! I asked to speak with her supervisor 3 times and each time she would come back with a better sceneraio. The last time I blew up and told her that I wanted to speak with her NOWand that I was going to tell everyone I knew that meaningful beauty was a RIP OFF!!! she came back and said that she had spoke with her supervisor and I would receive a credit in 3-5 days on my credit card. I took down her name and ID so we will see? Wish me luck! and don’t trust them….they are liars!!!

  256. Linda Says:

    Well girls…I was all set to order, I am SO GLAD I came across you all!!
    Thanks for saving me all the hassle,stress and burning!!!!

  257. olivia Says:

    Seems like there are more disgruntled customers than happy ones. Can you believe that they are still sending me bills for the products that I sent back. They are saying that they did not receive them and this has been almost 6 months now. Still no refunds on my credit card. I live in Canada but they have a warehouse here in Toronto, so I don’t understand why they are saying this.
    They have the gall to threaten me and send the bills for collection so that I will get a bad credit rating. When I called to complain, they sales person had the gall to keep asking me if I want to purchase extra months supply of the shitty stuff. I kept saying no but she keeps asking me if I want the creams, blah, blah, blah. And I keep telling them that I had a bad reaction to the cream. Don’t they get it that I don’t want it. Seems like they were reading from a script and just doing the hard sell.
    Cindy Crawford should take a look at the complaints and speak to the maker of the creams. Or is she so greedy that she does not care about women’s health? I will never buy any products that she endorses ever again.
    Maybe she will wake up when she gets more women suing the company.
    So……anyone thinking about purchasing the products….one word of advice.

    DON’T!!!!! Save your hard earned money and don’t give it to these highway robbers. They don’t deserve your money.

  258. Holly Says:

    If you think buying a face creme will make you resemble Cindy Crawford you must be off in LaLa land. Balance, education, and research is the key lady. Eat healthy, exercise regularly, and drink lots of water FULL STOP

  259. mj Says:

    I saw the show months ago & thought this product would work, but never did dare to try it. Because my skin was perfectly fine, till recently I’ve decided to test it out. I’ve only used it for couple of days & started feeling this burning sensation, red marks & then cuts right under my chin area. It even dried up my skin. I’m like so mad right now. I should of not even tried it in the first place. So disapointed. Now don’t how I’m gonna repair this face. It’s like no matter what I do, it still burns & cuts appear out of no were! That’s messed up. Famous people should never back up a product that doesn’t work, especially if they haven’t tried it themselves for a couple of days or weeks. So wrong to make money that way!!!!! So wrong! Surprisingly no one made an attemp to sue yet!!

  260. Joelle Says:

    Hello All,

    Thank you all for your feedbacks. You have enlighten me on what each person has experienced. Was just about to purchase this product, but after viewing what people have wrote, I have changed my mind now.
    I’m glad that I done some research into this product.

    I wanted to try something new and different and something that will help my area in need. But it looks like that I need to do more research.

    Everyone has different skin types and we all have different results, but I don’t want to risk it, my skin is way too sensitive. I have already spent alot of money of expensive products. Chanel didn’t work much. Might go back to Olay or Nivea; both products were good for my skin.

    Thanking you all for the heads up and for all your reviews. Also another thank you for saving me time and money.

    Warmest Regards,

  261. houndrat Says:

    Um, because it’s my blog and I’ll rant if I want to? And yes, I absolutely thought using face cream would make me sprout long brunette hair, larger breasts, and brown eyes. Are you saying that was naive of me?

  262. madeleine Says:


  263. Angi Says:

    I’ve been using MB for about 2 weeks now, and so far I really like it. I used Proactive before, along with some other random products here & there, but have fully switched to MB. Since then, the redness on my cheeks that has been there forever had cleared up! Plus, my pores do appear smaller, my skin feels softer, my wrinkles are a bit smoother, and the dark circles under my eyes aren’t as bad…all in just two weeks! Whereas the site says, “Used as directed, Meaningful Beauty’s formulas are designed to help smooth the appearance of visible fine lines, brighten the complexion, and diminish skin roughness and redness in just four weeks.” I’m excited to see the difference in a couple more weeks & there on.

    I was disappointed that the lady told me it would remain at $29.99 every month after, without telling me that was only IF I didn’t change my shipping frequency or kit…if that’s even the case. I have set my shipping frequency to 20 weeks and plan to use the ‘Ship Now’ option when I need anything else…which appears to be only $18 per item, no matter which one. So far, I haven’t seen any unauthorized charges…yet!

    I have also noticed a slight burning around my eyes with the day & night cream, so I now avoid putting any around my eyes and only use the eye cream for my eyes…which makes sense.

    I will continue to be a tad bit skeptical about the shipping of unwanted items and unauthorized charges…I too have been scammed before with trial periods that are impossible to cancel. But, until then and as long as I continue to see results, I’ll continue to use the Meaningful Beauty products.

  264. Karen- Aus Says:

    Get I life people things dont happen in a month. It takes 3 months for you to notice a change in your face…. Were you all born yesterday….. We all a different skins… I’ve used it for 3 months and I’ve notice a differents in my face.

  265. houndrat Says:

    Hmmm…have you noticed a difference, too, by chance? And yes–I was born yesterday. I think I have pretty wicked blogging skills for a one-day-old, too. And lots of differents skins.
    People, I don’t care if you have dissenting opinions, not at all. But, please, I beg of you–at least make them polite. Or if they’re going to be rude–funny. Make them funny. And, oh yeah–spell-check.

  266. Amiee Corigliano Says:

    Wow…..just got a credit from the customer service department. Red swollen unbelievable itchy eyes! Peeling, flaking, shiney skin oh my! Guys, why is this still on the market with some many of us having adverse reactions? Never had anything like this happen in all my years of caring for my skin…….Back to the drawing board……

  267. Karla Says:

    Hey Ladies,

    I don’t know how hard it is to set up an ebay seller acount, but why don’t you try to sell your unwanted MB supplies to those who like the product? I’ve been using the stuff for about a week and love it. I broke out after using my daughters Oil of Olay face lotion and had a batch of MB my mother had bought me tucked away in my bathroom. It cleared up 80% of the breakout (mostly on my forhead) up overnight! I’m not kidding. The mask took care of the rest. Not only that, I had frown lines forming (I have 3 kids,) and they are gone too. I don’t care for the eye lotion, however. It does seem to cause more lines then it gets rid of and the serum burns. I’m not sure what to think about the toner, but I would buy the cleanser, day lotion, night lotion and mask.

  268. Melissa Says:

    Thanks for creating this website/log. I will not purchase this product. Thanks for saving me!

