Living the Dream (Wife, Kids & Dogs out of town) Day 2

Posted by Scott Driza on Saturday May 24, 2008 Under dogs, husbands

My wife has a fondness for taking pictures of my underwear and posting them online. She views my dirty underwear as an inconvenience when she is trying to clean the house.

I view? them as art.

Underwear Light

Warhol Ridgebacks Enhanced

Underwear on Warhol

Why watch American Idol when you can watch my underwear? (I particularly like this piece as the workout moisture gives off an eery glow at the impact point. If you look closely, you’ll notice that Paula likes this too.)

Underwear on Television

What fun would it be if the only remaining dog didn’t participate? Look how happy he is!

Underwear on Dog Head

Finally, I present “Dinner for Ridgebacks.”

Underwear for Dinner

Enjoy this one while it lasts. I have a feeling my wife will blow a gasket and pull this one down for sure….

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