New Kids on the Block—don’t call it a comeback

Posted by houndrat on Friday May 16, 2008 Under American Idol, music

This morning, I turned on my TV to nurse.? And almost dropped my baby. The cacophony emitting from the usually tame Today show? nearly shattered my sliding glass doors.? ? ? Simultaneously, I tried to cover my ears, juggle my nursling, and grab the remote and frantically inch the volume down to a safe level (although in retrospect, I think the only safe level would have been “mute”).?

At first, I thought the bunch of mid-thirties guys performing what I suppose you? would call? “dance moves” (although? that’s up for debate) were a band of American Idol rejects.? ? You know—the horrifically untalented ones you cringe while watching at the very beginning of the season??

And then it hit me.? God forgive me, I actually? recognized that song they were singing.?

I was watching? New Kids on the Block.? Only older.? And lamer.? And even less talented than they originally were (if that’s even possible).

I’m not trying to be cruel—really.? They seemed like very nice men, er, kids, er—what the heck do I call them?—when they were interviewed between performances.? But honestly.? Shouldn’t there be rules about this sort of thing?? Like, in order to make a comeback, you had to have? possessed a? modicum of talent to begin with?? Because, seriously, if those guys hit one more off-key note, my windows were coming down.

And the dancing.? Or lack thereof.? I was crying and laughing at the same time.? Crying because those poor schmucks probably thought they actually looked good, and laughing because even my drunk husband can pull out better moves than that.? And he’s no Fred Astaire.

All I could think during this flagrant abuse of Today-show viewers was this—and here I thought I was embarrassing my kids with my blog.

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  1. Elaine Says:

    I just looked it up on YouTube and OMG, that was really bad. I didn’t like them back in the day but this? this just made me feel sorry for them! Here’s a link if you want to enjoy it a few more times:

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