  269. Barbara Says:

    The mask burnt my skin too. It’s been at least 6 months since I tried it and still to this day the skin between my eyebrows and in the middle of my forehead is red and flaky. I’m so pissed.

  270. Olivia Says:

    I think you all need to think for yourselves and stop listening to others. Everyone’s skin is different. This product may work for you and not others.

  271. Kat Says:

    OMG!! Thanks so much for all of your comments! I saw the info-mercial this am, and was tempted, despite my financial situation, to buckle under and resort to my savings account, in order to give this a try. I decided to “Google” and read up on it first, to see if there would be another way to order it. This way I could hold out till my next paycheck. Am I ever glad I did.

    My sister had cosmetic surgery done on her face and it was painful and expensive. I thought, “wouldn’t it be something if I could accomplish the same results, at only a fraction of the price”? Now it seems I have been saved the expense and “Pain” altogether. Indeed, MY pain would have exceeded hers without a doubt!
    Thx again!!

  272. tracie Says:

    Wow Thank you all for saving me from that huge mistake i was about to make.Its great people like you all care about other people all the very best to you all


  273. Bel Says:

    I am 35 yrs old and have been using this product for a week. So far so good, my face feels smoother and my make up goes on flawless. I also have very sensitive skin and no reactions, hope this product continues to work good.

  274. Sherry Says:

    I just received MEANINGFUL BEAUTY today……used it and my face FEELS TIGHT and like I have a ton of pore clogging shit on it…PLUS MY FACE IS RED AND BURNING!!!!!!

    The cleanser was like water…no suds or lather…


    IM GOING BACK TO VICTORIA PRINCIPAL where I should have stayed….I dont know what I was thinking….TRUST THE PRINCIPAL SECRET……IT IS QUALITY STUFF!!!!

  275. Annie Says:

    My skin LOVES Meaningful Beauty products. I started working for another beauty co. one year ago and experimented w/their products but broke out. After trying several, a co-worker whispered to me that she thought I had the most beautiful skin when I started there and to go back to what I was using before. I did and my skin returned to its radiant self thanks to MB. I use the cleanser and night cream and have for three or four years. The compliments keep coming, which can be a little awkward when I’m at work because customers assume it’s because of the brand I sell (I don’t lie to them. Rather, I focus on helping them and their skin.). Also, my experience has been that the MB customer service has always been helpful and efficient.

  276. Janet Says:

    Meaningless Beauty by Cindy Crawford is highly deceptive from pricing to packaging. While the ingredient list is average – melon? Come on. Another thing I haven’t read a complaint about is the amount of product in the bottles. It’s a lot of air! .5 fluid oz is more like .0005 fluid oz. I did a comparison and found that we are really buying nothing at all. It’s astounding!!!!!

    Please ladies – save your money – don’t buy any products endorsed or created by super models. You ARE beautiful we don’t need our self esteems and our pocket books to be lesser than.

  277. cyndi Says:

    Oh Gosh, I just ordered this stuff this morning. Wish I had seen this blog sooner. I will not be putting it on my face to try and plan on giving it right back to the UPS man and writing Return To Sender on box so I do not have to pay to ship it back. I plan on calling customer service in a moment and will call everyday until this order is cancelled and I am refunded my money. I will also notify my bank and contest any charges. Wish me luck. I will never order anything from another site this way again. It is true, If it sounds to good to be true, it usually is.

  278. Mali Says:

    LMAO, Wow, loved your post Debra.

    I too ordered the MB products, however, when I called to order I refused all of the other telephone offers they try to suck you into and told them to only ship me a 30 day trial kit which included the 2-pc (glowing serum and neck & decollete cream) free bonus. Having had problems with auto-delivery before I was a little leery when ordering and thus was very particular (anal) when going over the details of the trial period and return policy with the rep. After confirming that my call was being recorded I proceeded with my order stating that: I agree to purchase a 30 day trial. I have 30 days UPON RECEIPT of the products to try them, not 30 days from the time they ship them, and if unsatisfied, return them for a full refund. They are not authorized to charge me and or send me any more products within the trial period as described. I ordered them on Nov. 28/09 and received them just yesterday, thereby giving me a trial period From Dec 7/09 – Jan 7/10, We’ll see what happens, LOL.

    1st: I used the cleanser. According to directions you should apply a small amount(no water) directly to your face with your fingertips and massage with gentle circular motions. My skin absorbed it very quickly and when I tried to massage in circular motions I couldn’t, instead my fingers just dragged and pulled at my skin. So after adding water, I massaged and rinsed. Skin felt clean and moist. (note: I suppose if I would have used more product that might not have happened but then the amount of product in my so called 30 day kit would last all of maybe 15 days).

    2nd: I used the mask. Applied generously as directed. I’m sure that took about 1/4 of the tube. Left it on 20 mins and rinsed. It did seem to pull out a lot of impurities, and with the added help of an extractor around the nose and on the chin, gave decent results. Pores were smaller, however my face did feel a little dry afterward.

    3rd, 4th and 5th: I proceeded with the eye cream, decollete and neck cream, and the night fluid. The eye cream is Ok, nothing special. The night fluid did not provide enough moisture for my 44 yr old, combination/dry skin. I don’t have many lines but the ones that I have were still visible. Skin felt soft but not moist. As a matter of fact I had to re-apply it a couple of hours later.

    Woke up this morning with my skin looking pretty good albeit on the dry side. Pores still look smaller…but pores usually look smaller on dry skin..so I don’t know if it’s a + or a -???

    As various skin types can react differently to the same products, even after reading all the posts here, I am still going to try the day serums. Call me a sucker but I’m curious, and the products are sitting right here. It doesn’t mean that I’m going to slather the creams all over my face and hope for the best. I’m going to do somewhat of a patch test(apply in a small area on the side of my
    face)and see what happens. Wish me luck.

    For all the women negatively affected by these products, I hope you are all better and have been 100% reimbursed, you should also get compensated for pain and suffering. I’m serious. So they reimburse you big deal. What about everything else? Being uncomfortable because your skin is burning and the embarrassment of having to walk around with your face a mess.

    If I have any of the same problems listed here, either with my skin and or a return if need be, well there is going to be trouble.

    And one final thing. Even if these skincare products were to help, you are all correct when you say, there is no way Cindy Crawford maintained her face/skin with them. Supergenes or not.. Get real!

    I’m aging and I don’t like it…so I’ll happily continue to search for and use “Shallow and Vacuous beauty products”[1]. When and if the time comes than I can afford to have the cosmetic procedures that celebrities have done and or choose to go under the knife… I will, and not that anyone will really care but if asked if I’d had work done, at least I’ll be honest about it and won’t say that… a Melon did it!


