Sometimes Ridgebacks are good

Posted by houndrat on Wednesday Apr 23, 2008 Under babies, dogs, family life

So, just when I was getting ready to return Fergie to her breeder, express mail no less? (yes, mom, I was going to let you know before the delivery man showed up on your front porch), she? had to go? and show me why I can’t quite muster up the desire to drop-kick her naughty tushy back to Colorado.

This feeling will probably last until such time as when she decides to make another collage out of the kitchen trash (yes, she can open cabinets, an-oh-so-special genetic trait handed down from her Grandmama, Shani) or track sand throughout my house (apparently, she thinks my son’s sandbox doubles as a hound sunbathing spa)—which will basically be twenty minutes, tops.? But I’ll enjoy it while I can.

Seriously, though—don’t let anyone ever tell you Ridgebacks aren’t good with kids.? And I suppose I’m stuck with the Ferganator, if Finley has anything to say about it.

Exhibit A:? ? Hey, look, mom, I’m a Ridgeback, too!


Exhibit B:? Hey Fergs—what’s shakin’?

Exhibit C:? ? ? ? Look, I got a hound dog leg!? Wonder if they’re yummy?

Exhibit D:? Forget the hound dog leg—-get a load of that ball!

Exhibit E:? ? I’m going in for the kill…..

Exhibit E:? ? ? Wow, this is oodles better than any teething toy my mom gives me…..Thanks for sharing, Fergie!

So, I guess instead of one of those highly sensationalized Dog Eats Baby news clips, we’ve got the slightly less sensational Baby Eats Dog Toy thing going on here.

Can I just say—yuk?

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6 Responses to “Sometimes Ridgebacks are good”

  1. MonaLisa Says:

    What is up with the dog at the bottom of the top photo?

  2. Lin Hainlen Says:

    That baby is just too beautiful for words!
    And Fergie’s temperament is so wonderful…What a pair of sweethearts. I don’t believe any of the naughty stories you tell about her.

    G’ma Lin

  3. Jerri Langlais Says:

    Just adorable pix!!!! I do not think that my crew would be as accommodating, though. Gorgeous liver, too :)

  4. Carol Noel Says:

    Love it!:)

  5. Ronwin Ashton & Jorga Says:

    I love the capture of Finley in her flying Superman pose. hehehe

  6. Marie Sajewicz Says:

    I have to say, I’ve probably read most every page of your blog and your missing your calling- a career in creative writing. Very cute, funny and entertaining! My favorite is the one about your husband and the fortune cookie…

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