Bravo TV or baker? You decide….

Posted by houndrat on Friday Jun 27, 2008 Under family life, kids

This morning, we’re laying in bed watching cartoons, listening to JoJo tell us we’re going to do some things with? our bodies that feel really good.? Yeah, I don’t really know what the? writers were thinking either.? Suffice it to say that JoJo’s Circus will not be making the leap to PBS anytime soon.

? Randomly, my son turns to me? and says, “Mommy, when I grow up, can I be a baker’s man?”?

? My first thought?? Wow, we’ve got to cut back on the Bravo TV.? Then it dawned on me.? He meant baker, not baker’s man.? As in chef.? My second thought?? Much, much more profound.? As in,? Score!? Please, please, please, major in desserts.

Later, though, I find him standing in the shower, naked, tousling his hair.? “All done?” I ask.? “Almost,” he replies.? “First, I’ve got to fix my hair, so that I’m pretty.”? He pats it a few more times and proclaims, ? “There!? I look good!”

I’m thinking about canceling our cable.? Or at least, all Bravo programming.

On the plus side?? At least he didn’t say “fierce”.

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  1. IdentityMixed Says:

    My son’s favorite show is Project Runway. We caught him at the sink one night saying, “Models, Designers… Jesus!” Um. Jesus?!

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