    [1]Debra OP

  279. Pat Robledo Says:

    Since using this product, I’ve been fighting corneal ulcers. I can barely see. I am very light sensitive and the pain in my eyes is horrible! I have to go to the eye doctor 3 times a week, and the specialists at the Wills Eye Hospital in Philadelphia once a week (and pay nearly $19 for less than 2 hours to park!) I’m disabled and can’t drive, so my husband has to take the day off to drive me over the bridge to Wills every week, and I have to try to find rides the other days of the week for the regular eye doc. Has anyone else had these ulcers on their eye after using this junk? If so, let’s talk.

  280. Alison Says:

    I started using this about a month ago and have actually been pretty pleased with the product. If you read the insert that came with the products it does mention that minor redness and flaking is normal when you first start the system but that it should clear up with continued use. I experienced a little redness & flaking on my forehead which lasted about 2 days but is gone now.

    All in all I am pleased. It keeps my skin hydrated but doesnt feel heavy.

    For those considering: dont let the negative reviews here deter you from trying it. A lot of reviews have been positive, and chances are most people who have positive results dont bother posting about it so I’m sure most people are satisfied with the product.

    For those who have already ordered it: you may as well try it. You may be very pleased. Worse case you discontine use and get a refund.

    Take care and good luck,


  281. Donna Says:

    Thank you for saving me money and skin problems. And thank you even more for the hilarious letter.

  282. MARY Says:

    Well, I wish I had read the blogs before ordering as I just got off a 20 minute phone call with the customer service department regarding my shipment that arrived today along with the notation that I would be charged a total of $97.80 for my “30″ day supply of this miracle product that was to be $29.95 plus shipping and handling. After sitting on hold, the first CSR informed me that I had received the larger 90 day supply and that I could just keep it and they would bill me the end of this month and the end of February for the balance. When I informed her that wasn’t happening, she put me on hold again and I got a supervisor who tried to indicate I had made a mistake in ordering. As I explained to her, when I placed the order online, everything came up as $29.95 plus shipping but when I received the confirming e-mail they showed $97.80 – I immediately called Meaningful Beauty and was told by the representative that there was an error in the e-mail and that a lot of people were calling and that as long as the order on the screen showed $29.95, I would not be overcharged. Put on hold again and supervisor came back and said she would credit the remaining balance of the $97.80 and I could keep the products. I will keep them and I will also cancel any further shipments, What a racket and how do these companies get by with raping the public – Cindy Crawford are you that hard up that you have to stoop so low – Isn’t Cindy representing JC Penny now, they might want to think whose products they are offering. Chris Madden has a lot more class.



  284. shelley Says:

    I am LMAO so hard!!! I called in a year or so ago about to buy this stuff the chick on the phone pissed me off so bad tryin to swindle me with the free this and the free that I had to hang up w/out ordering. I went to my mothers house she is quite the HSN-holic that she bought this product to have it sit upon other boxes of crap she did not need. She said to open boxes and menaingful beauty was in one of them… I leaped up and fought over it w/my sis i said she could have the bare minerals and I would take the meaningful crap, how oh how I wish for the bare minerals right now to cover up my redness and flakiness.
    Back to the olive oil i use on my face to take off my makeup and use for my daily moisturizer. I have had more compliments on my skin from using the oil than anything else. All I can say is Cindy Crawford and the actors that go on and rave about this product should be very ashamed!!!

  285. Mali Says:

    Lenore Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    January 19th, 2010 at 8:42 pm

    Update on my previous post from Dec 8. “Call me a sucker but I’m curious” Well the verdict is in and Yes, I truly am a sucker with a face that now thanks to MB looks at least 20 yrs older.

    After the initial test my skin was fine, dry as mentioned, but to be expected as written in the MB literature. I continued to use the products however early on, within a week or so I also quit using all of them. I found the cleanser to be too drying, the moisturizer and eye cream not rich enough, and the serum made me break out. My skin looked worse. The only products that were ok were the décolleté and neck cream and the mask (or so I thought).

    Called then to cancel, explained the above, the rep said “just give your skin time, keep using it, we’ll put a hold on your order for a month and call us again then”. So stupid me… still wanting that “beautiful skin” figured that’s fair I’ll keep trying it and call back in a month.
    I never did go back to using the other products but two weeks later I decided hey I’m going to use the mask again…what a mistake. After having the mask on for 5 mins my face started to burn. I quickly washed everything off but the burning didn’t stop. Woke up this morning with my skin still burning. It’s all crepey, has red patches and is starting to peel off. I’ve been spraying water on my face all day using a ROC mineral water atomizer, helps a little.

    Called MB canceled everything no problem, my account had not been charged for any more product, so no problem there. I was informed that I would receive a full refund on receipt of the returned bottles. I told them that I did not feel like paying for the weight of the product to ship it back and was throwing all of it in the garbage where it belongs and that they would receive the containers empty. Again, I was told that was fine.

    When I asked for advice on what to do about my skin I was put on hold for a few minutes while the rep spoke to some other department. When she came back on the line her advice was to keep splashing cool water on my face and that I could try using Aloe Vera, which is recommended for burns and if things got worse to go and see a doctor… NO SH*^. She relayed this info with absolutely no feeling or emotion in her voice which to me indicates two things. First, that it has nothing to do with her, obviously it is not her fault and second, but more importantly is that it also shows that it probably wasn’t the first time she had heard this complaint. And that was it the call was over. Thank you for using Meaningful Beauty she said.

    Seriously??…Thank you… thank you for burning my skin off…are you kidding!! 24 hrs later and my face still hurts, I’m not talking a mild tingling either it is painful. I can only spray it with water anything else I try stings.

    I hope my skin gets better fast and if I end up in the doctor’s office because of this, then, perhaps I will consult my lawyer. MB should be held accountable for these problems, how truly disgraceful to sell products that can cause such harm.

    Ladies BEWARE…please think twice before you use any of these products!!

  286. Ann Says:

    Wish I had done my research. What a great blog. I thought MB was going to be great. I have been using the products for three weeks- my skin is softer, I felt it was making a difference…. and then I used the masque. My forehead is red and there’s an itchy rash that is driving me nuts, my cheeks are pink -in not a good way- and I have what look like welts at the corners of my mouth.
    The good news is when I called Customer Service, they were actually very nice and I filled out an allergy report with another rep.
    Let’s see if the refund goes through.

  287. Lisa Says:

    I just started a new job and wanted to look good. It’s my second day on the job (1 week of using this miracle crap) and my face is a MESS! I’ve never looked so bad. I have a rash all over my neck and lower face that burns and itches and is bright red with things that look like mosquito bites all over it! I am so embarrassed!

