Dogs at Work (or, Fergie is a couch-hog)

Posted by houndrat on Wednesday May 7, 2008 Under dogs, family life

At the end of a long day, there’s nothing like having a quiet, undisturbed moment on the couch.?

Um, I meant alone?? Come on now—am I really expected to work under these conditions?

I give up.? Believe it or not, I was here first, and somebody just couldn’t resist pushing? her way to the toasty spot behind me.

After awhile, Fergie decides to go encroach on hubby’s space.? Now maybe I can get some work done!

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One Response to “Dogs at Work (or, Fergie is a couch-hog)”

  1. Laurie Odgers Says:


    My puppy and male both try to get behind me…but mine do exactly what your’s do if I am sitting, but if I am laying down, they curl in behind my legs…my boy used to own that spot, but now the puppy tries to get there first…very cute…very cuddly…your pictures are a lot of fun, thanks for sharing.

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