Target dollar bin junkie

Posted by houndrat on Thursday Jun 26, 2008 Under dogs, family life, random stuff

I have a confession to make—I’m a Target dollar bin junkie.? I? seriously must have? the biggest collection of their random holiday crap on the face of the planet.? ? When I see all those little holiday knick-knacks, thingamajigs, and doo-hickeys, I just lose it.? I don’t care? that they’re utterly useless, that they’re going to fall apart as soon as I get home, or even that? they’re made in China, and probably letting off enough toxic emissions to blow up our house.? I don’t even care that for all I know, they’re lining those suckers with crack. I just have to have them.? All of them.

And I had every intention of putting this special Target purchase on my daughter for an Easter photo.? Of course, they immediately got devoured by my closet, never to be seen again.? Until today.? Come to think of it, I forgot Easter photos entirely.? Oh well, there’s always Christmas.? And as long as a Santa Bunny craze is sweeping the nation this year, I’m all set.

At any rate, I’ve decided to get my money’s worth out of these things.? ? I like to think of it as an unconventional? temperament test.

Skye:? You bore me with your undignified human tomfoolery.

Now I’m ignoring you.

Fergie:? Yeah, yeah, this is great.? So when do I get to eat them?

Finley:? ? Yeah, yeah, this is great.? So when do? I get to eat them?

Peanut:? I hate bunny ears.? Come to think of it, I hate cameras.? And photographers.? In fact, you have exactly three seconds to start running.

See?? Those Target dollar bins really are useful.? You just have to be creative.

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8 Responses to “Target dollar bin junkie”

  1. Angie Sanchez Says:

    I’m a recovering “Tar-ja” (as we call it in the midwest)dollar bin junkie!
    When my son Daniel was born they had just come out with the “safrai collection” so that’s what I used in his room with some RR stuff, it still looks great.
    Keep on shoppin!!

  2. Great Aunt Linda Says:

    yeah, yeah as long as the last one doesn’t eat the first three!!! By the way with all your time have you started the article for the Co Springs Show???? he he he

  3. Bonita of Bwana Says:

    LOVE IT !!! But Girl if you have gotten out of the dollar bin ever for under $10.00 you are a piker!! Yes to my great chagrin I have spent 78.00 on one particularly excessive trip…ALL dollar bin “treasures” …I knew I had a “Problem” when Bob, the hubs, asked why we had sombreros and marachas under the bed in the RV….

    Without batting an eyelash I said “You never know where we will be on Cinco De Mayo !!” But I had to own up to myself ,…..I am a Target Dollar Bin Junkie too….

    AS far as the ADHD Hubby, have you gotten him THE T shirt yet??? You know the one it says

    “People say I have ADHD ….Oh Look a Chicken !!”

    I enjoy your blog !
    Bonita of Bwana

  4. Zip n Tizzy Says:

    Too funny… are you going to put them in those t-shirts now… you know the ones you spoke of on Suburban turmoil.

  5. Trooper Thorn Says:

    Things not to buy in the Target Dollar Bin:
    - experienced light bulbs
    - underwear (not in the package)
    - turkey
    - an engagement ring
    - hardcover autobiographies (unless you are a big fan of Al Roker, Vanilla Ice or Tonya Harding)
    - children

  6. Debra Says:

    Good point, Trooper Thorn. I’d probably also add condoms and Rottweilers to the list. Although a Target dollar-bin Rottie could only be an improvement on the one we’ve got.

  7. Lizzy Says:

    I’m trying to type something witty and cohereant but I hear “Targ*t” and dollar bin and I get giddy and start foaming at the mouth.

  8. angee Says:

    oh i like to go to the target dollar bin! i buy all sorts of useless crap. But some of it i love so much. I have bought my daughter lots of stuff from there and she really loves it lol. well happy shopping!

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