  288. Darelin Says:

    I bought and tried Meaningful Beauty products for aprox 2 to 3 weeks and I have been slowly getting more and more burning and irritation on my face! Its similar to having tiny scratches in your skin and then having alcohol rubbed over them! I am scared! My eyesight has been affected from the use and I have got some kind of irritation around my eyes, red sunken! It is wierd and awful! I don’t have allergies of any type or sensetive skin! But this is frightening to me and I called in to cancel. They did say they cancelled and all that! Its not about the money for me….its more of a health issue! I wonder if it is toxic or poisonious for human contact!! I have quit the use of it as of today and then went online to find all of this info about people having the same reactions! I’d like to know how long does this irritation last and when will my skin feel like my own again! I just want this to go away and as far as Cindy Crawford! I don’t believe there is anyway she uses this junk!! She has lied and I would assume it is for monetary gain! Shame on her and she needs to apologize!

  289. Michael JACKSON Says:

    This is a great site, I love the theme you are using. I Stumbled it for you and bookmarked it on Digg.

  290. ransi Says:

    Hi, Cindy with her rubbish products is entering the Indian market after failing in the US.

  291. ronda Says:

    well, I was just about to spend the money for this product and thought about all the money I’ve wasted on infocommercial stuff before so I was doing some research and came accross your blog and let me just say Thank you I am now not going to purcahse “meaningful beauty” thanks for your post and all the readers comments and feedback!!!!

  292. La Chica Bonita Says:

    OMG! Thank you guys so much…I was totaly abt to buy this product for my mother, aunt uncle sister-n-laws and myself but I “binged” the product name and Cindy Crawford, read the first few links and then clicked on this one; to my surprise I read the posting you all had left in reagrds to this product. So, I want to thank all of you for your posting and allowing me to avoid spenidng that money. I usually use this face scrub that cost $28 bucks a bottle and Mary Kay products. I have been thinking of ordering that Gretchen Christine Beaute line. It will hit soon. What do you guys think about it? She is the girl on Housewifes of Orange County……THX N Chow

  293. mominNY Says:

    I purchased this product about a year ago, for the first month my skin was red, blotch, flaky, burning etc. but then it all cleared up and looks great. My skin is now softer than it has ever been, clear and looks so much more healthy. I would recommend if you can get through the initial phase you will see a change for the better in your skin.

  294. Kristy Says:

    I saw this infomercial and I always love to type in the name and add SCAM afterwards. I have been a faithful Jafra user since my teens and will stick with what I love. I am 53 and was taken for early 30s last week. Loved your blog, love a lot of the replies but am so sorry for all the reactions! Jafra too has been in business for many years and I swear by it and always have. At 53, I have NO crows feet and just slight wrinkling on my forehead. Good luck all!

  295. Blotchy babe Says:

    Well everyone…as did you, I decided to give the Meaningful Beauty line a shot. Now my skin can generally take a beating and still rebound back. In fact, people used to compliment me on my skin and asked me what I used for my face to keep it moist…and I would reply Bath & Body works body lotion…because I DID! In winter, I needed something thick that moisturized. However, I am into my 40′s and decided I should start taking better care of my face…so I bought in. Congrat’s Meaningful Beauty…you were able to burn my face faster than a Porsche hit’s 0 to 60mph. I couldn’t get to the sink fast enough to rinse the crap off my face. This is the FIRST and ONLY product to ever cause a reaction on my skin. I was looking for smoke with the burn I felt. Can I say I LOVE American Express….maybe MB customer service was pissy about giving me my money back, but American Express wasn’t. They hooked me right up and took my money back from that telescam organization.

  296. Blotchy babe Says:

    Hey all…learn the truth to “Meaningless Beauty”…


  297. Shebear Says:

    Good advice: Several CC companies (visa, discover, etc) have desktop icons that you click on and choose “generate virtual account number.” You use these numbers to buy things online, they are billed to your regular card number. The good part is you specify what the card limit is, and the expiration date. So if you buy something online in March for $50, you specify the card limit is $50, and it expires in March. These rip-off companies can then no longer use that card.
    Thanks for the info on Cindy Crawford, too!

  298. qweeknee Says:

    It was great reading the reviews. I too, was tempted to buy the product even though my skin is healthy, I just wanted an extra boost. That supermodel boost. I am happy to have saved the money and will just stick with my Usana products. Glad I went the extra step and googled for info!

  299. lida Says:

    i was just about to order the product but thank you so much for the reviews of those girls who have tried it. Its just a shame for CC to advertise such product and to make money out of ordinary people. Cindy haven’t you made enough money… you want to make more by burning people’s skin?….shame on you girl…yeah, you better advertise the plastic surgeries that you have done..SHAME ON YOU AND YOUR FRENCH DOCTOR

  300. May Says:

    I’m so glad I read your blog before purchasing this product!! I love your blog heading:) Now, I’m going to checkout he rest of your blog…I too have 3 dogs and 2 kids and a crazy husband!

  301. Vanessa Says:

    I tried this product because my friend had it and I tired hers for a couple of days before I bought it and like it so I decided to purchase it. She loves and stands by it. I believe all products have ups and down I have broken out using clinique, Mary Kay, Mabeline and others, it is just your skin type ans what it can handle. Anyone is going to have good and bad reviews no matter what.
    I personally like it so far.

  302. Trish Says:

    I almost purchased and was glad I did the homework first!! I think with any product, satisfation should be guarenteed or a refund should be immediate. I was very saddened to learn the company did not have a reputable refund policy. I will not purchase this product…

  303. anonymous Says:

    Thanks you guys stopped me from buying this product. I probably wouldn’t have ordered it anyway because it’s to expensive.

  304. Jaimee Says:

    All these postings really have me thinking. Why are so many people mentioning burning sensations? This does not sound good!

  305. Sue Says:

    Hey, Ladies! No beauty product in the world will make you look like Cindy Crawford. That being said, are there no lawyers out there ready and willing to file a class action lawsuit? Glad I read this before purchasing the product. Thanks for the information.

  306. Sophie Says:

    I too was watchin the infomerical and I am glad I checked for comments before ordering. A tip I use when ordering anything now online or from television – - I use a prepaid debit card. I usually pick them up for low amounts and use them when I want to try somehting new (like this product) or an online service. That way, if I decide i do not like the product I do not have to worry about the company charging my account becuase if they do,they will not get any more money anyways.

  307. Kari Says:

    OMG, another infomercial almost got me! I can’t wait until I’m done breast feeding and don’t have to be up in the middle of the night to get sucked in! Thanks for the info! Maybe more sleep will help with the dark cirles and generally worn out look . . . maybe in a few more years.

