Day4: Things Are Bad – Send Wife Back ASAP!!!

Posted by Scott Driza on Monday May 26, 2008 Under husbands

I’m not sure what to do. There appears to be? no food left? in the house.

Cool WhipI just finished the last container of? Cool Whip and attempted to wash it down with some diluted Clover Honey. Yuck. Cooking Wine = Even Worse!

Moldy Food Husband Needs Help!

The only other food has white fuzz on it which I’m pretty sure is a bad sign. Even the dog won’t eat it. He’s hungry too. ?

Why doesn’t? Survivorman? cover these kinds of situations?

What would the Man versus Wild Guy Do? Bear Grylls Eats Carcass

Maybe I need to cut the dog open, eat him and use his carcass as a shelter to stay warm?

He’s not very big though….

….it’s either that or go to the grocery store….


Animal Carcass for Shelter

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One Response to “Day4: Things Are Bad – Send Wife Back ASAP!!!”

  1. Louise-Annette Says:

    I think Scott has added a nice touch of darkness to the blog, guys – good for overal depth and to round out the bouquet ;o) – I applaud his cameo performance, but I welcome Debra back and congratulate you all on the Ferganator’s lure coursing achievements!

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