Woman sues Victoria’s Secret for eye-damaging thong

Posted by houndrat on Monday Jun 23, 2008 Under random stuff

Seriously, do you think I could make up something this insane?? I’m warped, but not that warped.? (And no,? my degree of warpedness is? not up for debate).

I mean, I could maybe see suing Victoria’s Secret for causing undue distress to my body image (Have you seen those commercials?? Women who look like that should be banned from our planet), or possibly for the butt-floss they masquerade as undies causing a hideous case of hemrrhoids, but eye damage?? Puh-lease.?

Just to be safe, though, maybe VS? should put a warning on their labels.? Something like “Caution–not for use as eye-wear” or “Create? G-string slingshot? at your own risk”.

The moral of this story?? That’s a no-brainer.? Next time, buy less “eye-catching” lingerie.

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One Response to “Woman sues Victoria’s Secret for eye-damaging thong”

  1. Pamela Says:

    I bought a VS thong long ago….LOOONNNGG ago. I think I flossed my teeth with it. Seriously. What is the effin’ point of a slice of string riding up my ass crack all day? I’m gonna PAY for that? Why don’t I just give ‘em a $20 and request that they hit me in the eyeballs….just as comfy. By the way, nothing wrong with warped. I live in the state of warpdom.


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