  308. Hopeful Says:

    Hey all – some funny stuff here! I just wanted to share my own experience so far in the hopes it may help some others. I too experienced an allergic reaction to this skin care system and it’s the first allergic reaction of my life, other than poison ivy if that counts. I called the company and the woman was extremely pleasant to deal with and did ask for lots of information about product codes on the different bottles, etc., and said they will issue a full refund to my bank card in approximately five business days and to discard the rest of the product. She also said that it works great for 85% but the remaining 15% are unsatisfied or allergic to the product(s). SO…if you’ve ordered and are having issues I highly recommend phoning the company and giving them the opportunity to make things right. It worked for me! :)

    Thanks, and best of luck.

    Oil of Olay (or oil of ol’lady as the kids like to call it :) , here I come, back again.

  309. Lisa Marie Says:


  310. Melanie Says:

    I have been through alot of what everyone is saying on here. The problem is that the line diffuser (the small “free gift” capsules) has left a red mark on my face that will not go away. I called and complained about a month and a half ago. Told them I didn’t like their product and didn’t want them to send me anymore. I am now going to have to go to a dermatologist to see if anything can be done to remove this red spot on my face. I feel like suing them. I think we should all get together and sue these people for lying to us about such an inferior product. You know what they say about power in numbers? Maybe if enough people got together and brought a law suit against them, they would realize that you can’t get away with screwing people over. I am really worried about this mark on my face. It has been 2 months and it is still there. I can not even cover it with makeup. Then to top things off, they charged me another $42.29 and were going to ship me out some more of this awful crap. It’s time we stood up for our rights and have something done. Anyone with me on this?

  311. LindaLa Says:

    I saw the infomercial the other day and thought that the product must be good if Cindy Crawford is endorsing it. But I did not purchase it as I am just not the type to rush into anything – especially something that might negatively affect my super sensitive skin. After reading the comments here, I will remain with Aveeno. I am going to be 59 in a couple of weeks and people think that I am in my early 40s. I guess I won’t argue with success! It is such a shame that people use their celebrity status to promote products that are not only useless, but dangerous. Best of luck to all of you who have had such horrible reactions to these products!

  312. Lorena Says:

    Cindy Crawford needs funds for her Botox, that’s why she started selling bogus crap, I also think she got greedy besides selling furniture she is selling beauty products. If you want to have great skin eat right, get some sleep and lot’s of sunscreen, especially for those girls who are very fair. I am 38 been looking for the right skin products, since I was a teenager have tried almost everything, that’s out there from the cosmetic counter to the drug store then I heard about Paula Begoun who writes about cosmetic companies and what they really are selling, she has her own skin beauty products called Paula’s choice decided to try it out since she is honest about what she sells there are no gimmicks on her products, you are not going to hear the same BS that Cindy is selling. I hope for all the ladies out there looking for great skin that you find it maybe with Paula’s products or maybe with something else, but be smart about what you put on your face. Good luck & happy trails

  313. Cathie Says:

    All of these responses couldnt be more TRUE. This is a complete waste of time and money out of our pockets. This POS product, not only didnt fix the blimishes on my face, but made my face 10x worse!!!! I have about 5 huge red blotches now and dont see one result after 4 months of use. STAY AWAY FROM THIS PRODUCT PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!! ITS WORTHLESS!!!!!!!!!!!

  314. Ronny Says:

    congratulations !! .. you have finally won one new reader ;)

  315. Hope Says:

    This letter was originally posted on August 19, 2008, with the last reply being June 27th, 2010. What I’m not understanding is why are so many people complaining but doing nothing about it. I haven’t tried MB and refuse to, but reading some of the comments about burning, peeling, itching, swelling, etc., I’m really shocked that no one has done anything about it. Maybe some of you have and haven’t posted, or so I hope. The last time I saw CC was on QVC (a few months ago) again telling the world how great her products were. This wasn’t the first time she was on, because when I went to read the reviews, they were horribly negative. How do you invite a vendor on to sell something that was reviewed so badly the first time? Also, she herself has admitted that her skin looks like it does because of collagen, botox and vegetable shots. Have you ever noticed when she speaks that only part of her face that moves is her mouth? Another question I have is why would any of you think that because CC was promoting something, then it had to be the truth? The infomercial itself, if you watch it carefully, shows Valerie Bertinelli and the othe brunette with the accent (forget her name) laughing as soon as they mention the melon. It’s comical, really. Anyway, back to my original point…if these awful side effects are happening to your faces, something should be done to stop her from selling this junk. You’re all entitled to get your money back, at the very least. I think a class action lawsuit should be filed and one of you should start it. This is our faces that we’re talking about, and to the lady that thinks it’s a good product except for the fact that when she went for an eyebrow waxing and some skin came away with it…oh my GOD! What are you thinking? That’s abnormal and you should never put up with that. Maybe CC is doing this to keep herself busy so she can avoid the numerous rumors of her husband’s infidelity and put on a happy face (oh wait, she can’t do that because of the botox), and have the world think her family life is just wonderful and perfect. And for all her rantings about how bad the sun is for us, how many times have they shown her lying on her yacht practially topless and drinking in the rays…something isn’t right here ladies, you should fix it and stop letting companies like this get away with it. A melon that won’t rot, give me a f*****g break…

  316. Gina Says:

    I saw the Info commercial and thought it was a pretty good product so I ordered it. I was curious and logged on my computer to see how other consumers felt about the product was I disgusted so I called customer service to cancel my order they told me it was to late mind you this was in 1 day of ordering and they said it has been shipped. I THINK I JUST BEEN HAD!!!!

  317. cookie Says:

    Ladies.. first of all.. just because some one of stature says something is true..come on!! We need to remember that they are being paid for this..granted, it’s sad and maddening that they charge so much and don’t stand by the cancellation agreement,as some of you say. But we have to be responsible for our own actions!? I personnally have used this product for over a year now.I am a truckdriver for construction co. So my skin is in the sun ALOT!I have very oily face.MB takes care of that oil..not all day..but nothing does..it makes my face feel soft,supple and I do see a difference in lines.But ya want to know how I use the serum,night cream,and any other creams that come with my order?I use them on my arms,which are in the sun constantly.Also on my legs and hands.MB I can say has done GREAT work on them.My skin was leathery looking on my hands and arms.I just wish the bottles were bigger so I didn’t run out before my next shippment. I wash my face with the cleanser and use the mask alot.And the toner has been great for midafternoon de-oiler on my face.I truely believe that alot of you have had a bad experience,but we all aren’t made of the same skin.What works for one may not work for the other.Just remember that the models on tv have been regimentally taking care of their skin forever, not smiling,frowning,grimmacing,squinting,etc for years..WE WILL NEVER LOOK LIKE THEM no matter what we use. I am 57 a little over weight and most men that I work with think I am in my 30′s til I set them straight,but it’s not because of MB.It’s because I try to take care of myself to the best of my ability some days better than others.Eat right wash my face,brush my teeth,STAY POSITIVE AND SMILE alot.I also think that rubbish about staying out of the sun is…RUBBISH.We need SOME sun for healthy skin. I also think it helps to feel young..I feel 30 something and I’ll continue to use MB because I don’t ever expect to look like a model with perfect skin.I recommend this product.Just keep in mind as I did,it might not work for you.As to refunds,I have yet to get thru to get thru to ANY COMPANY with out GREAT frustration,or threats.I’m dealing with a bank now!!!

