Lights, camera, feet

Posted by houndrat on Wednesday Jun 25, 2008 Under family life, kids

You know how you hear stories of? parents just sticking a? baseball bat in their kid’s hand, and voila, a young Babe Ruth is born?

Yeah, well, not so much with my son.? At least, not when it comes to? cameras.

In fact, I’m not sure if I should be alarmed.? It seems not only does my son have a psychadelic take on life, but apparently, he also has a foot fetish.? I’m really hoping it’s just a skill issue with the camera.? Otherwise,? we’re looking at a lifetime supply of psychologist bills down the road.? Not that there’s anything wrong with feet, per se.? Other than they’re dirty and yucky and smelly, and I really, really don’t like them.?

But here, you be the judge.

We like to call this one “Breakfast on crack”

And now we know what he really thinks of his baby sister.? From a psych perspective,? decapitated infants can’t be a good thing.? We call it “Baby, Schmaby.? ? Get a load of? those bananas!”

This one’s titled “Never piss off the photographer”

And of course, the heart and “sole” of his work:

“Baby, Schmaby.? Get a load of those toes!”? (maybe headless babies are his forte)

“My left foot, I mean, my right foot.”?

“Foot on crack”

Yeah, I don’t know what this one is called, either.? But it disturbs me.

Lord only knows what he could do with a video camera.? ?

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One Response to “Lights, camera, feet”

  1. Heather Says:

    I recently let my five-year-old niece use my digital camera and wound up with 200 pictures of her feet. I think this is normal.

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