So, I was just surfing the blogosphere (okay, call it procrastinating, if you must), and came across Swistle’s site.? Apparently, she’s running a “Pay It Foward” contest.? No, you don’t have to run out and buy? anyone a? new Mercedes, and hopefully, no small children are going to die in our version.? Alas, there’s no Kevin Spacey involvement, either.? Although he should feel free to comment on my blog as well.?

Basically, what this contest entails is you commenting on a list of participating blog sites, including mine, found on the Swistle site.? Comment as often as you like up through July 4th.? At that time, a random winner will be picked from each site to win a PRIZE!?

And I’ll even do you one better—I promise, PROMISE, not to get your prize from the Target dollar bins.? Or is that actually disappointing?? I cannot, however, promise that? the prize? will be something entirely un-bizarre, because you never know which neurons will be firing in my brain at any given moment.? For some reason, though, I think the neurons associated with random, peculiar? behavior fire a lot more.? At least in my head.

So, there you have it!? Keep commenting, and maybe you, too,? can win something cool.? Or something totally useless.? Or disgusting.? But, hey, ? you’ll never know, unless you comment!

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35 Responses to “Pay it Forward Contest—you, too, could win something totally random!”

  1. Parkingathome Says:

    Way to be different! Non target gift! Woo!

  2. Fiona Picklebottom Says:

    Bizarre is ALWAYS more interesting.

  3. MzEll Says:

    the last thing I found in the target dollar bins were some Curious George stamps! Yay for pifs!

  4. SassyPants Says:

    I definitely vote for bizarre. Blog fodder is worth millions.

  5. Janice Says:

    Ill opt out of disgusting. =)

  6. S. Kimzey Daniels Says:

    Looked through your site after reading your comment on SeeMOMMYrun. Beautiful dogs!!!

  7. Mary O Says:

    I’m hoping for something cool. Not so much the useless or disgusting. K Thanks!

  8. k8smom Says:

    I too, am addicted to the $ bins. Damn them! Is that what causes so much of my household clutter? And how come it’s just as easy for the $2.50 items to find their way into my cart as well? Oh and another thing. I wanna win.

  9. Playful Professional Says:

    I love Target but not the dollar bins. Ooh and love homemade cookies!!

  10. Miss Grace Says:

    Here’s to winning!

  11. Missy Says:

    Whoo, count me in. Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

  12. Lorraine T. Says:

    If I win even 1% or these contests, I am going to be a busy gal…

  13. Rebecca Says:

    I loves me some bizarre stuffs! :) Okay, the baby ate my vocabulary. That’s my story, and I’m sticking with it!

  14. Chili’s goes super-size | Enjoying Life with 3 Dogs, 2 Kids & an ADHD Husband Says:

    [...] so keep leaving those comments!? You have until the 4th of July to enter.? Check out my post on Pay It Forward and Swistle for more [...]

  15. jenny Says:

    i love target in its entirety. :)

  16. EMama Says:

    Someone should email Mr. Spacey and get him in on this.

  17. Joanne Says:

    Bizarre is always good.

  18. Heather Says:

    Dang, I’d just be glad to get something in the mail that wasn’t a bill or credit card offer!

  19. Safire Says:

    Bizarre is fun!

  20. janelle Says:

    pick me! pick me! pick me!

  21. Rebecca Says:

    Bizarre is always fun.

  22. Jennu H. Says:

    I love prizes! Target inspired or not!

  23. Catherine Ethington Says:

    I’ll take it, I love to win even when I don’t have a clue what I’m trying to win.

  24. Paige Says:

    Ooh, something cool? Count me in.

  25. Ginny Says:

    Would love to win a mystery prize, fun!

  26. agnes lintz Says:

    Your posts truly capture the hilarity of living with rhodesian ridgebacks and also raising kids (and oh, yeah, a husband too). I do wonder if you keep making such fun of dear Fergie how is she going to develop the dignity and decorum that a champion show dog needs?

  27. chraycee Says:

    What kind of hounds? Suprise prizes are…..well….suprising!

  28. Laura GF Says:

    I love Swistle and I love all of these contests.

  29. Michelle Says:

    I LOVE that you are pushing for the local rescues etc vs online puppy purchases. Yay, you!

    Can’t wait to hear what your surprise prizes is!

  30. minnie Says:

    *raises hand* i need something disgusting!

  31. may Says:

    I’m in!

  32. Libby Says:

    Minnie’s comment made me laugh, but I was thinking that too…what could it BE? I want something disgusting!

  33. Mommy Daisy Says:

    I would totally love Target $1 bin things. I don’t have a Target here nearby, and when I get there I always end up buying several things from the dollar bins. :D

  34. Shell Says:

    Yay for non-Target!

  35. Danielle-lee Says:

    I’m happy either way-Target or

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