  318. Lynne Says:

    Wanted to find out if this stuff worked before I bought it. Thank you for the answer!!!! Grateful to you forever as I don’t have the money to waste but am embarassed by my forehead lines and was hoping her product worked as in the infomercial. Thank goodness I used common sense and looked around for answers first!

  319. BJ Says:

    I used Meaningful Beauty about 2 years ago. I really liked it a lot. Once they changed the Day Moisturize and added the SPF 15, something in that formula broke my skin out; it made it really sensative. My face felt like it was on fire and it was sensative to the touch. I had to stopped using it. I wasn’t expecting to look like Cindy Crawford, but my skin looked healthy and felt great and that’s all that mattered. I’m currently using Philosphy and love it! I’ve also used in the past Principle Secret and loved that as well. Skin care just like make up is either hit or miss. We have to spend the money to find out what we like and what works well, but once you find something that works hold on to it.

  320. Erin Says:

    I seriously wish I had read this before I ordered this garbage. I have been a faithful Proactiv customer for years, and it was a “Special Promotion” e-mail from Guthy Renker that told me to try Meaningful Beauty “Risk-Free”. I’d already seen the infomercial several times and this e-mail sealed the deal for me. I just used it for the first time, on HALF of my face, so I would have a comparison for possible reactions…guess which half is red and blotchy? HERE’S THE REAL KICKER: After reading all of these comments, I tried to sign in to cancel any future orders, but the website is “temporarily unavailable” and they “apologize for any inconvenience.” My ass.

  321. Maria Says:

    OMG!!!! I wish I had read this befor I started using this product. I have hyper sensetive, so I am normally very carful about changing my cleanser like this. I had a sever reaction to the product and reported it to the company while trying to cancel the next order. The specialist on the other end of the call down graded my sever reaction that consisted of hives, blistering and sever burning, to a ligt warm sensation with redness. He was rude, he spoke over me, and refused to cancel or refund me for the product. I am still getting orders and they will not take them back or refund me for the packeges I have returned to the company. I have learned my lesson and will stick with my oil of olay.

  322. ultragrowth Says:

    Been searching for information just like this thanks for getting it out there.

  323. robin Says:

    Ok I am still not understanding why the infomercial states that the product is 39.99 plus tax. Never in the show does it state that I will then be billed two more payments. I ordered one time and have received that one time product . I have already paid two payments of 48 dollars. I have almost given them 100 . All I want to understand is why they lied to me about it being 39.99 plus tax. Clearly it is three payments of this for a one time shipment. I have already called to ask that question and the woman assured me that I would never be shipped any more products. I did not know that I signed up for any in the first place! I will not be paying another (alledgedly last) payment of 48 for a ONE time kit offer for ONLY 39.99 plus tax on t.v.
    Meaningful Beauty is a total rip off!

  324. Bobby Says:

    Hi, My wife wanted this product because her sister told her about the miraculous effects that she saw (on the commercial). I’ve studied marketing, psychology, and propaganda techniques and am sad that so many people are suckered, repeatedly, by slick marketing (my family members included). Folks, I cannot tell you how many times I’ve articulated rational reasons to avoid the over-priced infomercial items only to acquiesce to appease family members need to “try” them.

    Here are my simple words of advice:

    * Whatever ‘natural’ product, fruit, herb, tea or vegetable is touted as the miracle element that makes the product effective – Just purchase those foods directly and consume them; your body will use and apply the beneficial aspects to your body and will expel the rest. (Skin, hair and nails grow from the inside out)
    * If you wish to apply the ‘natural’ product to your skin, consume a portion and blend the fruit, skin, (and seeds, if you want a scrub), and apply it. Test small area w/ home-made, no-chemical product to make sure skin does not get stained.

    *Use a Prepaid Credit Card to avoid repeated charges, just in case you get too busy to cancel the auto-orders (or if the order representative does not process your cancellation right away).

    * Before buying skin products, research the various types & names used for “wax” in the cosmetic industry. You might bne shocked to see how many are listed in the ingredient label. Yes, fine lines and holes ARE less visible when they are filled with wax. But, if you prefer that look & texture, you can save a lot of money by buying parafin (Candle Wax), warming it up and applying it to your skin for awhile.

    ***THANK YOU TO ALL WHO HAVE SHARED YOUR STORIES. The only miracle this product has brought to my life is that it led me to your comments & my wife and sister were convinced to change their minds and NOT order!!! Once again, I have hope for reason!


  325. Lalah Says:

    To the person who said why isn’t anyone doing anything about this .. I’m trying. Please see my facebook page. It might not do any good since the company has already been reported to the Attorney General in CA and to the FTC, but hey, I’m trying. I wish I had done a search on this is before ordering. Ordinarily I’m not one to complain, but my account’s just been wiped out a week before Christmas. Shame on you Cindy. We reap what we sow in this life.

  326. sandra Says:

    At first I was ticked off about the 3 months supply thing. I called and was treated professionally and got on an “as needed call basis”. No more auto ship. The product works for me. I have sensitive skin and have had no complaints. I wonder if it is more gentle now than back when most of you wrote. Whatever I can’t use, I sell on Ebay and break even, at least. So far, so good.

  327. Lorie Says:

    i almost ordered this when viewing their infomercial, but like a smart shopper, decided to read what ‘real’ people have experienced.

    THANK YOU ALL for your comments/opinions!!! this has stopped me from purchasing another useless product. it’s a shame how celebrities are taking advantage of a woman’s pride and make promises to make us look younger. if men weren’t such pigs and drool over younger women, we wouldn’t be so desperate for these types of products!

    i’m slowing starting to be proud of each and every wrinkle i find on my face…after all, i earned every one ;)

  328. Tiffany Says:

    Man am I glad I saw this site before buying anything. I actually was going online right now to buy some of this product. I thought it just came out this year, but I see from the complaints that it has been out since 2008 and they are just ripping people off. I read most of the posts and you wonderful people made me question things that I had forgot about. THANK YOU ALL!!!! I AM GOING TO STICK WITH MY AVEENO AND NEUTROGENA!! It works and I always get compliments on my skin,and I don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to get it, if it’s not broke why fix it. =)

  329. Sarona Says:

    Wow, there are too many bad comments. I’m sitting here with my credit card out, ready to order and thought I would look online first if there was any side effects. All I can say is thank goodness for internet. It may have saved me from any future disasters. You can never truly believe everything you see on t.v. Paid actors and supermodels will say anything to get you suckered in. What a scam and huge let down, it’s really a damn shame to prey on women who just want to take care of their skin. Shame on you Cindy and Valerie.

