Breeding children

Posted by houndrat on Wednesday May 14, 2008 Under babies, dogs, family life

I think my background in show dogs has really warped me (hubby would be happy to agree).? I mean, I know most parents notice little genetic things they’ve passed on, things like blue eyes, curly hair, etc.? But? are we supposed to? notice the totally random, not-so-cute? stuff?? Because I do.? Much to my chargrin.? And I figure it’s got to be because I’m always analyzing Ridgeback puppies, trying to figure out where they got their ears from, or the color of their? toenails, or maybe from which side of the family tree they acquired the special skill of opening cabinets to go trash-diving.

But? all of? that’s? okay, even expected,? when you’re breeding puppies.? Not so much when breeding humans.

So, all you dog people, beware—-and try not to breed for these things:

Exhibit A:? My husband and my son—take a look at those knees, that posture (Eek!? The physical therapist in me cringes).

Exhibit B:? My toes? and Finley’s toes? (Yes, you need to get past the fact that I haven’t had a pedicure in, oh….never, to appreciate that we both have the same long, crooked, and just plain ugly toes.? Actually, I take it back—I’ve had one pedicure in my entire life.? And obviously, it shows.? But seriously—how do women sit still for those things several times a month?? Sigh…and I wonder why my kids are fidgeters).

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2 Responses to “Breeding children”

  1. Mary Phelps Says:

    Your blogs are SO-O-O funny! I agree there’s not an awful lot of difference between kids and dogs, at least as far as breeding and raising them goes!

    Sorry I missed you while on west coast – the furkids and I scooted back home to east coast right after 5/3 wedding when my son said they decided it wouldn’t be eco-conscious to use my RV at the Light in A Bottle festival in Santa Barbara at the end of the month…Imagine…

  2. Joe Piott Says:

    I see two people who will need knee replacements by or in their seventh decade of life (60′s). Tell them not to wait and suffer, but to do it before muscles atrophy. Advise from a bowlegged (genetic) Texan who showed his veteran bitch to a Best in Veteran Sweepstakes win at a Rhodesian Ridgeback National Specialty exactly 3 months after replacing his second knee.

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