Wow, I guess they don’t make bug vacuums the way they used to:

Or maybe it’s just that they don’t make them Ridgeback-proof.? Hmmm….does anyone know of a good alternative use for this?

So, which Ridgeback do you think? looks guilty?? ? (In case there’s any doubt in your mind—yes, that is a shoe dangling from Fergie’s mouth.)

Seriously—somebody needs to start a line of Ridgeback-proof kids toys.? I think we’d single-handedly make? them a millionaire.? Maybe even a billionaire.

From there, they could move on to making a few other choice Fergie-proof items—stuff like shoes and books, sprinklers, beer cans, balls, baby bottles, water slides, gardening gloves, sand buckets, sea shells, and sippy cups.? That’d be a good start, at any rate.

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