  330. Kiki Says:

    Oh man, its been like what, 3 years since the original blog entry, and women are STILL commenting. Wow. A testament to the product (or lack of one), I do think.

    Glad I found this blog and all the comments…. I’m seeing reactions that I would expect to find here…. burning skin, redness, etc… which I was concerned about when I heard about the “miraculous melon” extract.

    And the price not really being $39.99 for one shipment? Forcing people to order a 3 month supply?? SHAME ON YOU Cindy and Meaningful Beauty!

    SO GLAD I went online and did a little bit of research instead of giving into my boredom and ordering over the phone. I’ll stick to my Olay and Neutrogena products, have had great results with those!

  331. Dominique Says:

    You are my hero! Couldn’t have said it better myself…

  332. Candice Says:

    Wow, so there was a toooon of negative info about this product up there. First thing…It’s called an allergic reaction when you have the red blotchy spots on your face. As for me…I used this product for 6 months on two rounds of the billing cycle. My adult acne that started coming in after my 3rd child went away. I’ve had to stop using these products because they aren’t reasonably affordable. And guess what…I’m broke out again one month into the Clinique line. Cindy… if you’re so rich from your career…then why not pass some of the love on to your fellow women. I guess its off to Walmart to find an affordable face care line that helps with this hormonal breaking out. I just can’t afford to pay the 120 bucks every 3 months and to feed the kids. Maybe to someone whose bank account is well endowed this isn’t a big deal… Owell.

  333. Ani Says:

    Saw the infomercial, but after reading all the comments, I had a feeling it would be a sham, so thank goodness I did not purchase it. The best thing that works for acne, and leaves your skin clean and clear is using 100% aloe vera gel, which can be purchased at any drugstore. I like rite aid brand the best. I put it on every night, and wash my face in the morning and have firmer, clear, and youthful skin. I am 32 tears old, but people still think I am in my early 20′s. Try it and see what happens, it really works, and costs only $5.

  334. M Park Says:

    Well, like most of you ladies, I too just watched the infomercial & was all set to order but, my gut told me to research it first. So glad I did! What gets me is all the other celebrities who were endorsing this product! Valerie Bertinelli, the woman from NCIS and another one who’s name I don’t remember. At first, I was thinking there’s no way their ALL bullshitting us but, hey, guess I was wrong. I’m so glad I didn’t fall prey to the madness! Thank You!

  335. Francdes Says:

    Glad I read this. I was on my way to the phone. If it sounds to good to be true it probably is to good to be true. It sounds like this is a good product for acne or oily skin but for most of us who have mature skin the problem is dryness and lack of moisture. We do not need something that will dry our skin out more and deplete it of mositure. So, I will pass on this one. . . . Thanks for all the comments.

  336. Elle Says:

    I too bought the stuff. I saw her this summer at a regatta and she does look amazing. I suspect that it works really well for certain people and not others. I too had swelling, itching and redness. It was really pretty bad. I sent mine back. I think perhaps some of us are sensitive to the melon mixture. I for one can’t stand melons and won’t eat them so maybe I should have realized spreading melon on my face wasn’t going to make me happy either. I doubt Cindy really wants to burn people’s faces. Most on this blog reacted pretty quickly. I only bought one month. Perhaps they should offer a trial kit for those of us who seem to be sensitive – try it out… It doesn’t work for us…move on. I do have friends that love it. Just doesn’t work for me. That is true of so many lines. You just have to find what works for you. They should reimburse you if you send it back. Send the photos… I have a great aunt who is 88. She has been using horse hair conditioner on her face since she was 12. Her skin looks like a babies butt… I tried it and looked like a grease pit. So there you go – we are all individuals.

  337. Mandy Says:

    The meaningful beauty commercials are annoying. I’m no longer watching any channel that put on one of their extended commercials in the middle of a program. The new Oprah network is notorious for this. What’s the matter, Oprah doesn’t have enough money?

    If you want to use a great product that’s only made with two ingredients and that’s great for your skin use Aqualin. 1 tube last a year and because it’s only made with demineralized water and vegetable glycerine it can’t go rancid, like all the other chemical crap on the market. I’m 60 years old and people think I’m in my 30s. I’ve been using the product for over twenty years and it’s the best thing I’ve ever used in my life. And best yet, it’s cheap, cheap, cheap. At one time I idiotically spent up to $100 bucks for a moisturizer that would wind up iritating my skin and go rancid way before it was used up. Get the light formula, it absorbs more easily in the skin. You can get it here – http://www.microbalanced.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=2

  338. Janey Says:

    Oh man I wish I had seen this blog before I ordered this junk! I’m sending it back tomorrow and I haven’t even had it for one month! Just like everyone else the under eye firmer has burned under my eyes and I couldn’t figure out why my EYES were burning so badly. I thought I had become allergic to something. Now I know I’m allergic to Cindy Crawford and this bilious s#*t she’s pushing! The first and ONLY time I used that thick paste called night cream I almost went running out into the streets yelling for a fire engine to come and put out the fire my skin was burning so badly. I’ve gone back to my Olay ProX the best product I’ve ever used. I’ve just turned 65 and I’ve always gotten compliments on what beautiful skin I have and how I don’t look my age. I hope Cindy didn’t ruin it for me! I bet she doesn’t really use this or she would be walking around with red eyes and red cheeks and forehead like the rest of us who tried to use it. Stay away from this product or you will not only hurt your skin, but also your pocketbook!!!

  339. Mel B Says:

    I almost ordered this ten minutes ago when I figured I’d google it first. Thank goodness for the internet, or I’d be a burning, itchy, red mess.

  340. Helaine Says:

    Thank GOD I read this website!!! Holy CRAP this is SO unreal!!! Youd think it would have SOME Validity! I never ever buy crap like this offline, but thought, was does she have to gain -she already has money! Shaking my head ! Shame on her!

  341. Lvtootie Says:

    Thank you guy’s, for flashing a warning sign in front of me. I was at my last decided on ordering meaningful beauty. I’ve learn something ago… to do the research before ordering; next to aver thing on the web, more problems with my skin is the last thing I need.

  342. Lizzie Says:

    As if turning 50 and going through menopause isn’t bad enough. Along came hormonal acne to add insult to injury. Trying to function with a face that looked as if it had a permanent case of chicken pox has not been fun. Like everyone else on this blog, I tried so many products. . . and like so many, I’ve watched Cindy’s infomercial and been so tempted. Right now, my face is finally healed, and looking pretty good. But while moisturizers help, what has made all the difference for me is an oral antibiotic, and spironolactone. They each cost me about $4/month. And I have botox once or twice a year. The first time I got botox, I did all the research and found a highly respected plastic surgeon in Atlanta who left me looking like Jack Nicholson for a mere $600!!!! never again. Somehow, I found out about an angel, Dr. Lawson – a wonderful PCP/GP, 1/2 mile from my house who for +/- $250, once a year, keeps me looking natural with minimal lines. Worth every penny!

  343. Lesley Says:

    I have Rosacea and incredibly sensitive skin and I was thinking of purchasing this range. One of the reasons that it most probably causes allergic reactions in customers, is that the melon ingredient is an alkaline substance and our skins are acidic. The protective acid-mantle that surrounds our skin is destroyed for several hours when using alkaline products e.g. soap.
    I believe that Dr.Hay always advocated eating melon on its own for the same reason that our stomachs are acidic and alkalis upset this balance.

  344. Milo's Mom Says:

    Wow. I consider myself skeptical and intelligent and I still was about to pull out the VISA. Every person, every boyfriend of a person, who wrote with insights and experiences–THANK YOU. Thanks for a couple of good laughs, too.

  345. Linda Says:

    All they do is lie to get your money. Your first shipment comes with a 90-day supply even though they tell you that you are getting a 30-day sample kit. The invoice very clearly states that you will be billed 3 times for your first shipment. Even though Customer Service lied, I figured I would just use the products but cancel any further shipments. For the last 2 months, I’ve had payments taken directly from my checking account even though I CANCELLED!!! Now I’m having to open a new checking account and moving all of my transactions to a credit union because of this ridiculous set up. DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS, YOU’LL NEVER GET THEM TO STOP BILLING YOU!

    Linda Collins, Phoenix, AZ

  346. Lisa Says:

    Hi Ladies,

    I too have seen the late night commercials and although I think Cindy Crawford is very beautiful, I am not tempted to spend that kind of money on her products.

    I just checked on eBay and “Meaningful Beauty” is all over the place, all very pricey even for eBay which has become more like an online antique shop with their high prices then an online place to find bargains.

    Eat right, take care of your skin, stay away from drugs, alcohol, late night partying, fast food, take daily supplements and follow a good skin care regimen and you too will have meaningful beauty for life! :)

  347. Michelle Says:

    Glad I found this site. Ordered the product a couple of hours ago. Just called and cancelled thanks to all the comments.

  348. Just Me Says:

    I had the very same reaction! I used the entire line and me being the dope I am, it happened the first time mildly and I assumed it HAD to be something else. So when the problem cleared up the first time, being the glutten for punishment I am, I tried it again. Well ladies and gents… My face looks like I have been stung by 100 bees! I have pockets of fluid retained under each eye, which makes me look more like a prize fighter that lost the fight, I have hives all over my face and my neck… my neck literally feels as though I was the victim of a third degree burn! The itching is making me nuts and I have to go to the dermatologist and get a Kenalog shot because after three days of this swelling, itching and noncence, it hasn’t improved.

    Benadryl hasn’t worked, hydrocortisone hasn’t worked and completely leaving it alone is torture!

    I wouldn’t put this on a fence post let alone anyone’s face!

  349. Just Me Says:

    Can anyone say… Law Suit? Thanks for posting these!

  350. Just Me Says:

    I have pictures if anyone wants to sue the crap out of little miss “I want everyone in the world to be ugly BUT me.” Cindy Crawford! I dunno? Maybe it only works when you can afford to travel to Paris and sit in a melon field with the Dr. who created it singing mantras to the earth Goddess?

  351. Just Me Says:

    And… They have the wrong spokeperson… I think Mickey Rourke might be a more realistic model to show what this stuff actually does to you. Ladies and gents, I went to this website and this does actually help.


    I made a poultice of the corn starch and the vinegar and it burns like a mother-effer for a few seconds and then the itching goes away completely. FYI!

  352. Just Me Says:

    I should have done this to begin with… My skin is starting to go back to normal!

  353. chrissy Says:

    WOW!! This was a great letter. I too saw the infomercials and was thinking that I needed to buy this product, but then decided that I would type reviews of meaningful beauty into my search engine to see what came up. Yours was the first thing I saw, and after having read all of the comments I am glad I decided to check first.
    I did find the comment about Meaningful Beauty not being sold in France where it’s supposedly made interesting. Wonder why that is? Maybe over there they just eat the super melon rather than smearing it on their faces!
    Thanks for your reviews. Got any advice for someone with hereditary under eye circles? My whole family has them, doesn’t matter how much I sleep or how much I exercise or what I eat, they are still there and they don’t seem to want to budge. No really, I have a very healthy diet, I teach aerobics classes and I get plenty of sleep but I still have really dark circles and they age me terribly.

  354. Linda Says:

    this cream sucks ass!!!

  355. Fred Salati Says:

    We ordered this product. My …wife (37 yrs old ex model, Brazilian olive caucasian skin) receives the first box. She tries it… She did not like the products. She calls and asks to cancel the product. They tell her okay..No number given….. My wife’s aunt dies and has to go oveseas to her distraught mother….. She spends 2 months there and meaningful beauty keeps sending the boxes. I keep seeing the boxes coming in not knowing. I tell her about a delivery and says that it is canceled so not to worry. I had to urgently go to Italy because my father died there so I had to leave our home in the USA. That home kept recieving these boxes with creams. I then saw these idiots charging our card at $108.85 a pop. I am worried about my mother and really have more urgent things to deal with but anyways I decide look up their number and tell them again to cancel. Although I got the run around they finally cancelled it. I even proposed to show death certificates and travel tickets to get a full refund. After all that they took about $500 on creams that do not work. One payment was credited to to us but they figured lets keep the rest of the “Meaningful Booty”. When people cancel they should cancel. When people do not want to receive the products, and if they do not think this product is of any use then they must not push it on them. If they want more customers the least they can do is treat everyone ethically. I gave tehm my account number to refund complained on Facebook they said to email therm as they wold be “happy to assist”. The just kept me out of their FB page because I complained and they never wrote, called and just ignored me. BTW we still have 3 boxes of those crooks creams unopened still sealed. DO NOT TRUST MEANINGFUL BEAUTY THEY ARE IMMORAL CROOKS.

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